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Pool cover


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Pool cover is the most important thing for those who possess an outdoor pool. The cover is needed not only to keep the pool clean but also to save the water from being wasted.

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Pool cover

  1. 1. The benefit of Automatic Pool Cover Pool cover is the most important thing for those who possess an outdoor pool. The cover is needed not only to keep the pool clean but also to save the water from being wasted. Most of the water loss from the pool is not due to splashing out of the water, but due to evaporation. Water is very much valuable and now pools are being considered as non-essential luxury. To abide by the rules, pool water is to be properly cared so that it is not wasted. The very first step of care is to cover the pool properly when you are not using it. Keeping the pool covered not only keeps the pool clean but at the same time prevents the evaporation. Initially, the covers made for the pools were difficult to handle. The covers are nothing but huge sheets of plastic or polythene, which had to be stretched over the pool and the ends needed to be tied so that the sheet remain in place. The process was really tough and was impossible to be done by a single person. With the advancement of technology, things have changed to a great extent. The pool covers have become automatic and thus have become too easy to use. The automatic pool covers from is based on the revolutionary Simple Touch Development System. It is a fully automatic pool cover that covers and uncovers the pool automatically. You will not need anyone to help you to do the job of covering your pool when you have this device at your disposal. All you need to do is to push the operating button! The benefits that you will enjoy with the automatic pool cover are:  It is fully automatic and come with safety electric switches.  You do not need to pull or push any strings manually.
  2. 2.  The device is based on Simple Touch Development System and thus anyone can handle it with ease.  The automatic pool cover not only saves your time, but at the same time saves the water from getting evaporated.  The automatic pool cover actually covers the pool with Thermal Cover and this stops the growth of any algae in the pool, keeping the water free from any contamination.  The device is self guided and thus do not need any tracks to help it to spread over the pool. The automatic pool cover is built with the state of the art electric system and the controller has a built in microchip for all the controlling. Pools larger in than 20 feet x 40 feet size can also be covered completely with this device. The two edge guides controls the cover on and off the water. The automatic pool blanket cover or the thermal cover is practically indestructible! Leave it on the pool throughout the year and you will not find a single crack or split. The air cells in the blanket cover will not grow any algae in them and will never become clogged with water. This thermal blanket actually acts like the layer of insulation on the pool and helps in keeping the heat in. The price of the auto Pool Reel is $2495 only excluding the shipping and handling charges. The thermal cover will cost another $800. Auto Pool Reel Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada - L4B3B2 905-882-7049