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Green Mutual Funds


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Our mutual fund sheds some light on green mutual funds to encourage, green investments in leading green enterprises and business establishments in & around the world.

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Green Mutual Funds

  1. 1. Green Mutual funds (The GreenO, 2009) Modern investors are looking for eco- friendly investment options and stocks. Steep rise in oil prices, depleting natural gas, and demand for energy forced the investors to rethink about their present investment strategy. The unnoticed green sectors have gained confidence in recent years. These stocks have performed well in the financial market in spite of current recession. The new green initiatives and research activities are encouraged by investors, governments and green communities to save our world from environmental impacts. The investment options for green investors are plenty in the financial market and are growing. They can choose various green stocks, green bonds or a green mutual fund that suits their portfolio for investing. While considering the present environmental conditions, choosing a green investment option is a clever market decision. Compared to stocks, securities and bonds, mutual funds are considered as a better investment option, since it involves less risk and provides stable return on investment. The green mutual funds are part of a socially responsible investment option, where the objective is to invest the collected funds in green initiatives and promote eco- friendly activities. The fund managers diversify their investment portfolios and select various green companies to invest. These investments directly support the green initiatives of major eco-friendly companies and provide best return on investment. By investing in green companies we can grow our fund as well as improve our earth’s environment. The growing green energy sectors such as solar energy, wind energy and geo-thermal energy are gaining importance among potential investors. The growing green investments help many green companies to develop green products and research programs. Since our world needs some urgent environmental attention, we need to focus on these green investments to save our planet and human life. The green mutual fund is a rapidly growing investment option among investors. These socially responsible investment patterns promote sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyle in our planet.
  2. 2. For more information about Green Mutual Funds, please check our exclusive page on investments at – Greenest Place on Earth. About – The greenest place on earth. TheGreenO is an organic Green Community that aspires to educate, organize and present world’s green or Eco Friendly Information and contribute to green economy’s growth. It is a self sustaining society offering news, events, articles, forums, jobs, shopping and many more focused on growing Green/Eco-Friendly Community needs. Find more information please visit: Source: © Copyright 2009