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Mirror Mirror App One Pager English

Mirror | Mirror hopes to change the way organisations train & coach their people / managers / employees.
There has always been demand to create a tool that gives complete empowerment to employees / managers
& leaders. Particularly when it comes to leaders, more & more organisations want them to be even-tempered,
to ask more questions, not to dictate and to be consistent.

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Mirror Mirror App One Pager English

  1. 1. Mirror | Mirror © The all-in-one REFLECTION TOOL for individuals & teams in business!What is Mirror | Mirror?This app is a quick, easy & cheap tool to visualize the key orientations that trigger businessbehaviours. Mirror | Mirror helps foster the dialogue to bridge differences and to deal withconflict proactively.Mirror | Mirror all is about how you behave in your roles at work - it is not a personalitytest!Who needs Mirror | Mirror?- anybody who works with people -managers / leaders / team leads / supervisors / consultants / trainers / facilitators /executive coachesWhat features does Mirror | Mirror have?- It takes a ‘snapshot’ of how everybody sees each other in their roles at work.- It is a feedback tool that raises the level of awareness.- It provides the key orientations that drive business behaviours.- It compares team members & helps audit team & department cultures.- It creates a platform for dialogue & the right motivation for change.- It helps you to get to know your coworkers better, locally or remotely!- It stores all profiles in a database.- It sends profiles & results via email to co-workers.- It visually charts & ranks the results with tips & questions.What are your main benefits?1. You save costs - it’s a quick & cheap diagnostic tool, e.g. a 360 feedback!2. You nurture the coach in you3. You reduce misleadership4. You become more proactive5. You walk the talk of changewww.mirrormirrorapp.comBuy: