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Our Story
Our Vision
                   To be Simply The Best roaster and

Company History
Our Stores
     Customers come to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®
     to enjoy their favorite beverages delivered with
Our Coffee and Tea                                                                                                        ...
Our Master Artisans
Jay Isais                                           Jesse Martinez-Beltran                            ...
Company Growth
                                                       The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is one of the           ...
Our coffees and teas originate from some of the richest
    and most fertile growing regions throughout the world:
The Total Package
ORIGIN                                                                              ROasTING & DIsTRIBUT...
Franchising Information
                                   The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is a well known, highly
| Kio, a tea estate worker from Mukengeria, Kenya
The Executive Team
        Sunny Sassoon               Mel Elias
        Executive Chairman          President and CEO
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 1945 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034
Phone: 1-800-TEA-LEAF...
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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

  1. 1. Our Story
  2. 2. Our Vision To be Simply The Best roaster and ™ global retailer of specialty coffee and tea. Our Mission To create a spirit within our Company that inspires our Team Members to provide our customers with a Total Quality Experience: Quality of Product, Service and Environment.
  3. 3. Company History The concept for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores was born during a trip the founders Herb and Mona Hyman took to Europe. After touring the many outstanding coffee shops throughout Europe, the couple decided to bring the specialty coffeehouse concept to America. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® was established in 1963 opening their first store in Los Angeles, California which continues to operate today as one of our highest volume and highest profile stores. Over the next 35 years, Herb continued to grow his coffee business throughout Southern California. Flavor and a handcrafted feel became cornerstones of his business. He would blend coffee varieties per customer requests and roast them to their liking. These personalized requested have even been used in formulating some of our more popular blends today. In 1996 the company was franchised in Asia. The business did so well in Singapore and Malaysia that the company was purchased from the Hymans and our first franchisee became the franchisor. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has grown to be the largest and oldest privately held specialty coffee and tea retailer in the U.S. With over 800 stores worldwide, we have a strong presence and reputation for excellence as part of communities all over the globe. Company owned | The first The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® store in Los Angeles, California Circa 1963 stores are located in California, Arizona, Singapore and Malaysia. Our growing franchised locations, include stores in California, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, Texas, Australia, Brunei, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Israel, East Malaysia The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has been innovating–and growing–since 1963. “Find Your Flavor” (Sabah), Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South isn’t just our slogan; it’s a commitment to our customers and the foundation upon which Korea, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam. Each year, The Coffee Bean & Tea we operate. Taste matters and so does our culinary approach to flavor. Our handcrafted Leaf® serves over 100 million coffee and tea beverages worldwide. beverages can be made-to-order and customized to a customer’s preference. It’s not just about making the perfect drink, it’s about honoring the values of the communities we serve. Our Team Members are trained to listen and respond to each customer with a personalized beverage that sets the standard for excellence. The Coffee Bean | The first The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® coffee roaster (top) and weighing scale (left), circa 1963 & Tea Leaf® prides itself on our innovation and quality, offering one of the most extensive selections of specialty coffee and tea from around the world. 1963 Founders Herb and Mona Hyman open 1980 Multi-store expansion begins, 1989 The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® first store, offering whole-bean coffee and offering a variety of coffee and tea beverages invents The Original Ice Blended® Drinks loose-leaf tea
  4. 4. Our Stores Customers come to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® to enjoy their favorite beverages delivered with outstanding service in a relaxing and friendly environment. Our cafés are warm, inviting places where everyone is welcome to hang out, relax, and savor the best coffees and teas in the world. Whether customers in your area tend to zoom in for a quick cup to-go or like to hang out and soak up the atmosphere, café environments can be scaled and styled to suit local customs and life styles. Team Members. Our Team Members, baristas and café servers, are enthusiastic and informed aficionados carefully trained to assist customers to “Find their Flavor” and favorite drinks. Our People At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, we put people first. From our coffee and tea origin suppliers to our retail store Team Members and loyal customers, we consider everyone part of our extended family. We provide specialized training so that each Team Member is able to build bonds of trust with our customers and their guests. By demonstrating our Core Values (known as FROTH, or Friendly, Respect, Ownership, Teamwork and Honesty), we inspire all employees to treat each other with respect and to provide the Total Quality Experience our customers have come to expect when they visit The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. | This page: Our Team Members build relationships 1996 Singapore – the opening of 1998 The first franchisee becomes the franchisor – 1998 Launches 2001 First U.S. franchise 2004 Partners with Adopt-A- 2005 Establishes 2006 2006 2006 Debuts new non-dairy the first The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® private family consortium acquire ownership of Hot Tea Latte store opens (Las Vegas, Nevada) Classroom program throughout Caring Cup Global 400th store opens 500th store opens tea-based frozen beverage line: franchised store The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® corporate entity. outside California California, Nevada, and Arizona Charity Program Fru-Tea® Drinks
  5. 5. Our Coffee and Tea Our Beverage, Retail & For over 47 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has been proudly offering Simply the Best™ coffee and Bakery Products teas in the world. From the mountains of Southern Colombia to the tea fields of Sri Lanka, our Since 1963, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has stood for fine ingredients, expert coffee and tea buyers travel the globe to find and secure the very best crops from small great taste and innovation. We source our products from the greatest artisan farms and private estates. places in the world, roast our coffees and blend our teas by hand and not From seed to cup, an equitable way to do the right thing. only allow our customers to customize their drinks but help them “Find Their Flavor” by tailoring beverages exactly to their liking. At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, our passion extends far beyond the crops we cultivate and the beverages our customers enjoy. From seed to cup, we constantly work to maintain a direct We are proud of our numerous industry firsts. The Original Ice Blended® relationship with our growing farms. Buying directly from the grower affords us exclusivity is the beverage that started the frozen coffee drink craze, creating a new as well as incomparable product quality. More importantly, maintaining these simple, direct drink category that is now world famous. and honest relationships assures our Company, our growers and our customers a fair and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® did not settle for syrups when customers transparent supply chain. started requesting mochas, instead we created proprietary powders. COFFEE Our French Deluxe™ Vanilla and Special Dutch™ Chocolate powders are industry firsts that give our coffee drinks a flavor vastly superior to any We purchase specialty grade Arabica coffee beans from three distinct regions: Latin America, the Asia Pacific, and East Africa. How coffee looks, tastes and other – creamy and smooth. smells has much to do with where it comes from, and how it was grown. All our imported coffees have been cultivated at high altitude - between 3,500 and With our gourmet powders and hand blended teas as a base, the Chai 6,000 feet - because cooler temperatures slow the beans’ ripening time, and Latte and Tea Latte were invented and popularized by The Coffee Bean create more concentrated, flavorful coffees. & Tea Leaf® during the mid-1990’s. The unique components of our We personally travel the globe to find the best quality harvests. We nurture beverages are sold in our stores and online, helping our customers enjoy long lasting direct relationships with our growers, going beyond fair trade, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® experience at home and around the world. not only for the high quality of their product, but also for their Earth-friendly growing practices and social responsibility standards in particular, the Our full line of baked goods is made from the highest quality conscientious way they treat their workers and families. ingredients, most of which are from our own proprietary recipes and baked with care at our company owned kosher bakery facility in Santa TEA Monica, California. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® commitment to quality starts with going beyond fair trade with the direct relationships we build with our tea growers, continues From our hand crafted beverages to flavorful, freshly baked pastry, with the processing of our whole leaf teas, and extends to the handcrafted The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® always delivers a Total Quality Experience. world-class drinks we serve in our stores. We are very proud that many of our tea growers in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, and Kenya practice environmental sustainability. | Top photo: Tamping of fresh espresso Our growers in Thailand, for example, use peanut shells and grass to cover | Middle photo: Unique tea blends are displayed in jars exposed land, reducing erosion, while preparing a healthy, robust soil for future seasons. | Bottom photo: Freshly baked goods in our case 2006 Enters new franchised territories 2007 600th store opens and for the 2008 Launches made-to-order 2008 Hits the 2008 Enters new franchised 2008 Runs “Support From 2009 Enters new franchised with store openings in Bahrain, Egypt first time franchise stores outnumber yogurt and oatmeal breakfast 700 store mark territories with store openings Home” campaign to support territories with store openings in Oman, and Qatar, internationally, and Ralph’s, company stores program in India, Mexico and Vietnam military personnel internationally, and Texas, domestically domestically
  6. 6. Our Master Artisans Jay Isais Jesse Martinez-Beltran David De Candia Senior Director of Coffee, Master Coffee Roaster Director of Tea, Buyer Roasting, and Manufacturing & Master Blender Jesse is responsible for the careful roasting Jay combs the world’s finest coffee growing and blending of all coffee beans at our main David sources and develops our premium teas regions, from Latin America and East Africa facility in Southern California. Over the and is one of the world’s leading tea experts. to South Asia and the Pacific, sampling and past 15 years, Jesse has worked diligently to He has been an enthusiastic advocate on the selecting the regions’ best harvests, then become a Master Roaster. He oversees the daily benefits of tea — both in-house and to the overseeing our blending and roasting process. roasting to ensure each small batch is done general public. He travels the world to find the to perfection. He has traveled throughout finest ingredients and is constantly researching In sourcing the world’s greatest coffees, the coffee-growing regions of the world and and testing new flavor possibilities. David is a Jay travels from one end of the tropics to served as an International Juror for The Cup driving force in giving back to origin countries the other, from Costa Rica and Colombia to of Excellence®. He is also a member of the with programs that benefit local farmers, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea, cultivating Specialty Coffee Association of America’s their families, and communities. David’s close relationships with local growers. The (SCA A) Roaster’s Guild and a licensed passion for tea and his artistry in creating new Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is proud to offer a range Q Grader. flavor combinations have been instrumental of specialty grade coffees we proclaim to be in keeping The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® on the Simply the Best™. cutting edge of beverage innovation. Jay is responsible for selecting and buying the highest-quality green coffee beans from the world’s finest growing regions, as well as the manufacturing, warehousing, and worldwide distribution of our coffee and tea products. He has over 25 years of industry experience, holding both operations management and buying positions in the coffee industry. Jay is a founding member of | Left photo: Jesse Martinez-Beltran (left) & Jay Isais (right) coffee tasting as they do for every roast, of every day. the Roasters Guild, a volunteer instructor for the SCA A, a certified judge for the Cup | Right photo: David De Candia smelling the sweet aroma of tea. of Excellence® program (A.C.E.), a licensed | Bottom right: David showcases the premium ingredients used in creating our unique tea blends. Q Grader, and an APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional.
  7. 7. Company Growth The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is one of the Over the past five years, The Coffee Bean & world’s oldest and largest privately held coffee Tea Leaf® has added nearly 500 stores to its retailers. In 20 countries, The Coffee Bean & global network – growing from 304 stores Tea Leaf® serves more than 100 million coffee to over 776 at the end of 2009. That’s a and tea beverages each year and over 20,000 new store opening every four days. Ice Blended® drinks a day. In addition, our coffee line can be found in more than 500 grocery Key Statistics: stores throughout California and online • 39% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (cagr) throughout the US. • Over 500 stores operated by 30+ franchisees. • Serving 1,000,000 customers around the world each week. Store Growth 1000 900 800 776 722 700 635 600 stores 500 500 400 378 304 300 200 100 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 US Company Stores 138 164 192 201 189 180 Asia Company Stores 79 77 78 87 89 91 Franchise Stores 87 137 230 347 444 505 Total Stores 304 378 500 635 722 776 | Right: Interior of store in Austin, Texas | Left: Exterior of store in Austin, Texas
  8. 8. Our coffees and teas originate from some of the richest and most fertile growing regions throughout the world: Dubai, UAE Austin, USA Saket, India Ho Chih Minh City, Vietnam Teas COffees sTORe LOCaTIONs Darjeeling India Brazil Nicaragua United states Middle east asia & australia assam India Colombia Papua New Guinea arizona australia Bahrain Cape south africa Costa Rica Tanzania California Brunei Thailand ethiopia Uganda egypt Hawaii Israel China Taiwan Guatemala Usa (Kona) China Indonesia - Michigan Kuwait India sri Lanka Java, sumatra, Bali Recent Limited editions Nevada Oman Indonesia Japan Jamaica Peru Texas Qatar Malaysia Brazil Kenya Nepal saudi arabia Philippines Kenya Mexico India Latin america Uae singapore ecuador (Galápagos) Mexico south Korea sri Lanka Vietnam This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a “franchise” or “business opportunity”. It is for information purposes only. Currently, there are at least fifteen (15) states in the United States of America (the “USA”), at least three (3) Canadian provinces, and at least 13 other countries that regulate the offer and sale of franchises. In all states in the USA, federal law requires pre-sale disclosure of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states, provinces or countries, or of any jurisdiction that hereafter regulates the offer and sale of franchises, are receiving this message in the USA or the other countries listed above, or intend to operate a franchise or business opportunity in the USA or these countries, we will not offer you a franchise or business opportunity unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and/or disclosure requirements in the applicable jurisdiction. No offer of a franchise by us to you will be binding on us, and no franchise will be granted by us to you, until both: (a) all conditions precedent to its offer and acceptance have been fully satisfied by you and us; and (b) we have delivered to you a fully executed area development agreement (“ADA”) signed by our President. Any action you take, or expenditures you make prior to your receipt of a fully executed ADA (and our notification to you that all conditions precedent to its execution have been met), are at your own risk.
  9. 9. The Total Package ORIGIN ROasTING & DIsTRIBUTION THIRD PaRTy DIsTRIBUTORs THe sTORes farms and estates – We have personal Our privately owned and operated facility is Our 3rd party distributors are, equipped with stores – Each new location becomes a part relationships with the families that own and located in Southern California. This state a 50,000-square-foot warehouse located in of the community and a welcome oasis for our run the coffee farms and tea estates. As we of the art plant is where all our whole bean Compton, California, where our finished customers. We’re passionate about our product have become a part of their lives we have coffees are tested and roasted fresh daily and products are sent for distribution and and proud of our company’s heritage. gained access to parts of the land we may where all of our whole leaf teas and flavored shipping. Daily shipments to our stores ensure otherwise not. Field 17 at the Bogawantalawa infusions blended and packaged. the freshest, most satisfying coffee and tea Tea Estate in Sri Lanka is considered to products available anywhere. Our Customer produce the finest tea in the world. The tea Service department, which takes care of all from that field never goes to auction, but orders for 20 countries, is also located here. through our relationship with the estate, is sold directly to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. Coffee nursery, Costa Rica Bags of green coffee, RAD California Seoul, Korea Coffee farm, Costa Rica Roasting coffee, RAD Direct Trade Relationships Direct trade means that we maintain a direct relationship with Austin, Texas the actual producer. By maintaining a simple, direct, and honest relationship with each of our suppliers based on our guiding principals, we can assure ourselves and our customers of a fair and From the sustainable farms where our products originate to our strong and healthy transparent supply chain. We’re part of the process from the seed distribution and supply chains, we’re a complete business solution. all the way to when you take a sip from our freshly brewed tea. | Bottom left photo: Paul Balzer, Vice President of Supply Chain, at the Bogawantalawa Tea Estate, Sri Lanka
  10. 10. Franchising Information The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is a well known, highly respected brand name. We’re located in many key markets internationally and our business continues to experience dramatic growth across the US and the world. We strive to have stores everywhere our customers work, live and play. With an ability to adapt to market-specific demands and location-specific needs, we take into consideration the environment, local community standards, cultural nuances, customer habits and market demands. Each franchise store is uniquely planned based on our brand standards and then tailored to meet the individual requirements of every new location. Make our success yours. With 50 years of experience in the specialty coffee segment, The Special Distribution Store category The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has built a strong and complete The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is a leader in developing non-traditional franchised locations that business infrastructure and offers comprehensive franchise have won wide acceptance across the industry. We start by understanding the culture of the resources. We have worldwide distribution capabilities and an integrated supply chain - owning the experience from specific location. We then embed a custom-configured The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® cafe within the Farm to Customer. Exclusive and proprietary recipes for footprint of a larger institution, i.e., grocery stores, airports, hotels, hospitals, or universities. beverages, pastries, and café meals are created by our internal Within the past year, our franchisees have opened nine new SDS locations, bringing the total product development team who ensures each item is crafted number of non-traditional locations throughout North America to 85. Recent openings include to our premium standards. Our real estate and development several prominent film studios, the University of Southern California, numerous airport team assists in store designs, specs and construction. The locations and 50 cafes within Ralph’s Grocery Stores. This model allows our customers to support team includes dedicated franchise trainers and find their favorite beverage everywhere they go, while improving the customer experience and ongoing franchise support. We believe in finding the right increasing revenues for the institution. partner and growing together. Our franchisees maintain the integrity of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® name and continue to expand and strengthen the brand across the world. | Top photo: California store | Left Photo: Singapore | Middle photo: Vietnam store | Right Top to Bottom: Korea, Indonesia, | Bottom photos: Mexico store Univeristy of California, Riverside
