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General Knowledge [Questions & Answers] | Part 100 |

You'll get the answers on second slide.

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General Knowledge [Questions & Answers] | Part 100 |

  1. 1. General Knowledge [Questions & Answers] |Part 100| Multiple choice quiz questions and answers 1 The driest desert in the world is _________. 2 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is a well known freedom fighter of _________. 3 Phenomenon in which radiations split matter in to ions is called _________. 4 Temperature at center of sun is _________. 5 Number of electrons from grid reaching screen determines the _________. 6 Speed of sound in liquid is _________. 7 In a battery, separation of charges sets up _________. 8 Energy supplied by a battery to unit positive charge flowing in closed circuit is called _________. 9 Direction of magnetic field is governed by direction of _________. 10 Condition in which image is formed behind retina is called _________. 11 Glass fibers have thickness equal to _________. 12 Soft materials absorb large amount of _________. 13 Greatest ionization power is possessed by _________. 14 Compound containing some amount of radioisotope is _________. 15 2nd February is celebrated as _________.