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LinkedIn - MarketStar - June 12, 2013


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Presentation to MarketStar executives on June 12, 2013.

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LinkedIn - MarketStar - June 12, 2013

  1. 1. LinkedIn: Tips and Best PracticesAlex Lawrence: Vice Provost – Weber State UniversityTwitter: @_AlexLawrence (underscore before my name)LinkedIn: /AlexOnLinkedInFacebook: /AlexLawrenceBlog: StartupFlavor.comGoogle+:
  2. 2. LinkedIn Stats World’s largest professional network = 225 million members in over200 countries and territories 77+ million in United States Executives from every Fortune 500 company are members 5.7 billion professionally oriented searches in 2012 Revenue increased 72% last year to $325 million 132 million unique visitors in first quarter of 2013 Many companies block social networks but don’t block LinkedIn
  3. 3. It All Starts With Your Profile Has to be complete – get the 100% bar Has to be accurate (dates, titles, etc.) Needs a current photo The more detailed the better Needs recommendations (more on that later) Quantity over quality of connections
  4. 4. After Your Profile Is Legit… Start with all of your business cards, contact files and peopleyou email regularly – search for them Pre-write a custom request to connect, do not use the template Only connect with people you have met in person or online If you want to connect with someone new, find a way toconnect with them somewhere easier (Twitter) Follow up tweet, etc. connection with customized LinkedInrequest mentioning those interactions
  5. 5. Recommendations After profile is complete and you have high quality connections Get recommendations by giving them first Not all recommendations are created equal Good = specific results and stories (details) Bad = people that don’t really know you (generic)
  6. 6. Recommendations Asking is okay -- make it personal and polite.Dear ____,I’m sending this to ask you for a brief recommendation of mywork that I can include in my LinkedIn profile. It wouldbe great if you could include stories and details as a result ofworking with me.To make this easier for you, here’s a possible draft…feelfree to edit this or create your own. I’d be happy to do thesame for you in return![Insert your draft of the recommendation]Thanks so much for your help.
  7. 7. Sample Recommendations Something like this for a draft recommendation: I’ve worked with Jane for the past two years. During thattime her department has increased sales from $20m to over$40, which was nearly 50% more than the company hadhoped for. I’ve seen Jane earn the respect of her peers andcustomers alike in addition to strong and measurableperformance. When I was promoted, I specifically asked forher to join my team. Since that time, Jane has led a teamthat has consistently been our top performer, beating quotaby an average of over 20%. Jane is a pleasure to work withand a very reliable high performer – a great combination.
  8. 8. Recommendations Get at least ten You control which ones show up Okay to ask for a re-write or edit (if relationship warrants it) Make sure they are specific Customers and co-workers – get them while working togetherand still there
  9. 9. Leads On LinkedIn Three types of leads on LinkedIn Jobs Who’s Viewed You Employees Great way to find talent online Customers Who makes the decisions and how do you get to them?
  10. 10. Paid and Unpaid Lead Gen Paid = targeted status updates Unpaid strategies Include and encourage employees – 70% more likely tocomment and share Join groups – lots of them out there or start your own Time your updates – morning and midday on weekdays Encourage participation – calls to action, spark discussion Keep it brief
  11. 11. Content = Interaction Personalize your updates 60% interested in industry insights 53% interested in company news 43% interested in new products/services 3 – 4 times a day and 20 times a month Comment on others updates daily In or out – faking it won’t work
  12. 12. Monitor, Analyze and Refine Individual status update performance (analytics) to refine: Time of day Length of update Content type -- question or comment, etc. Frequency – too much or too little? Are you a curator or an advertiser?
  13. 13. Maximizing LinkedIn Profile is 100%, current and full of accurate information 10+ recommendations, each with great detail Joining targeted groups and sharing curated content Updating 3-4 times a day with posts you’ve experimented with Regularly having conversations on your profile updates NOW you can reach out to unknowns, get introductions, searchand prospect for leads, employees and (don’t tell M*) jobs
  14. 14. Maximizing LinkedIn When people look at your profile (remember, you can see whodoes), lots of great content and activity Lots of great and detailed recommendations Useful links and articles about your industries YOU’RE AN EXPERT! Much easier to connect and get a meeting or phone call Numerous personal experiences reflect this
  15. 15. Thanks! Alex Lawrence @_AlexLawrence Facebook: /alexlawrence Linkedin: /alexonlinkedin Blog: This ppt: