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Kendo UI presentation at


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High level overview of the Kendo UI framework and upcoming plans. See for current status and for online demos.

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Kendo UI presentation at

  1. alex_gyoshev<br />kendoUI<br />
  2. Summary<br />Why?<br />Present<br />Demo<br />Future<br />Questions<br />
  3. Why Kendo UI?<br />
  4. Backbone<br />Mustache<br />Lawnchair<br />jQuery UI<br />jqGrid<br />Highcharts<br />jQuery plug-ins<br />Underscore<br />jQuery Mobile<br />...<br />0.5.3<br />0.4.0<br />0.6.1<br />1.8.16<br />4.1.2<br />2.1.6<br />[misc]<br />1.1.7<br />1.0b3<br />...<br />
  5. Un-unified frameworks<br />Unpredictable road maps<br />Unsupported code<br />What do professional projects need?<br />Less Risk. Less Wasted Time. <br />
  6. Backbone<br />Mustache<br />Lawnchair<br />jQuery UI<br />jqGrid<br />Highcharts<br />jQuery plug-ins<br />Underscore<br />jQuery Mobile<br />...<br />0.5.3<br />0.4.0<br />0.6.1<br />1.8.16<br />4.1.2<br />2.1.6<br />[misc]<br />1.1.7<br />1.0b3<br />...<br />
  7. with Support<br />Kendo UI<br />1.0b<br />Version 1.0 shipping Q4<br />3 Major Releases in 2012<br />
  8. What is Kendo UI?<br />
  9. Everything you need for professional<br />HTML5 & JavaScript development<br />
  10. Data Source<br />UI Widgets<br />Templates<br />Drag & Drop<br />
  11. Benefits<br />Unified (less glue code)<br />Built for speed<br />Familiar to jQuery devs<br />Aggressive Road Map<br />Supported<br />
  12. DEMO<br />Binding a Kendo grid to Twitter<br />Source code at<br /><br />
  13. What’s Next?<br />
  14. Coming Soon<br />Kendo UI Mobile<br />Native UI for Every Device. Automagically.<br />
  15. Download Beta Today!<br />Official release in November<br />Share your feedback!<br /><br />
  16. Questions?<br /><br />kendoUI<br />alex_gyoshev<br />