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Health templates (infant and toddler years)


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Health templates (infant and toddler years)

  1. 1. The Infant years (Birth to 12 Months Old) Identify specific health and safety considerations that you will have to consider during the infant years. How will you address these issues?Example:Hand washingProper hand washing is essential to keeping infants healthy as their immune system is low. “Hand washing is the mostimportant health practice that parents /educators and children must implement to reduce the spread of infections.”(Pimento, Page 129) This was seen when my baby had many colds and ear infections within the first year. Although it iscommon for infants to catch colds and infections, I need to use proper hand washing.Now add your next point…. 1. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Ensure that Brooke sleeps on her back and not to overheat the baby by not putting too many blankets and heavy sleepwear. (Children: A Chronological Approach, page 103) 2. Proper Nourishment To ensure proper nourishment, I would breastfeed Brooke because human milk contains the proper amounts of carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals as well the mother’s antibodies. (Children: A Chronological Approach, page 115) 3. Second Hand Smoke Ensure that no one smokes in the house. Second hand smoke can cause breathing problems in babies. 4. Spread of Infectious Diseases Can be stopped by hand washing and immunizing Brooke. (Healthy Foundations in Early Childhood Settings, page 18) 5. Falling down the stairs Baby proof the house by putting up baby gates and be behind her when she tries to climb the stairs.
  2. 2. The Toddler Years (2 Years Old) Have there been any environmental events that you think might have influenced your child’s development? Does this create any health or safety concerns for your toddler?Brooke had got a number of ear aches which she probably got from her baths and we did not dry her earsthoroughly. This caused her to be very irritable and miserable.We kept Brooke a little sheltered which resulted in her in being slow to warm up to new situations with adults.We did not spend as much time talking with Brooke which resulted in her communication skill, languagecomprehension and language production to be that of a 15 month old.Spending not enough time with Brooke resulted in a poor communication system between her and me. Thisresulted in us not understanding each other.Brooke had an accident while riding her tricycle which resulted in her being scared to ride again.(Virtual Child reports)