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Heber Valley Economic Summit 9-7-12


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Heber Valley Economic Summit 9-7-12

  1. 1. The Internetz – Now and LaterAlex Lawrence: Vice Provost – Weber State UniversityTwitter: @_AlexLawrence (underscore before my name)LinkedIn: /AlexOnLinkedInFacebook: /AlexLawrenceBlog: StartupFlavor.comPresentation Download:
  2. 2. Street Cred – Blah, Blah, Blah 98,000+ Twitter Followers (Top 5 in Utah) 5,000+ Friends and 8,500+ Subscribers on FB 50,000+ Blog Subscribers (active in 2011) 3,000+ LinkedIn Connections 4,000+ FourSquare Check Ins 1,200+ mobile apps downloaded Average 1,300+ clicks per link and 100K+ views per post
  3. 3. 50M Users Put In Perspective Radio Internet iPod YearsFacebook 0 5 10 15
  4. 4. Twitter Stats 500M registered users Adding 500,000 per day 73% of Fortune 500 have *active Twitter accounts 340 million tweets per day 1 billion tweets per week Largest VC raise in software history = $800M
  5. 5. Facebook Stats 955+ million monthly active users 50% log on once per day Average user has 130 FB friends 543 million active mobile users per month 30 billion pieces of content (links, news, blog posts, photos) uploaded per month Average user spends 12 hours/month on FB
  6. 6. Mobile Market Stats Average teen sends 1500 texts per month 76% of all phone subscribers use texting Seven trillion texts sent in 2011 With only 19% smartphone market penetration 500,000+ iOS apps, 37% are free Within 5 years, mobile internet access > desktop access
  7. 7. Advertising $ Follows Eyeballs 1995 2010Global Internet Ad $55MM $90BRevenueAd Revenue Per User $9 $86Global Internet Users 6MM 2.2B
  8. 8. Facebook Ads Google AdWords market share is shrinking Facebook Ads growing but still imperfect Google+ designed to combat massive loss of eyeballs Search vs. Human Curation (social and sharing) 9/6/12 article – losing to Twitter on mobile ad revenue
  9. 9. YouTube Television is actually moving to the Internet this time 108M people  Watch 1.3B videos  Today Used to say ‘Broadcast Yourself’ – not anymore 3rd most watched brand?  OraBrush – tongue scraper in Provo
  10. 10. What Am I Watching? Square - accept payments UBER and Lyft - disrupt taxi, car wash and others Simple – financial institutions should pay close attention Republic Wireless ($19/month unlimited everything) Group buying 2.0 (flights, niche fashion, more) FourSquare and Yelp – location/phone based help – paid social network ($50/year)
  11. 11. What Am I Watching? StockTwits – social stock broker Fiverr & Task Rabbit – cheap outsourcing in US TalkTo – text any business for a reply Vinny – power in the used car buyers hands Amazon Prime – same day shipping in entire US Mighty return of e-commerce (niche)
  12. 12. What Am I Watching? Apple Invading Everything  Medical  Home services  Restaurants (order from mobile)  Books (rent textbooks instead of buy)  Movies (direct to home)  Kids  $35 tablet in India - $199 Amazon Kindle Fire  Streaming audio service rumored (Pandora competitor)
  13. 13. What Does It Mean? Every site has to be mobile friendly Brands that connect online are winning & extending lead Internet marketing spend will be majority of budget Don’t actively work on a web strategy?  Lose existing customers  Lose future sales  Lose your job  Lose all kinds of opportunities (personal and professional)
  14. 14. Learn = Earn Websites to bookmark  Learn to code -  TechCrunch – new tech companies  – general tech news (software & hardware)  Gizmodo – gadets & hardware  – search and social  Topic specific blogs  Sales  Marketing  Cutting edge hardware/software for you to adopt
  15. 15. Learn = Earn Pick two and become fluent  Social  SEO  PPC  Affiliates  Email Google has all of the answers Not participating means someone else controls your brand (your name and/or your business)
  16. 16. Question & Answer Presentation available at Slideshare: