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New Energy Finance is the world’s leading provider of news, data and analysis for decision-makers in
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New Energy Finance covers the following sectors of the renewable energy and carbon markets:
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New Energy Finance currently works with over 500 clients globally. These fall into four broad categories:...
Generate deal ideas: Each Research Note is a fertile source of ideas for transactions, and our Industry
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New Energy Finance Company Overview 2009 09 21


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New Energy Finance Company Overview 2009 09 21

  1. 1. Company Overview New Energy Finance is the world’s leading provider of news, data and analysis for decision-makers in renewable energy and the carbon markets. The transition to a low-carbon energy economy will cost trillions of dollars and take decades. It will require multiple technologies; it will be supported by a bewildering web of policies and international agreements; and it will require a wide range of different financing tools. It will only be possible if investors, industry executives and policy-makers have access to investment-grade information and research. New Energy Finance delivers independent, unbiased, and truly global news, data and analysis across all sectors of Renewable Energy and the global Carbon Markets, Carbon Capture & Storage, Nuclear and Energy Efficiency, Storage and Digitisation. Our subscription-based services our supplemented by bespoke consulting, workshops, data-mining and senior level events. Access Industry Leading Research We field more than 100 experts and insiders at the heart of the industry, analyzing and publishing intelligence about the world’s emerging energy markets. No other provider matches our in-depth view across the entire spectrum of renewable energy and energy technology sectors, geographies, business models and asset classes. We exist to help our clients make the best possible decisions in these rapidly developing sectors. Streamline Your Business Renewable energy and carbon emissions are complex markets: multiple technologies, multiple geographies, and multiple policies. We select the news you need to read; we assemble the data-sets that drive your decisions; we build the models for you to use. You get to focus on your business. Be an Industry Leader New Energy Finance serves many of the leading investors, executives and policy-makers in renewable energy and the carbon markets. In these markets we are the best networked and influential providers of research in the world. When you sign up to our services, you join the inner circle and can be confident that your decisions are the right decisions. We provide global coverage with more than 130 staff in 10 offices on five continents; these include London, New York, Washington DC, Sao Paulo, Beijing, New Delhi, Cape Town and Sydney. © new energy finance 2004-2009
  2. 2. Sectors Covered New Energy Finance covers the following sectors of the renewable energy and carbon markets: Renewable Energy Carbon Markets Wind (on and offshore) European Carbon Markets Solar (PV, thermal and water heating) US Carbon Markets Biofuels Global Kyoto Carbon Markets Biomass and waste Australian Carbon Markets Geothermal Global Carbon Overview Hydro & marine Voluntary Carbon Markets Energy Efficiency Digital Energy Power Storage Hydrogen and fuel cells Carbon Capture and Storage Nuclear power Services can be purchased separately for each sector, or we provide specific packages for particular segments. Products & Services New Energy Finance services include the following: Insight: The Insight Service provides subscription-based research on policy, energy markets, technology, supply chains, industry economics and finance. The Carbon Markets division provides price forecasts and analysis of the economic drivers in all the carbon credit trading systems springing up around the world. Industry Intelligence: The New Energy Finance Desktop portal provides clients access to the world’s biggest database of renewable energy technology and equipment companies, projects, investors, investments and service providers. It combines information on transactions, people, projects, and companies with powerful report generating and analysis tools to inform your financial, strategic and operating decisions. News & Briefing: The News & Briefing Service is designed to help you keep abreast of key developments as they unfold in renewable energy and the carbon markets. Produced by a team of specialist journalists from around the world, our service gives you real time coverage from the local and global perspective. This service is delivered daily, weekly and monthly and is customisable to ensure you only receive the market information that is relevant to you. Consulting and Data-Mining: New Energy Finance undertakes select consulting and data-mining work on behalf of its subscription clients. Events: New Energy Finance runs the sector’s leading networking events, including the annual New Energy Finance Summit and Awards Dinner and the global Food for Thought series. NEX Index: New Energy Finance co-publishes and licenses the NEX index of quoted renewable energy stocks. © new energy finance 2004-2009
