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Building Measure-Powered Products


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The challenge for analysts has moved on from deriving insights, to turning our insights into actions. It's no longer enough just to understand which of your customers have a high propensity to churn - what can you *do* about it, ideally in near-real-time? In this session at MeasureCamp London I introduced the rationale for building “measure-driven products”, before diving into a live coding demo using Snowplow, Google Tag Manager and Pusher and some simple JavaScript to power per-customer in-session messaging on a website.

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Building Measure-Powered Products

  1. 1. Building Measure- Powered Products
  2. 2. Digital events are an amazing data source… • Individual actions taken by people and interactions between people • So many things you can do in ‘digital’ • Check bank balance • Adjust thermometer • Book exercise class • Pay for parking • Load your smart fridge…
  3. 3. …but historically analysts have often been one step removed from the “engine room” Website Mobile apps Other digital products Product Marketing Sales Product roadmap & delivery
  4. 4. Sometimes providing insights can feel a bit like being Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men
  5. 5. But an evolving tech landscape is changing things Cloud services Analytics databases Event streams SaaS marketing tech Adobe Analytics Live Stream
  6. 6. As an industry we’re moving from just creating insight, to insight driving action Insight Action
  7. 7. The anatomy of a “measure- powered product”
  8. 8. What kinds of measure-driven products can we build? In-session product rec’s Fraud detection Feature flags A/B testing Real-time bidding for ads Ad retargeting Abandoned shopping carts Bot/scraper detection Trending content
  9. 9. Live demo! + + GTM = Targeted real-time messaging on- site