  11. 11. | Kio, a tea estate worker from Mukengeria, Kenya | Nariño, Colombia: Multi-purpose room is built for the children of local coffee families with the help of the Caring Cup program. Charitable Initiatives Caring Cup Origins The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® works with a selected number of charities At The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, quality product and quality of life go hand in hand. That’s why through our Caring Cup initiatives, which benefit domestic and international organizations. we insist that origin farms practice environmentally safe cultivation and offer fair wages to their workers, enabling them to provide for their family’s welfare. We also work closely with growers The Help Group – This organization serves children with autism, Asperger’s syndrome, in origin countries to develop programs that give back to the local communities, ensuring that learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, mental retardation and emotional challenges. At The Coffee revenue from the sale of our products is more fairly and equitably distributed all along the supply Bean & Tea Leaf® store locations, customers are invited to sign a holiday-themed card in exchange chain. Below you will find a selection of some of our most successful ongoing programs. for a $1 donation and then “deck the walls” of the stores. 100% of the proceeds from these Kenya – Working with local authorities, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® donations are given to The Help Group. The company also donated an additional $1 from recently finished construction of a nursery school in the Mukengeria every purchase of its whole bean, 16 oz. Holiday Blend coffee and Winter Dream Tea® tin to district of Kenya, where some of our most popular black teas are The Help Group. cultivated. This school, is certain to offer new hope to local families, support from Home – The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® stores in the U.S. recently participated while reinforcing our company’s core values. in a program developed to support military troops stationed overseas. Customers were invited Colombia – In collaboration with Empresas de Nariño, a local to purchase a special coffee blend and write personalized messages right on the package. With coffee grower, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® donates a portion of the the help of the organization Soldier’s Angels and Fisher House™, the campaign was hugely proceeds from every one-pound bag of its Colombian coffee to build successful– over 18,000 pounds of coffee were, purchased, and shipped to military personnel and improve schools in the Nariño region of Colombia. overseas during this 3-month effort. sri Lanka – In 2003, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® funded the Local store Initiatives – Each store is provided a budget to give back to their local construction of the Bogawantalawa tea estate community center, where communities. Whether it is donating product or a portion of the proceeds from sales on specific the company buys its Ceylon teas. Additionally a portion of the sales items to charities, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® strives to be a caring and compassionate of our Ceylon teas benefits the Aid Lanka Kids Foundation, which corporate citizen. provides care and education to orphans at the Jeevanie School for Girls. In addition, many employees are active in the communities they serve and are often the ones ethiopia – Through sales of Ethiopian coffee, The Coffee Bean & Tea who research and recommend the initiatives in which The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® participates. Leaf® donates to the Kidane Mhret Students’ Self-Help Association, Employees are also encouraged to get to know their customers and build relationships so that which provides library services, tutoring, school supplies and they’re aware of the local community’s needs. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® often receives letters of educational facilities to local children. appreciation from customers throughout the world detailing the positive impact these programs have had-and continue to have. India – Warm meals are often a rarity in the developing world where many of our products are grown and cultivated. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® recently presented 150 petroleum stoves to be installed in the homes of tea pluckers working on the Shree Dwarika tea estate in Darjeeling, India. Papua New Guinea – A donation of funds above the premiums paid for our green coffee was made to build a new school on the world famous Sigri Estate in Papua New Guinea.
  12. 12. The Executive Team Sunny Sassoon Mel Elias Executive Chairman President and CEO of the Management Board Terry Mansky Bob Kaufman Chief Administrative Vice President of Officer, Senior Vice Business Development President and General Counsel Paul Balzer Vice President of Supply Chain Mark Lindstrom Vice President of Operations Simply the Best! Coralie Calvet Lewis Tom Clemente Vice President of Finance Vice President of Sales
  13. 13. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® 1945 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 Phone: 1-800-TEA-LEAF (1-800-832-5323) Email: ©2010 International Coffee & Tea, LLC. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® name and logo are registered trademarks of International Coffee & Tea, LLC.