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  1. 1. Where gadgets become essentials... Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  2. 2. Where gadgets become essentials... Index USB Flash Drives 02 MP3 & MP4 Players 12 VoIP Phones 24 Digital Photo Frames 29 Computer Gadgets 35 Mobile Gadgets 53 Printing & Packaging options 56 Computer & Mobile Gadgets 01
  3. 3. USB Flash Drives 02 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  4. 4. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-1022 USB Flash Drive Hong Kong Convenient Portable Data Storage • Attract maximum exposure with your blinking logo on a color LCD screen • LCD utilizes solar energy, no batteries required • Plug and play device which has the ability to store, remove and exchange data easily • Flash Memory from 32MB up to 4GB, equivalent to 40,000 text pages • Unique combination of modern design using high quality materials Available colours: Printing options: Logo in screen Computer & Mobile Gadgets 03
  5. 5. CM-1023 USB Flash Drive Seoul Convenient Portable Data Storage • One of the thinnest flash drive in the world • High quality materials and excellent finish • Superlative design for when presentation matters • Order in any color with many branding options Available colours: Printing options: 04 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  6. 6. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-1100 USB Flash Drive Custom Made Convenient Portable Data Storage • Order in any shape, any color or size • 100% tailor made flash drive • Silicon casing to ensure durability • You make the drawing, we produce the flash drive Available colours: Any colour Printing options: Any printing option Computer & Mobile Gadgets 05
  7. 7. CM-1000 - Monte Carlo CM-1001 - Paris CM-1002 - Tokyo CM-1003 - New York CM-1004 - Rome CM-1005 - Barcelona CM-1006 - Nice CM-1007 - Beverly Hills CM-1010 - Rio 06 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  8. 8. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-1011 - Fort Knox CM-1012 - Havana CM-1013 - Honolulu CM-1014 - Florence CM-1015 - Las Vegas CM-1016 - Lisboa CM-1017 - Valencia CM-1018 - Alicante CM-1019 - Miami Computer & Mobile Gadgets 07
  9. 9. CM-1024 - Shanghai CM-1025 - Beijing CM-1026 - Palm Springs CM-1027 - Santiago CM-1028 - Washington CM-1029 - Moscow CM-1031 - Detroit CM-1032 - Sevilla 08 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  10. 10. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-1140 USB Flash Drive Bluetooth Convenient Portable Data Storage • Combines a flash drive with a Bluetooth radio transmission device • Utilizes Bluetooth technology for exchanging data between computer and telephone, as well as PDA and other wireless devices • Can be used in combination with a wireless headset for convenient communication • Increases the connectivity options of your computer instantly Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 09
  11. 11. CM-2800 SD Card with Print Convenient Portable Data Storage • The universal business gift • To be used in a broad range of devices (i.e. cameras, computers, MP3 players, digital photo frames and mobile phones) • The storage capacity can be tailored to your budget • Endless usage Available colours: Printing options: 10 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  12. 12. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-1071 - Classic Pen CM-1072 - Bullit Pen CM-1073 - Basic Pen CM-1074 - Laser Pen CM-1075 - Trendy Pen Computer & Mobile Gadgets 11
  13. 13. MP3 & MP4 Players 12 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  14. 14. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-2302 MP3 Player Berlin Easy Listening • Boost your mood with your own music where ever you are • Up to 500 songs, or 25 hours of music on a 2GB storage capacity • Modest and economic design • Runs on an AAA battery • Luxury gift box with earplugs, CD and USB extensional cable • Spacious printing area for personalization and branding Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 13
  15. 15. CM-2304 MP3 Player Salsa Easy Listening • Enjoy your music where ever you go • LED display creates trouble-free scrolling through your music database • Up to 500 songs or 25 hours of music on 2GB storage capacity • Built-in rechargeable battery and convenient attachment clip • Ability to be used as a flash drive storage device with optional FM radio • Three standard covers included; black, red and white Available colours: Printing options: 14 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  16. 16. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-2305 MP3 Player Lambada Easy Listening • Relax by listening to your own music when you’re on the go • Most popular MP3 player in the industry • LCD screen including a 7 color backlight, for easy scrolling through your music database Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 15
