DatonixOne & QO – Archive Business Data “Turbo Charged”          Offer a Second “Extended Life” to your Data with “Top-Gun...
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Qo+datonix one archive management


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Query Object, Datonix One are TM of CrossZ Solutions

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Qo+datonix one archive management

  1. 1. DatonixOne & QO – Archive Business Data “Turbo Charged” Offer a Second “Extended Life” to your Data with “Top-Gun”Performance 1. Transparent OLTP Data Archive Access We solve extreme enterprise computing 2. Boost On-Line Application Performance performance issues where high velocity and data 3. Easy Business Data Migration accuracy are key-issues 4. Down Size IT Budget with Industry Standard HW to business performance. 5. Retire Old Systems – Safe keep Business Data Our Expertise: 6. Up to 90% Data Compression  Telecom  Internet Your business systems face an exponential growth of  Media“live data” which is both difficult and expensive to manage. As much as  Tuning80% of historical reference data held in production data bases are rarely  Industry  Retailaccessed. It is therefore advantageous to archive data; off-loading data to  Health Carearchives greatly improves critical on-line transaction processing response  National Securitytimes.  … A few Products:With Query Object, your operational data archiving is optimized and  Query Object – a scalablebusiness systems also retain full on-line access to archived data with high VLDM platformperformance. Auditors and compliance managers can audit a normalized  QO Voyager DBA XML(and tokenized) copy of archive data with the analytical tools provided by workbenchthe DatonixOne appliance exploiting the VLDM Query Object (QO) or use  DatonixOne –on demand BI “load & go”any standard SQL/ODBC tools. Pre calculated Boolean results from QO  QO Excel Plug-in “what ifenable fast and unlimited “drill down into detailed information” to reporting”unalterable data sets.  QO ODBC connector Our ETL+ active data transformation engine provides a wide range of Production cleansing, filtering and data enrichment options resulting in powerful Production aggregation and optimized indexing, data can also be encrypted (high Historical Query Object VLDM QO Master Reference Data security applications). We can scale on demand to enterprise needs. Current Archive ETL+ Process NRM detail archive Retire redundant legacy platforms without loss of business data. Grow SQL/ODBC Universal Access to Application Data progressively with on demand services – pay “as you go”. Fully exploit DatonixOne Appliance legacy and Web 2.0 architectures; award a second active life to critical business data with high performance VLDM archive management and Applications , Report Writer, Mash-up, Excel regulatory legal data retention compliance (Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley et al). The CrossZ Query Object and DatonixOne Appliance lets you segregate data from both active /Trim your utility bills and hardware cost, scale back on maintenance fees inactive applications and to safely create a secure archive copy, keep readily accessible both for on-( and off-) line access before final retirement and destruction.providing same (or better) service levels to users. Our optimization Our Partnersimproves physical performance and a reduction in carbon emissions too. o SI / VARQuery Object and DatonixOne represents the end point of more than 10 o OEMyears of development and refinement of actionable Very Large Data o Business AdvisoryManagement (VLDM) operational solutions for the most demanding o Business Strategistscustomers worldwide, now made available for customers of any size. Our Process:DatonixOne is also a dedicated Business Intelligence Appliance, a flexible Upon requirements definition we provide ainfrastructure for the creation and deployment of BI webapps. It is a virtual transparent costing proposal with room forappliance built on CentOS 5 operating system and is based on the extensively growth.proven QueryObject System platform. www.datonix.it Copyright © 2011 CrossZ Solutions