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  1. 1. Positions Goal shooter: the goal shooter plays within the attacking goal third, which includes the shooting circle. This position is often, but not always, de- fended by the opposing Goal Keeper. The players main role is to shoot goals, by working closely with GoalGoal attack : The Goal Attack plays within thecentre and attacking goal thirds, including theshooting circle. This position is often defended bythe opposing Goal Defence. As well as sharing theGoal Shooters role to shoot goals, the Goal At-tackWing attack:defended by the opposing Wing De-fence. The players main role is to move the ballfrom centre court to an attacking position. Accu-rate passing using a variety of styles includingbounce passing, drop passing and faking passing isimportant in this position.Centre :The Centre player plays in all parts of thecourt except for the shooting circles. The Centreis involved in defensive and offensive plays, andplayers in this position require a high level of fit-ness. The Centre is also responsible for restartingplay after a goal is scored.
  2. 2. Positions continuedWing defence: usually defends against theWing Attack They are often involved inblocking offensive plays from the opposingteam. They may also be called upon toguard against the Goal Attack or GoalShooter by preventing them from enteringthe goal circleGoal defence: The Goal Defence playswithin the centre and defensive goalthirds, including the shooting circle. Thisplayer usually defends against the Goal At-tack. Their main role is to defend the goalagainst the opposing shooters, in combina-tion with the Goal Keeper.Goal keeper : The Goal Keeper is a special-ised defensive position. The player in thisposition is often the last person who cankeep the opposing shooters from scoring.They play within the defensive goal third,including the shooting circle The GoalKeeper is also responsible for taking throw
  3. 3. Rules of netballNetball is a sport for 2 teams of sevenplayers.Mostly played by womenits rules are published by the InternationalFederation of Netball Associations. Gamesare played on a rectangular court dividedinto thirds, with a raised goal at eachshort end. The object of the game is forteams to score goals, by passing a ball andshooting it into their teams goal ring.Players are assigned "positions" that de-fine their role within the team and restricttheir movement on court.During general play, a player with the ballcan take no more than one step beforepassing it, and must pass the ball or shootfor goal within three seconds. Goals canonly be scored by the assigned shootingplayers. Netball games are 60 minutes long,divided into 15-minute quarters, at the endof which the team with the most goalsscored wins.
  4. 4. Equipment needed to play netballAll you need is a netball acourt and a team to play andpractise on and netball uni-form go to equipment picturesto see what they look like . This is a net- ball court with a team playing
  5. 5. History of netballThe history of netball can be traced to the earlydevelopment of basketball. A year after basketballwas invented in 1891, the sport was modified forwomen to accommodate social conventions regard-ing their participation in sport, giving rise towomens basketball. Variations of womens basket-ball arose across the United States and in England.At a physical training college in England, the rulesof womens basketball were modified over severalyears to form an entirely new sport: "net ball". Thefirst codified rules of netball were published atthe start of the twentieth century, and from therethe new sport spread throughout the British Em-pire.Aim of the gameThe aim is to score more goals then theother team by throwing the ball at the
  6. 6. Pictures of equipment