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Ad network management system

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  1. 1. Ad network management system
  2. 2. With a simple and intuitive interface, our system will help the webmaster choose the most appropriate advertising, raising the monetization of the site to a new level. AdvertOne Aims to integrate the majority of networks and simplify monetization setting for webmasters. Provides ad networks with a great number of new loyal customers and increases turnovers.
  3. 3. Webmaster challenges: 1 2 3 Difficulties in choosing optimal advertising for the site Difficulties in choosing a specific ad network Searching,learning and comparison of ad networks 4 5 6 Lack of a common and general display format of statistics for each ad network Searching for new solutions and onetization tools for the site Registration on each ad network separately
  4. 4. AdvertOne Solutions for the Webmaster : ► Automatic ad network registration and authorization ► A single intuitive interface ► Extended summary and comparative statistics ► A single code of an advertising block ► Rotation of advertisements and networks ► Guidelines for selecting and configuring optimal ad networks ► Replacing ad networks with eCPM lower than permitted values ► Powerful filter for the separation of low-quality promotional materials ► Connection of new ad networks and formats ► Convenient financial reporting ► Creation of block setting templates
  5. 5. Overview of Online Advertising Markets in Russia, the USA and Asia ► Total market volume in Russia: 2013 - RUB80 billion, 2015(forecast) - RUB110 billion. ► Total market volume in the USA: 2013 - $50 billion, 2015(forecast) - $61 billion. ► Total market volume in Asia: 2013 - $33 billion, 2015(forecast) - $46 billion.
  6. 6. AdvertOne First Results: 318 =2,7 test sites times the site income has increased for 1000 unique users 500 000 30 unique users are the total daily attendance 20 ad networks have been connected and configured minutes per day have been spent one person has run advertising on all sites This work would have required at least 2-3 full-time employees without AdvertOne system.
  7. 7. AdvertOne Integrates: Formats and advertising types 198*260 240*400 And other... 120*600 728*90 Teaser Contextual Google.AdSense Banner ad network management system Yandex.Direct Visitweb Ad networks
  8. 8. Advanced Features (in development) We monitor the number of nonregistered AS clicks We display a real eCPM We count the average cost of a click and the eCPM by category We select the best banners for the site We break down the eCPM into traffic flows and search phrases We report an average eCPM and the cost of a click for each AS We compare different placesements on a site page We compute the CTR of blocks and banners We detect the user interest for particular banners
  9. 9. Competitive Analysis: Companies on the USA market:,, are very large and successful companies. In contrast to our platform, their customers are only premium publishers. They are focused on RTB technologies that are only being developed in Russia. Most work is performed by analysts. Russian companies:, are more likely our future partners than competitors. They provide the webmaster with the platform for his site by means of which he can himself carry out a deeper analysis of his sales channels. There is no automation and connected external AS. They work only with high traffic sites, which causes the coverage of no more than 35% of the appropriate market. The system is written in an outdated language.
  10. 10. Technologies used: ► Data Mining ► Machine Learning (Probabilistic graphical models) ► Big Data ► Cloud computing ► Parsing Our advantages: ► Innovative mеthods and tools for data analysis ► Ease of use ► Price 02 01 Saving of advertising budget Increase in sales Increase in income 03 Time saving 04 Increase of effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  11. 11. Data Analysis Automation: The PGM methods have a number of advantages over the more common methods of machine learning. Expert data usability. This allows straying from universal machine learning approaches and raising the awareness of the model, which in turn increases the accuracy of conclusions. Knowledge extraction. Understandability of the algorithmically trained model. Since the edges of the graph represent cause-and-effect relationships, it is useful to identify hidden system dependencies. Universality. Algorithms similar to each other can be used for various subtasks. Optimization flexibility. It is possible to speed up algorithms by reasonable reducing the accuracy of results. Link analysis of site parameters and their classification according to content. Selection of computing needs at own discretion. Resource pooling suitable for redistribution. Services provided are narrowed or expanded automatically, with little or no time consumption. Cloud Computing provides the user access to a shared resource pool. Universal access to a data transmission network Automatic calculation of consumed resources.
  12. 12. Our Tools: Packet management of all ad networks Rotator and slider of ads and networks Advanced statistics and analysis Report mailing in any format Application of templates Automation of processes by means of PGM
  13. 13. Project Monetization AS Commission Advertising systems pay 5-25% of the money spent by our customers through them. a Service Commission Commission for extra tools Technical support “on turnkey basis” Webmasters pay 5-20% of the additional profit made while using our system. A part of unique tools will be paid by advertisers and webmasters. If the customer requests, he will be provided with a specialist. The cost will be calculated individually according to the volume of an advertising campaign. b C D
  14. 14. Our Team. Key Figures: Bakaldin Yevgeny Position: general director. Core duties: ► project supervisor; ► idea creation and development. Education: МIPT(SI) Kuroglo Alexander Position: executive director. Core duties: ► idea creation; ► finance reporting; ► foreign market analysis. Education: МIPT(SI) At the moment there are 10 people on the staff, 6 of which are programmers. Abanosimov Chaplygin Valentin Sergey Position: senior programmer. Core duties: ► code development; ► creation and adaptation of machine learning algorithms for the task of advertising optimization. Education: МIPT(SI) Position: technical director. Core duties: ► AS architecture development; ► program product development ► staff introduction and training . Education: ТАEI, MSTU
  15. 15. Before applying AdvertOne : Market Gid PayClick Ad networks Toyarro TeaserNet Medianet VisitWeb Yandex.Direct Google Adsence RedClick Site3 Site 2 Sites Webmasters Site 1 Site 2 Site1 Site 1
  16. 16. After applying AdvertOne: Toyarro Market Gid Yandex.Direct RedClick TeaserNet Ad networks Medianet VisitWeb Google Adsence PayClick система управления рекламными сетями Site 1 Site 1 Sites ! Webmasters Site 2 Site 3 Site 1 Site 2
  17. 17. Project Scalability 1. Need for the project in all countries of the world with developed online advertising. 2. Easy platform adaptation on any foreign market. AdvertOne covers all countries and continents
  18. 18. Thank you for your attention!