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The Walt Disney Company

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  • The Walt Disney Company Hi Alex…overall you have done a good job with this. I like the conversational tone of your narration and your images are good for the most part. If you implement the feedback, you will do well on this.Please add a “Credits” slide at the end and add your name and your partner’s name (if applicable) along with photo credits (just indicate “Photos taken from: (insert urls and bullet point them if necessary)”.For this slide, I’m not sure this is the strongest beginning – it sounds like you are about to show us a presentation on what goes on behind the scenes of a Disney show at the theme park.
  • Once upon a time there was a man with a dream, a dream to make the world a better place, with cartoons and in real life!’s-creative-thinking-technique/ I like this opening…great!Don’t put all that text on the slide...keep your text to a minimum, and make sure that you only put text that adds to the image and doesn’t repeat what you’re saying in the narration.
  • This is how most of us see Disney, with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, the Disney princess’s and all the rest. Growing up watching these movies and having a great sense of comfort in the fairytale. But do you know about all the amazing things that Disney is involved in? The Walt Disney company makes our world a better place to live in! Here let me show you…(it’s “princesses” and “and all the rest; growing up watching….”)Again, I like the conversational tone you’ve adopted here…great job!
  • Disney gives back with voluntEARS.We’re focused on our relationships with families, consumers, employees, neighbors and other business partners. We believe that in maintaining good relationships we maintain a good brand and set a good example for our consumers.Please see if you can find a higher-quality image for this slide—this image is too blurry. Also, your text is funky at the top, but I think that is because of the Mac/PC issue we already discussed.
  • Disney thrives on its employees and cast members that set great examples as engaged citizens in their working and living communities. voluntEARS have given over 6.5 million hours of volunteer work in the following categories. Should be “Disney thrives on its employees and cast members…”This is a really fun image! I think this would be even better if you had separate slides/images for “protecting the environment”; “supporting art and culture” and “with kids”.
  • protecting the environment
  • supporting art and culture
  • And with children.
  • Voluntears has more than 180 cast members and employees that serve as leadership councilors, and more than 150 that are green team leaders.
  • Kids and their families are at the heart of Disney. We are dedicated to entertaining kids of all ages with our Disney parks,Great shot! Too much text though.Again, I think it would be a good idea to have separate slides/images for “Disney Parks”, “Disney-branded TV programs” “movies” “websites”.
  • Disney-branded television programs
  • , movies
  • And websites
  • We want to strengthen communities and engage families in health and wellness.
  • Disney has a great opportunity to inspire kids, families, employees and communities in a unique way, that creates a positive change in the world. We help kids and families to take action in things that interest them, and they care about the most. Another great shot! Too much text.
  • We strive to inspire kids by-Focusing on the powerof youth to make positive changes in the world-Reinforcing kids’ actions through strategic philanthropy focused on local communities-Providing resources and tools for kids and families through Disney online-Building upon the unique reach and assets of our global businessesGreat! Again, too much text on the slide.
  • With our company-wide programs, like Disney Friends for Change and Disney Magic of Healthy Living to the great efforts of our business units to help local communities, our cast and employees make a difference in the lives of kids and families every day.Shot is great, but too blurry. Too much text on slide.
  • Disney dedicates financial resources and volunteers to helping bring joy to those who need it most, including our long history of supporting children’s hospitals around the world.
  • With a focus on offering parents nutritious choices their kids will love, Disney Consumer Products licenses Disney characters with food and beverages that meet the Company’s nutrition guidelines.Again, you have a blurry photo here…try and find one that’s not. Consider spreading this narration out a bit with a couple of additional slides showing kids eating the food, etc.
  • Disney also hasnutritious foods and beverages in its parks and resorts, making healthier options easyfor families while on vacation. Look out for the “Mickey Check” choices in stores, online, and while on vacation at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
  • Disney’s goal is to inspire and and change the world making it a better place, and ensuring everyone's happily ever after!
  • The end !You need a stronger ending that reinforces the good that Disney does and gives us a way to find out more.
  • Curry alexandra slidecast-1-1

    1. 1. Once upon a time…
    2. 2. Disney gives back withvoluntEARS
    3. 3. Disney seeks to inspire kids and
    4. 4. creditsSlide done by :Alexandra CurryPhotos and information taken fromDisney Websites, except for; 1/08/29/walt-disney’s-creative- thinking-technique/ characters/images/20639991/title/walt-disney- characters-wallpaper-wallpaper /