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What does Complexity Mean for Dummies


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Controlling the Controllable -How can you influence :
- Unexpected surprises ?
- Your destiny ?
- Master a world out of "control" ?

Published in: Technology
  • @hudali15
    Not a problem Ali. Lets connect on Linked In and schedule a time for a Teleconference. you can also perform a DIY rating on your own organization using one of our on-line templates in Rate A Business. If you need help let me know. Just buy some credit on-line and turn on our engine !
    Indeed when the tide is low the folks who can not afford a Swimsuit are in shame - Complexity (when poorly managed) is a huge profit drain and record number of corporations go bust due to this.

    Reducing Complexity means getting the most of your (energy) input transformed into useful (best mileage) products and well governed organizations.
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  • Alexander, measuring complexity is a daring idea. You can not control what you can not measure. So, if one is able to measure complexity he/she is able to control it. I wish to learn more, notably that the video is an appetizer for the forthcoming stuff.
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