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1. Future proof your SAP-Systems
Do your systems already benefit from solutions like Cloud, S4HANA, and Mobile
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SAP R3 Value Add Optimization


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Top 3 SAP Success Factors
Moving from R3 to S4/Hana
Increase ERP ROI
Best Practices

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SAP R3 Value Add Optimization

  1. 1. 1. Future proof your SAP-Systems Do your systems already benefit from solutions like Cloud, S4HANA, and Mobile Computing etc.? If not, how complex would it be to make your systems future proof in order to remain competitive? 2. Risk-free Complexity, Reasonable Costs How complex are your ERP systems now? Can you manage additional complexity without sacrificing productivity and ROI? Can you quickly identify where and how to reduce costs and expenses? 3. Fact-based Management Decisions Do you need transparency without massive research investment for fact-based decisions making? How can you measure and verify the impact of decisions taken freely? ELVA obtained the German "IT-Innovation" award both for 2015 and 2016. ELVA helps C-Level decision-makers with a consulting-free, fast transparency analysis how their ERP systems are used. Management can evaluate how future- proof their SAP® systems are. Best practice measurements allow installations to be optimized using quantitative facts with a robust business case. ELVA pin-points quick cost-reductions to subsidize additional optimization and follow-up investments, each implementation repay all analysis and follow-up projects costs fully. We would be happy to present the ELVA benefits to you via web conference. Please suggest 2-3 suitable calendar timeslots. Yours very truly, Alexander Kopriwa Partnership Development WestTrax Corporate Top-3 SAP Key Success Factors Executive Lean Value Assessment Key Vendor Fact Points: WestTrax is the ONLY Independent SAP Analyst firm specialized in ERP exploration at fixed cost and 100% offline. Fixed-cost proposals with objective findings and proofed savings. Expensive and slow research consulting on- site is obsolete. WestTrax addresses business and MIS/IT stakeholder and productivity objectives. WestTrax R3 ERP analysis is fully automated. WestTrax Offline Analysis: Replaces costly and time-consuming workshops, we deliver reliable facts, not guesswork. Guides strategic and operational managers “to do actions” for 12 to 18 months. Delivers immediate Quick Wins. Benchmarks similar sized ERP sites by Industry comparing with your system. Repeated measures are used for trend analysis and monitoring progress