Disney World 2


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Disney World 2

  1. 1. “Enter the world ofyesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy”(Disney)
  2. 2. “Hope of never losing sight of one thing…being started by a mouse” (Orlando Vacations) “Innovator with chutzpah bringing his dreams to life” (Orlando Vacation) Walt Disney came up with the idea for Disney World from his original idea of adults and children playing together in one place. He began his first theme park, Disneyland, in Anaheim, California with great success and complications such as not buying enoughland to expand it with hotels and luxurious attractions in his power.This arose a predicament for Disney’s company because he wantedhis expansions to come to life rather than other companies’ cheesy hotels and attractions.
  3. 3. In 1959, Disney….Bought land in OrlandoCreated little companies to buy the land keeping it cheapTook control of counties, so he could make his own decisionsTransformed Orlando into huge tourist town instead of “cattleland” (Orlando Vacations)
  4. 4. Magic KingdomPeople go to Magic Kingdom for thefantasy and the little kid ridesdreaming of being close to thecharacters from TV. Magic Kingdomaccommodates that with movie-inspired rides like Dumbo and TheLittle Mermaid, so that childrenthink they are there. The childrenbecome very happy when they getoff the rides because they think thecharacters are real. A happy childmakes a happy parent! This playsinto Disney’s fantasy because hedesired parents to want to spendtime with their children instead ofwaiting for them to get off the ride.
  5. 5. Epcot Parents can have a date night alone in any of the eleven countries at Epcot where they can experience each placewithout having to spend a lot of money. Epcot caters more toadults because they appreciate other parts of the world, and wish to experience each place whether it is food or shopping.Also, adults can ride attractionsthat bring out their childish side while making new joyful memories.
  6. 6. Parents can tag along with their teens without feeling old because they can relate toAerosmith and American Idol, or travel to see animals.
  7. 7. Improvements to Orlando and TourismCreating more jobsIncreasing tourismProviding benefits in the parks for tourists (fast pass, PalMickey,…)Special events for tourists to enjoy (Mickey’s Not-So-ScaryHalloween Party and Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.)
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