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LinkedIn Publisher Offerings - Full Reference Guide (April 2013)


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A guide to LinkedIn's content ecosystem and publisher tools. For more information, visist

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LinkedIn Publisher Offerings - Full Reference Guide (April 2013)

  1. 1. Publisher Offerings – full reference guideApril 2013
  2. 2. Table of ContentsI. Overview of LinkedIn company and audienceII. Overview of LinkedIn content ecosystemIII. InPlatform (core elements):InShare Plugin / Share API and LinkedIn TodayMember Profile pluginCompany InsiderSign In with LinkedInInPlatform (other):Full Member ProfileCompany ProfileRecommend buttonIV. APIs: Groups API
  3. 3. Connect your brand to our audienceWe‟ve got the world‟s largest network of high-quality, engaged professionals.***19116MUnique visitors per quarterLanguages9.8BPage views per monthCountries200Source: comScore Q4 2012 for Page views and Unique visitors2 4 8173255901452004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013LinkedIn Members (Millions)187200M+Members worldwide202
  4. 4. Use LinkedIn 5X more to getprofessional content and insightsthan they use our job properties22X more likely to trust info fromLinkedIn compared to competitors1Follow companies for professional contentand insightsOur context is a trusted environment where userscrave relevant content and insights4Sources: 1. LinkedIn Internal study – Audience 360; 2. LinkedIn internal data, September 2012
  5. 5. The value we bring to our membersIdentityConnect, find and be foundLinkedIn Profile, Address Book, SearchInsightsBe great at what you doHome Page, LinkedIn Today, GroupsWork wherever our members workEverywhereMobile, APIs, Plug-InsDesktopRolodex, Resume,Business CardNewspapers,Trade Magazines, Events
  6. 6. Value to Publishers Increased content distribution Exposure to LinkedIn‟s high quality audience Traffic Access to unique data and insightsLinkedIn offers publisher partners a host of benefits, including …
  7. 7. Your content reaches many areas of the LinkedIn ecosystemTop Headline EmailsMobileHomepage news moduleLinkedIn TodayGroupsConnections7Network Update Stream
  8. 8. LinkedIn Today homepage module7 article slots, moves down stream
  9. 9. News on the new LinkedIn Profile9
  10. 10. How sharing appears on LinkedIn TodayLinkedIn Todayshows the mostshared news onLinkedInLinkedIn Todayprovides info on whois sharing whatArticles areorganized bypublisher andindustryMembers can followindividual publishersand industriesMost sharedpublishers aredisplayed asTop Sources
  11. 11. How sharing appears on the Profile11
  12. 12. Publisher Tools
  13. 13. The InPlatform Full information at
  14. 14. LinkedIn Share Tools - InShare plugin and Share 2
  15. 15. Select publishers using LinkedIn Share
  16. 16. “Example: LinkedIn Share on Business InsiderLI Share button at the top of articlesIn November 2010, Linkedin ranked29th among Business Insider referringsites. By May 2011, Linkedin hasvaulted into the top ten referrers.Linkedin referral users have a highernumber of page views per sessionand a lower bounce rate than thesite average.Bridget WilliamsVP Business Development, Business Insider”
  17. 17. 0100000200000300000400000500000600000700000800000900000Example: LinkedIn Share on Business InsiderLI Share button at the top of articlesSince Jan 2011, referral trafficfrom LinkedIn is up over 50xReferral Visits from LinkedInto Business Insider
  18. 18. LinkedIn is driving traffic and engagement for publishersacross the webMike Rodov,Director of BDSeeking AlphaMG SieglerTechCrunch“LinkedIn users have veryhigh page views per visitcompared to our otherdistribution partners”“Yes, LinkedIn, theprofessional socialnetwork .. is now by farour 2nd biggest referrer ofsocial traffic.”Bruce Upbin - Managing Director, Forbes. "LinkedIn, man. Bigwet smack to you. You are a traffic driver par excellence"Andrew Lipsman, VP Industry Analytics, ComScore “the trendyou‟re honing in on, and that I see, too, is a lot more „insharing‟ goingon now, which I think has to do with LinkedIn‟s effort to turn its networkinto less of a utility and more of a content site.”
  19. 19. LinkedIn is driving traffic and engagement for publishers“Traffic from LinkedIn to BBCNews jumps tenfoldin six months.”“Average monthly referralsfrom LinkedIn havequadrupled in the thirdquarter, compared to the firstquarter of 2011.”Sarah July 15, 2011Raju Narisetti,Former Managng EditorWashington Post“Since the launch of LinkedInToday, Mashable has seengrowth in both visitors andengagement from the LinkedIncommunity."“CNET has seen extraordinaryincreases in LinkedIn traffic --up to a tenfold increase! Andthese users visit our site morefrequently than our site avg."Meghan Peters,Community ManagerMashableMark Kaufman,Former AVP Audience DevCNET
  20. 20. LinkedIn Share drives high clicks back to publishers “For every article a user "shares" with her network, LinkedIn drives anaverage of 1.5 clicks back to the publisher. "That is better than the averageacross all of our networks, of about 1.1 clicks, and is about as effective asTwitter,“ Greg Cypes – Director of Product, AddThis “Linkedin Share is disproportionately powerful given the size of the networkbecause "people care much more about what theyre sharing [on Linkedin],"Cypes says. You can share all kinds of random nonsense on Facebook andTwitter -- and no one cares, or remembers. On Linkedin, however, your futurebosses and employees are watching. People think before they share”Linkedins Share Button: Heres The Secret Behind Its Disproportionate Power In Social MediaSourceSource Social Media Smackdown: LinkedIn vs. Twitter (Inc. Magazine) Roughly speaking LinkedIn shares generate 4 – 5 X more traffic to articles than tweets, Facebook likes, and Google +1s combined.
  21. 21. Case StudiesPublisherReach (Sept ’11Comscore PVs)Increase in LinkedIn referrals after InShareBusiness Insider 27M50X increase; 900K referrals/month in July,September #s should be well above 233M 10X 207M 10X (without even yet adding InShare)[Large global news publisher –horizontal categories]>1 Billion TBD, multiple X[Large finance publisher –marketnews and commentary]between 125-150M 11X increase on a 40K referrals/month base[Large finance magazine publisher–world market news]between 125-150M 9X increase[Large finance magazine publisher– domestic]Between 100-125M 18X increaseWashington Post 192M 4X increaseSeeking Alpha 59M Multiple XMashable 20M Multiple XTechcrunch 25M Multiple X
  22. 22. Sharing interface – web (via InShare plugin)Articles can beshared asupdates…Or shareddirectly withconnections.Or shared withgroups…
  23. 23. Sharing interface – mobile web (via InShare plugin)
  24. 24. Sharing interface – mobile apps (via Share API)24Associated Press iPhone appTechCrunch iPad app
  25. 25. Sharing interface – HTML5 web apps25
  26. 26. Publisher Tools - Plugins
  27. 27. Member Profile Plugin
  28. 28. Member Profile Plugin on Forbes “30 Under 30”
  29. 29. Member Profile Plugin on AOL
  30. 30. Company Insider PluginLogged-Out experienceUsers will be able to see: (i) see how many employees are on LinkedIn from a givencompany (ii) new hires at the company (iii) job changes.Users will be presented with a “Login with LinkedIn” button so they can see theirLinkedIn network (1st->3rd degree connections) at a company.Logged-In experienceIn addition to the functionality in the Logged-Out experience, users will be able to seetheir LinkedIn network at a given company.Users can “follow” a company on LinkedIn directly from the plugin
  31. 31. Company Insider on Fortune
  32. 32. Company Insider on CNN – Most Powerful Women
  33. 33. Company Insider on CNN – Fastest Growing Companies
  34. 34. Sign In With LinkedInGive users an easy way to sign in to your site, whilegaining valuable profile information you can use toenhance their experience. Profile info passed to site(e.g. title, industry, location, education history) Intuitive and seamless user experience with upside ofrich, personalized experience Easy integration – Javascript-based, in-browser experience Access to the JS API is currently available on our DeveloperSite Granular member permissions – get user‟s email ID Example publisher use cases:1) User registers for a [site] with their LinkedIn credentials.Reduce friction to new account creation.2) User posts a comment on a [site] article and shares thecomment back to LinkedIn, inducing a viral loop.
  35. 35. Comment AND article easilyshared back to LinkedIn anddisplayed in update feedUser authenticates withLinkedIn to post commentComment is displayed onarticle with user LinkedInphotoSign In With LinkedInArticle Commenting Use Case1 2 3
  36. 36. Sign In/Comment with LinkedIn: LiveFyre on TechCrunchPublishers using LiveFyre can integrate LinkedIn commenting
  37. 37. Sign In With LinkedIn example - GigaOmSign in and comment on an article with your LinkedIn identity and photo
  38. 38. Sign-In and Comment with LinkedIn – Time.com38Via
  39. 39. Sign In With LinkedIn example - VarietyVariety recently hosted itsVenture Capital & New Mediasummit, a conference thatfeatured leading personalities ofthe entertainment industry.Potential registrants could useSign in with LinkedIn to viewspeakers‟ LinkedIn profiles andsee how they are connected. in to see how youare connected toconference speakers
  40. 40. 40“By implementing Sign in withLinkedin, Variety was able to engage potentialregistrants by creating a sense of communityaround the conference. It was an excellent toolto further market the conference and displaythe true caliber of our speakers.“Jae PaikDirector of Web Development at Variety
  41. 41. 41
  42. 42. 42
  43. 43. Other Plugins
  44. 44. Company ProfileBring LinkedIn company profiles to your site to display keycompany information at-a-glanceMake your site content richer by showing thesummary, location, logo, and number of employeesfor companies featured on your site.Also, help users discover who they know at acompany and enable them to track news and insightsby using the follow button.
  45. 45. Company Profile Plugin on AOL
  46. 46. Company Profile Plugin (AOL) in-line with text
  47. 47. Follow Company47Add the Follow Company button to your website to build morefollowers of your LinkedIn Company Page
  48. 48. Full Member ProfileBring full LinkedIn profiles to your site to display a person‟sprofessional background at-a-glanceMake your site content richer by showing thesummary, work experience and educationalbackground for people featured on your site.Also, enable users to easily discover who theyknow in common, send a message, or establisha connection.
  49. 49. Groups API Get Group Discussions by Popularity and Recency Get My Group Memberships Get Suggested Groups Join a Group Post new group discussions Comment, like and follow group discussions Establish connections with other professionalsLinkedIn Groups API: Professional Engagement Anytime, Anywhere
  50. 50. Groups API - CitiCiti website with Groups API: Group:
  51. 51. Summary of Tools Currently Available Add a Share on LinkedIn button to your articles and posts Build a Company page and attract followersGet the code at a page hereConsider adding a prominent call-to-action on your site (eg. AOL Small Biz)You can find these and other buttons on our logo page Add a Login with LinkedIn button to your siteGet the code at
  52. 52. Summary of Tools Currently Available Add the Company Insider and Profile Plugins toarticle pagesCompany Insider allows readers to see how they are connectedto companies mentioned in articlesProfile widget displays a person‟s public profile on hover-over.Especially useful for publications with articles mentioningcompany executivesAll developer resources (API documentation, FAQ, support forums)are located at
  53. 53. Share button code for web and mobile: LinkedIn share into your app:1)
  54. 54. Thank you