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Rail Ticketing - London Transport Network


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Rail Ticketing - London Transport Network

  1. 1.  Masabi build mobile applications  Award winning and certified security  Ticket sales and delivery from mobile  Projects: Rail Settlement Plan Consultancy supporting the standards work on self-print and mobile barcodes mobile tickets for ticket sales from mobile (’07 – ‘08) US Government-certified security
  2. 2. RSPS3001 Approved in December 2008 as the UK standard for self print and mobile barcode rail ticketing
  3. 3. UK Rail Tickets – mainly bought in the station!
  4. 4.  Only 12% of rail tickets sold on the internet – most bought at station  Over 2/3 of mobile users never complete their sign-up if it’s on the web  So: Sign up the users when they need it  in a queue  in a hurry  next to a broken ticket machine
  5. 5.  No sign-up process  no usernames  no passwords  Mostly off-line interface, SMS backup  Fast repeated regular purchases  Auto-show tickets, full screen barcodes