LinkedIn Publisher Toolkit (Summer 2014)


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An overview of LinkedIn's publisher tools, including Pulse, the InShare plugin and LinkedIn Company Pages.

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  • Whatour team does, insist on first two
  • The Value We Create for PublishersIncreased content distribution.Referral traffic.Exposure and brand awareness amongst LinkedIn’s high quality audience.Access to unique data and insight via plugins and APIs.Inshare: Add plugin across your desktop and mobile site;Readers share content with their network;Articles appear in the Network Update Stream, factor in algorithms and appear elsewhere on site.Many languages (Mitteilen…)Company page:Use Status Updates to share the best professional content with your followers. Measure how effectively you're reaching your audience with our analytics tools.Publish updates manually or through social tools like Hootsuite and Spredfast.
  • LinkedIn Publisher Toolkit (Summer 2014)

    1. 1. Publisher Toolkit Pulse, InShare, Company Pages Summer 2014
    2. 2. “Now, it runs a content behemoth that drives the internet’s manicured hordes to business publications around the web.” -Quartz 2 “For the world’s largest professional network, content is king.” - AllThingsD
    3. 3. ** *22 186M Unique monthly visitors Languages 11.5B Page views per quarter 200+ Countries Use LinkedIn 5X more to discover professional content and insights than use our job properties (2) Are 2X more likely to trust information from LinkedIn than from competitors (1) Follow companies and publishers for professional insights Our members: Connect your content to our audience The largest network of high-quality, engaged professionals who crave news and insights Sources: 1. LinkedIn Internal study – Audience 360; 2. LinkedIn internal data, September 2012 3
    4. 4. 4 INFLUENCERSPULSE PUBLISHING ON LINKEDIN SLIDESHARE The Definitive Platform for Professional Knowledge The Value We Create for Publishers • Increased content distribution. • Referral traffic. • Exposure and brand awareness amongst LinkedIn‟s high quality audience. • Access to unique data and insight via plugins and APIs.
    5. 5. How Content Appears on LinkedIn Across all devices and platforms Homepage Pulse Top Headline Emails Network Update Stream Groups Company Pages Desktop LinkedIn for iPadLinkedIn for iPhone Pulse (Android & iOS) 5
    6. 6. Appear in Pulse catalogue of news sources Distribute content to your followers Content appears in the Network Update Stream How Publishers Can Leverage LinkedIn Give Us Your RSS Feeds Use Your Company PageAdd The InShare Plugin 6
    7. 7. How To Get Listed in Pulse • Pulse offers easy access to the best sources of professional news and insight across LinkedIn platform. • Submit a link to your RSS feed with headlines, full article text and images to 7
    8. 8. How To Implement the InShare Plugin To add InShare, check out the plugin generator on our developer site. Add plugin across your desktop and mobile site Readers share content with their network Articles appear in the Network Update Stream, factor in algorithms and appear elsewhere on site 8
    9. 9. How to Leverage Company Pages • Use Status Updates to share the best professional content with your followers. • Measure how effectively you're reaching your audience with our analytics tools. • Publish updates manually or through social tools like Hootsuite and Spredfast. • Visit the Company Pages info site to learn more. 9
    10. 10. Publisher RSS Integration Across Pulse and LinkedIn • Select publishing partners can incorporate their RSS feed from Pulse into their Company Page. • Content appears across the Pulse catalogue, Company Page and Network Update Stream. • To submit your feed for consideration, email Pulse Network Update Stream Company Page 10
    11. 11. Appendix 11
    12. 12. “ Example: InShare Plugin on Quartz As we’ve built Quartz over the last 14 months, LinkedIn has been an important partner. Compared to other traffic sources, visitors referred from LinkedIn read more articles per visit to our site and have a higher frequency of returning. Kevin Delaney Editor-in-chief and co-founder, Quartz (the global business news site of Atlantic Media) ” 12
    13. 13. In October 2012, LinkedIn was the #1 high-quality traffic source for Business Insider, with longer visit duration than any other site. Julie Hansen President and COO, Business Insider insiders-linkedin-strategy/ Example: InShare Plugin on Business Insider 13
    14. 14. Sharing interface – mobile web (via InShare plugin) 14
    15. 15. Select publishers using LinkedIn Share 15
    16. 16. LinkedIn is driving traffic and engagement for publishers • “LinkedIn, man. Big wet smack to you. You are a traffic driver par excellence.” –Bruce Ubin, Managing Director, Forbes • “The trend you‟re honing in on … is a lot more „InSharing‟ going on now, which I think has to do with LinkedIn‟s effort to turn its network into less of a utility and more of a content site.” –Andrew Lipsman, VP Industry Analytics, comscore. • “LinkedIn users have very high page views per visit compared to our other distribution partners.” –Mike Rodov, Director of BD, Seeking Alpha • “Yes, LinkedIn, the professional social network … is now by far our second biggest referrer of social traffic.” –MG Siegler, TechCrunch • “CNET has seen extraordinary increases in LinkedIn traffic – up to a tenfold increase! And these users visit our site more frequently than our site average.” –Mark Kaufman, Former AVP Audience Dev., CNET • “LinkedIn‟s Company Pages have allowed Mashable to extend our voice to a highly engaged audience to host conversations we may not be having on site.” –Ryan Lytle, Social Projects Manager, Mashable • “Traffic from LinkedIn to BBC News jumped tenfold in six months.” –Sarah Marshall, 16
    17. 17. LinkedIn Share drives high click-backs to publishers  For every article a user "shares" with her network, LinkedIn drives an average of 1.5 clicks back to the publisher. "That is better than the average across all of our networks, of about 1.1 clicks, and is about as effective as Twitter.” Greg Cypes – Director of Product, AddThis  “LinkedIn Share is disproportionately powerful given the size of the network because "people care much more about what they're sharing [on LinkedIn]," Cypes says. You can share all kinds of random nonsense on Facebook and Twitter -- and no one cares, or remembers. On LinkedIn, however, your future bosses and employees are watching. People think before they share.” Linkedin's 'Share' Button: Here's The Secret Behind Its Disproportionate Power In Social MediaSource Source Social Media Smackdown: LinkedIn vs. Twitter  Roughly speaking LinkedIn shares generate 4 – 5 x more traffic to my articles than tweets, Facebook likes and Google +1s combined. 17
    18. 18. Thank you! 18