Why Green Investments Are Necessary


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Thegreeno is a self-sustaining society offering Green/Eco Friendly information, Green News, Green Articles, and Green Jobs to enrich growing green community needs.

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Why Green Investments Are Necessary

  1. 1. Why Green investments are necessary? [TheGreenO, 2009] Our planet is our home, practicing an eco- friendly life style and promoting green business are some effective ways to stop global warming and protect our global home from the dangers of environmental impacts. Shifting our focus towards eco-friendly living is a positive step towards sustainability. Due to environmental impacts, many companies are looking for green- business opportunities and innovative ways to make their business more eco-friendly. They are spending more on eco- research to find new products and ways in which they can reduce their carbon foot print in our planet. Multinational companies employs independent research wings and supports green communities to promote eco-friendly living and sustainability. The main aim of these organizations is to promote eco-friendly products and find green ways of living. Regional governments and eco friendly communities help these green organizations by providing some tax-rebates, liberal financial support and marketing assistance. Today, many understood the widespread ecological impacts and started to encourage green initiatives of individuals as well as big corporates. Since there is a growing awareness in the field of green-lifestyle, producers of eco-friendly products and services have competitive advantage over other leading companies. The markets for green products are growing rapidly making it a suitable climate for green-based investments and finance options. Many stock market experts advice their clients to have a fresh look at the sustainability indices of leading companies and recommend green stocks and bonds for their future investments. Sustainable stocks are better investment option for any green investor. The securities traded in the market, directly benefits the investor as well as our environment. Adapting a green strategy, starting a green business or environmental research is encouraged by governments, green communities and eco-friendly organizations around the world. The stocks, bonds or funds invested in these green companies help them to find new avenues for sustainable growth and development. Preference towards Green bonds will be more beneficial to the economy as well as our environment. Many listed companies are focusing on their sustainability indices to get better market share and price advantage over other securities. The latest trend indicates that investors are inclined more towards these eco-friendly companies and found them as a suitable investment option for future. Even during recession, some green stocks performed well and the business prospectuses of such bonds are growing exponentially.
  2. 2. Sustainable business is advancing in the areas of recycling, renewable energy, organic farming, drinking water and natural gas. Waning natural resources such as oil and coal, has pushed the energy sector to search for new renewable energy resources. Recent survey shows that the renewable energy has tremendous potential and it is estimate to grow manifold in the coming years. If you are a novice in green investments, may be you can start with green energy sector, since it is having ‘high-growth potential’ in terms of stock market. About Thegreeno.com – The greenest place on earth. TheGreenO is an organic Green Community that aspires to educate, organize and present world’s green or Eco Friendly Information and contribute to green economy’s growth. It is a self sustaining society offering news, events, articles, forums, jobs, shopping and many more focused on growing Green/Eco-Friendly Community needs. Find more information please visit: http://www.thegreeno.com Source: thegreeno.com © Copyright 2009 thegreeno.com http://www.thegreeno.com/contact-us.html