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Hej digitalt – future of work book


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Hej digitalt – future of work book

  1. 1. The Future Workplace A visual manifesto about how we will live and work in the future. Created collaboratively, in a single afternoon, by a group of 50 people, in Visby Sweden, during Alemedalsveckan 2014.
  2. 2. The contents of this book were created during a two-hour workshop at Almedalsveckan 2014. The session was designed and led by Hyper Island, in partnership with Microsoft Sweden, and HejDigitalt. All ideas were generated by the workshop participants.The workshop incorporated LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials. Workshop design & facilitation by Alex Neuman & Johanna Frelin ! Book Design by Alex Neuman ! Visionary ideas by the participants
  3. 3. What does the future workplace look like? ! 
 We live in transformative times. Technology is transforming the ways we live and how we work, and it is changing fast. We are faced with complex challenges that demand new ways of organizing work and the workplace. ! We see the shift happening in so many ways: the digital native generation is entering the workforce with a whole new set of expectations and attitudes; companies everywhere are trying to figure out how to work seamleasly across regions and timezones; the role of management is transforming with some organizations pioneering totally leaderless models; and literally all of us are figuring out how to navigate the always-connected work/life balance. ! This book is a collaborative creation. A crowdsourcing of bright ideas and visions for the future. A kind of snapshot or manifesto for what the future of work might look like.
  4. 4. “Collaborative organizations need space. ! The vision is to work in an organization that is non- hierarchical and dynamic. Where co-workers work in independent teams and are supported by a coach.”
  5. 5. “The workplace of the future is an accessible, transparent, place where the individual is at the centre. This happens through leadership, trust and accountability with time for reflection and co- creative collaboration, where the inside and outside meet, innovate, develop and grow.”
  6. 6. “The future organization runs on vision, knowledge-sharing, pride and joy!”
  7. 7. “The idea is to get people who usually don’t work together to collaborate. A marketing person in a product development group, for instance… 
 ! At lunch, a “Lunch Roulette” decides where you sit today and you’re encouraged to pitch ideas or test solutions on someone with another perspective.”
  8. 8. Co-creators Andrea Hessmo Ann Karin Sandström Kristina Kallur Marie Numell Ann Charlotte Bretan Vanessa Ware Åsa Strenström Peter Bolinder Ida Rydh Alexander Åkerberg Anna Oxenstierna Rowena Barber Steve Davis Viggo Cavling Thomas Gustafsson Daniel Stintzing Carin Ivrell Elisa Wohlfahrt Peter Sjögren Pia Rusin Lena Gilchrist Annika Carole Elin Frenberg Matilda Widell Niclas Älgevik Thomas Ensgård Annica Persson Sandra Hangvar Carl Heath Maria Westman Maria Berghäll Håkan Hellman
  9. 9. Hyper Island offers a range of programs, courses and tailored solutions that support people and organizations to learn, evolve and lead their own future in a changing world. Find out more: !