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  1. 1. Lesson Plan Nº 3 Teacher educator: Estela Braun and Liliana Monserrat Student teachers: Gianna Di Dino / Alexandra Fuentes Pedagogical partner: Alexandra Fuentes / Gianna Di Dino School: Escuela Nº 6 Ricardo Gutierrez Timetable: Monday from 8:00 to 9:00 / 9:00 to 10:00 Textbook: Teacher’s own booklet Date: 26/08/2013 Courses: 5to A / 5to B Topic: Family Members Class Nº 3 Teacher’s aims: + To develop good rapport with students by creating a nice classroom atmosphere. + To help students improve their macroskills (speaking, reading, listening and writing). + To encourage students’ participation. + To engage students’ interest by providing motivating activities Objectives: * To review vocabulary so as to activate prior knowledge related to description (short, long, hair, eyes, etc.) and family members. * To improve speaking, reading, listening and writing macroskills. * To practice the pronunciation and spelling of the vocabulary learnt in previous classes. (parents, father, mother, wife, husband, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather, son, sister, brother, baby, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, daughter) Stages in the lesson Type of interaction Macroskills Timing Materials Warm up: Routine/Greeting Check homework: -Work in pairs: students will read aloud to a classmate. -Teacher will take their productions home to correct them. Check vocabulary and introduce THEY by completing the sentences on Whole class Pair work Whole class Speaking Speaking Speaking/ Writing 1’ 7’ 5’ Homework Blackboard
  2. 2. the board. Body of the lesson: Activity 1: complete ex. 3, page 17 - Teacher reads sentences and elicits answers from students. Activity 2: matching ex. page 17 - Teacher reads and explains the vocabulary. - Students match individually. - Teacher checks orally. Activity 3: Add new vocabulary to the Simpsons Family tree. Activity 4: Complete with the correct words. Whole class Whole class Individual Whole class Whole class Individual Reading/ Speaking Reading Reading Speaking Speaking/ Writing Reading 7’ 8’ 8’ 5’ Booklet Booklet Photocopy Photocopy Closing activity: Game: Matching spelling and pronunciation. Whole class Listening 13’ Photocopies Extra Activity: Answering questions Who has got...? Whole class Speaking 5’ Warm up activity: 1) Lisa and Maggui. They are _______________. 2) Homer and Marge. They are ______________. 3) Abraham and Mona. They are ______________. 4) Patty and Selma. They are ________________.
  3. 3. Activity 1 and 2:
  4. 4. Activity 3: Complete the sentences: 1) Homer has got a wife. Marge has got a ___________. (Homer) 2) Homer and Marge have got a son. They have got two ____________. (Lisa and Maggui) 3) Homer has got a brother. Marge has got two_____________. (Patty and Selma) 4) Bart, Lisa and Maggui have got two aunts. They have got an ___________. (Herb) 5) Patty and Selma have got two nieces. They have got a _____________. (Bart) 6) Selma has got an adopted daughter, Ling. Bart, Lisa and Maggui have got a _________. (Ling) Activity 4: Game: Student will be divided in two groups and form two rows. The teacher will read a word and one member of each groups has to pick up the paper that matches with what s/he heard. If the match is correct, the group gets one point. The winner is the group that has more points. Words: parents, father, mother, wife, husband, grandparents, grandmother, grandfather, son, sister, brother, baby, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, cousin, daughter.