  17. 17. CM-2306 MP3 Player Merengue Easy Listening • Small music player with recording function and optional FM radio • Up to 500 songs or 25 hours of music on 2GB storage capacity • LED screen allows for easy scrolling through your music data base • A first class gift including a built in rechargeable battery Available colours: Printing options: 16 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  18. 18. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-2351 MP3 & Speaker Easy Listening • Retro look and modern technology in one • Take the portable MP3 Player with FM Radio wherever you go • Good sound quality via two 3 Watt speakers • Bring your own music, make use of SD and MMC slots • Alarm function, wake up with your music Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 17
  19. 19. CM-2400 MP4 Player Basic Easy Listening • Enjoy watching videos and listening to your favorite music wherever you go • 1.8” full color TFT screen and built in speaker are included to enhance your experience • FM radio, voice recording and traditional flash drive function are integrated • Robust design with easy navigation system • A rechargeable battery is included Available colours: Printing options: 18 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  20. 20. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-2401 MP4 Player Sport Easy Listening • Your first class traveling companion for watching high quality video and music enjoyment • Traditional flash drive (2.0 version) and voice recording function • Optional FM radio receiver to increase usability • Trendy design Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 19
  21. 21. CM-2402 MP4 Player Pearl Easy Listening • The ultimate portable multimedia device provides enjoyable movie watching and music listening • Movies can be viewed on the 2” full color TFT screen • FM radio, voice recording and traditional flash drive function included to make this MP4 complete • Memory capacity can be up to 4GB, which is more than a 1000 songs or more than 12 hours of video • Weighs only 50 grams which makes it the ideal light weight travel companion Available colours: Printing options: 20 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  22. 22. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-2403 MP4 Player Onyx Easy Listening • Traveling has never been so great now that you can bring your MP4 Player Onyx with you • The 2.2” full color TFT screen and built in speaker allows you to enjoy watching movies together • Voice recording and traditional flash drive function are integrated • Strong casing and innovative design make this a unique gift to last Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 21
  23. 23. CM-2500 FM Transmitter Easy Listening • Use your MP3 Player in your car • Does work on every MP3 Player • Use a free radio frequency on your car stereo to play your MP3 songs • A convenient plug and play device Available colours: Printing options: 22 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  24. 24. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-2001 MP3 Speaker Cube Easy Listening • Contemporary design with great speaker quality and sound enhancement • Is compatible with your phone, MP3/4 player, laptop and other portable devices • Small size and battery operated makes it your best travel companion • Soft touch on and off button • Sizeable printing area for personalization and branding Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 23
  25. 25. VoIP Phones 24 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  26. 26. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-3201 USB Phone Corporate Communication Solutions • Why pay to much for regular phone calls? • Save cost and call through the internet by using this phone • Traditional telephone design with additional Skype function allows for easy scrolling through your address book • Plug and play device. Works with Skype, MSN and other VoIP software • High durability and functionality make this a lasting gift Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 25
  27. 27. CM-3202 USB Talking Mouse Communication Solutions • Utilizes a traditional computer mouse for making internet phone calls • Open the mouse and start making phone calls with this plug and play device • Mouse comes with a scroll button and 2 push buttons for convenient working • Sizeable printing area for personalization and branding Available colours: Printing options: 26 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  28. 28. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-3204 USB Portable VoIP Communication Solutions • Bring your Skype to any computer without installation • After plugging in the portable Skype device you can directly start making free calls • Set comes complete with earphone with microphone and attractive gift box • Show that you know which devices are hot and be an early adaptor Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 27