  3. 3. Who We Work With New Energy Finance currently works with over 500 clients globally. These fall into four broad categories: investors and their service providers; energy market participants such as utilities, oil and gas companies; renewable energy technology and service providers, and governments and quasi-governmental agencies. - We serve many of the leading investors in renewable energy and the carbon markets, including asset managers, private equity and venture capital investors, hedge funds and the world’s leading investment banks. - Utilities, oil & gas companies and other energy market participants, meanwhile, are attracted by the company’s unique depth of insight into both the renewable energy and carbon markets. For renewable energy supply chain participants, the company serves as a second pair of eyes on regulation, cost and competitive issues. - We also act as a trusted intermediary for a number of multi-client initiatives, where information is provided to New Energy Finance and shared on an anonymised basis. - New Energy Finance also serves an increasing number of regional development agencies, energy ministries and multilateral finance organisations such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank. New Energy Finance is responsible for writing the UN’s major annual “Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment” report. - New Energy Finance acts as an advisor and to the Clinton Global Initiative, World Economic Forum, Masdar Future Energy Summit, Renewable Energy Finance Forum, REN21, the International Energy Agency and the Prince’s Rainforest Project. The company supports numerous national and international policy consultation exercises relating to the financing of renewable energy and the creation of functioning carbon markets. How Do Our Services Help? Our services are designed to support your whole team as you build your business in renewable energy and the carbon markets – from understanding the landscape to exploiting opportunities – we help you make the best decisions possible. Get up to speed quickly: Need to make sense of a new sector? Our Insight Services help you master the key issues in the shortest possible time – the key developments, data sets and competitive dynamics. Supplement the Insight Service with one of our intensive sector briefings, and your team is up and running in record time. Master the policy maze: Policy will continue to have a decisive impact on the roll-out of renewable energy and the development of the carbon markets. We help you stay current on developments in all of the markets you follow – not just breaking the news, but anticipating it, and helping you understand the implications. Many policy-makers are also our clients – can you afford not to have access to this vital group of stakeholders? Work more efficiently: Thousands of professionals use New Energy Finance to drastically reduce the time it takes to track the news, research company fundamentals, create charts and reports, and build investment, project and company data sets. Our services save you time each and every day, as you cut out the need to track redundant information sources and start each piece of data research from scratch. Develop leads: Our daily news service keeps you up-to-date with deals as they happen. Spot a story of interest? With one click you can access information on industry players. Our networking events, whether the New Energy Finance Summit or our Food for Thought series, have resulted in deals valued at multiple billions of dollars. © new energy finance 2004-2009
  4. 4. Generate deal ideas: Each Research Note is a fertile source of ideas for transactions, and our Industry Intelligence service is an easy way to follow up by screening for potential acquisitions, investments, and investment partners as well as prospective managers, customers, and strategic alliances. Track technology developments: Technology is not just a question of scientific breakthroughs. You need to know which innovations are raising finance, which ones are about to cross the ‘Valley of Death’ and which are the next ones that will be rolled out at scale. Follow investment and valuation trends: We are living through the most turbulent of times in the capital markets, in the world’s most volatile industrial sector. The NEX index is the industry standard to beat. Our quarterly investment reports are closely followed by press and market participants. Our Industry Intelligence service allows you to keep up with deal activity and trends in real time – can you afford to be without it? Improve strategic planning: New Energy Finance Insight helps you to identify emerging opportunities and challenges facing your business, evaluate risks and identify potential new markets and partnerships. Monitor your competitors: Do you want to know what your competitors are doing? New Energy Finance’s Industry Intelligence service organizes information on all their investments, their projects, how they are organised and all of their news-flow into one place. You can tailor alerts so news of significant events affecting your clients and competitors is emailed directly to your Blackberry. Benefit from our insight: New Energy Finance has the largest team of dedicated renewable energy and carbon analysts in the world. We have been doing this and nothing but this for over five years; we operate globally and cross-functionally; we are highly analytical and very well connected. That puts us out ahead of major industry and financial trends – pure and simple. Leverage your time: Life is too short to replicate analysis that others are already doing. Our data, models and analysis are based on industry best-practices. You and your team should be focused on that special something that only you can deliver. Use our research as a check, or build on it to move your analysis to the next level. Operate with confidence: New Energy Finance’s goal is to provide an island of calm in a sea of chaos. When they go into critical meetings, our clients know they are supported by the industry’s best data, best research and best analysis. Nothing beats that feeling of confidence. Sound Interesting? To arrange a trial or to speak to a commercial representative who can help you identify the right services for you, email or contact us at one of the following locations: EMEA Americas Asia Pacific +44 20 7092 8800 +1 212 744 1988 +86 10 8454 9195 © new energy finance 2004-2009