  29. 29. CM-3205 Belkin Voice over WiFi Phone Communication Solutions • Uses wireless networks to make phone calls • The most up to date top quality communication device • Results in lower telephone bills while you still maintain the feeling of making calls the traditional way • Easy operation and installation • Hi-tech gift Available colours: 28 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  30. 30. Where gadgets become essentials... Digital Photo Frames Computer & Mobile Gadgets 29
  31. 31. CM-3801 7.0” Digital Photo Frame Digital Feelgood • View your pictures instantly • Enhance your favourite picture or use the slideshow mode to view new pictures constantly • Full colour TFT screen in traditional looking photo frame • Great way to keep your most precious moments alive • A memorable gift including an excellent printing area for personalization or branding Available colours: Printing options: 30 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  32. 32. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-3802 3.5” Digital Photo Frame Digital Feelgood • Full colour 3.5” TFT screen for superb photo viewing • Attractive modern photo frame design • Different viewing modes including manual and slideshow with adjustable interval • Feature your company logo to leave a lasting impression Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 31
  33. 33. CM-3803 1.5” Digital Photo Keychain Digital Feelgood • Full colour 1.5” TFT screen for clear photo viewing • Classic photo frame design • Multiple photo viewing modes Available colours: Printing options: 32 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  34. 34. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-3804 Keychain Digital Photo Frame Digital Feelgood • Impressive combination of a key chain and a photo frame • Keep your loved ones with you wherever you go • Easy to upload and renew pictures • Fun gift with high usage frequency Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 33
  35. 35. CM-3805 Keychain Digital Photo Frame Digital Feelgood • Nice size 1.5” TFT screen • Store up to 50 JPG pictures • You can select different viewing modes • Bring you favourite pictures with you Available colours: Printing options: 34 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  36. 36. Where gadgets become essentials... Computer Gadgets Computer & Mobile Gadgets 35
  37. 37. CM-3401 - Basic Hub CM-3402 - Tower Hub CM-3403 - YoYo Hub CM-3404 - Travel Case Hub CM-3602 - Wireless Mouse CM-3604 USB Wireless & Hub Pop Out Mouse CM-3606 Memory Mouse CM-3608 - Mini Optical CM-3609 - Mini Wireless Mouse Optical Mouse 36 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  38. 38. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-3603 USB Finger Mouse Digital Feelgood • Highly innovative mouse operated by finger movement • Mouse attached with elastic strap to just 1 finger • Efficient mouse operation while typing • Fun, functional device which is convenient for travellers Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 37
  39. 39. CM-4001 USB Web Cam Digital Feelgood • See and hear other people from all over the world via their webcam • Automatic exposure and white balance control guarantee clear and stable images • Built in microphone • Take pictures instantly by pushing the snap shot button Available colours: Printing options: 38 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  40. 40. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-4003 USB Keyboard Roll Desktop Solutions • Convenient and light weight travel companion • Easy storage provided by flexible keyboard • Available in various language scripts • Robust and long lasting silicon keyboard • Excellent personalization and branding option Available colours: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 39
  41. 41. CM-4004 USB Thermo Plate & Hub Desktop Solutions • Keep your coffee hot while working on your computer • Add an additional 4 USB ports to your computer • 2-in-1 computer accessory allows for high functionality • Power supply via USB port • Perfect exposure of your logo at the customers’ desk Available colours: Printing options: 40 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  42. 42. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-4005 USB Notebook Light Desktop Solutions • Increases visibility when working on your computer in the dark • Power supply via USB port • Flexible light positioning system • Small and light weight travel companion Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 41
  43. 43. CM-4011 USB Travel Kit Marco Polo Mobility Solutions • Conveniently store your computer accessories in one small bag • Allows you to add up to 7 different devices to your computer • An extra set of network and USB extension cables is included • USB keyboard, mini mouse and flexible light make this a complete set • All items are presented in a high quality gift pouch Available colours: Printing options: 42 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  44. 44. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-4012 USB Travel Kit Columbus Mobility Solutions • Perfect light weight set for travellers • Supplies just what you need to remain connected and in touch • 2 additional USB ports for connecting external devices to your computer • Optical mini mouse for convenient navigation • Network cable and headset are included to make connection and communication easy and accessible Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 43
  45. 45. CM-4013 USB Webkey Web on the go! • Attract more attention to your website • Automaticly opens your website when you put it in your USB port • Economical and innovative marketing tool • Ideal for mailshot by regular post • Any internet address can be pre-loaded and device can be printed for further personalization Available colours: Printing options: 44 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  46. 46. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-4017 USB Lock Security Solutions • Monitor data exchange via a USB port • Protect your data and tighten security • Easy lock and unlock system comes with multiple USB blockers Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 45
  47. 47. CM-4060 Laptop stand Desktop Solutions • For ergonomic use of your laptop • Your ideal desk tool • High quality look and feel • Huge branding area Available colours: Printing options: 46 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  48. 48. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-4501 Cardreader Bluetooth & Hub Connectivity Solutions • 3-in-1 computer gadget to boost your efficiency to the next level • Instant ability to transfer memory card data to your computer • Bluetooth connectivity for improved data transfer between wireless devices and your computer • Offers 4 extra USB ports to operate additional external devices via your computer • Modern design and high quality product Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 47
  49. 49. CM-4750 OneAdaptor Charger Travel Solutions • Global power plug converter • Unique USB port integrated to recharge your digital camera or PDA • The robust design makes it a strong and reliable travel companion Available colours: Printing options: 48 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  50. 50. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-5000 USB Wireless Presenter Presentation Solutions • Improve your presentation performances without additional training • Easy to operate plug-and-play device • Pocket size device weighing less than 30 grams • Laser pointer function • Fun and functional gift with a high usage frequency Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 49
  51. 51. CM-5001 USB Wireless Presenter Pen Presentation Solutions • One of a kind 3-in-1 function presentation tool • Conveniently click through presentations without touching your computer (up to 15 meters) • Built in flash drive memory for storage and data exchange • Laser pointer function Available colours: Printing options: 50 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  52. 52. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-7701 Bluetooth Headset Benjamin Mobile Solutions • Call hands free • Incredibly small and light weight headset • Superb sound quality and long talking time • Works together with all Bluetooth devices (telephone, computer and PDA) • A high functionality top quality gift • For people that know what’s valuable Available colours: Printing options: Computer & Mobile Gadgets 51
  53. 53. CM-8001 iBlaze Mobility Solutions • An innovative backpack that offers great functionality for modern business people. • Listen to music and operate your iPod effortlessly • Interior is designed for carrying around all modern business tools i.e. laptops, cables, PDA’s and telephones • Official iPod licensed backpack Available colours: 52 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  54. 54. Where gadgets become essentials... Mobile Gadgets Computer & Mobile Gadgets 53
  55. 55. CM-6005 Solar Charger Twist with Simcard Reader Mobile Solutions • Secure your telephone data and power supply with just one device • Solar panels transform light into energy for when you need it most • Sim back-up system to store your data in a secure place • iPod and multiple mobile phone connectors included Available colours: Printing options: 54 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  56. 56. Where gadgets become essentials... CM-6001 - Mobile Hand Charger CM-6002 - Solar Battery Charger CM-6004 - Mobile USB Charger CM-6501 - USB Sim Card CM-6503 - Sim Card Back-Up Back-Up Smart Computer & Mobile Gadgets 55
  57. 57. Printinging options: • Pad print • Engravement • Laser print • Embossing Packaging options: • Standard gift box with lanyard. • Plastic gift box with magnetic closing. • Large gift box with accesoiries: USB Cable, CD-Rom, Manual, Lanyard. • Metal gift box 56 Computer & Mobile Gadgets
  58. 58.