Speaker Exchange Indonesia Introduction


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Introduction to Speaker Exchange Indonesia, the leading Indonesian speaker bureau.

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Speaker Exchange Indonesia Introduction

  1. 1. SPEAKER EXCHANGE INDONESIA Profile & Services
  2. 2. Contents SEI Profile SEI Services Areas of Expertise SEI Speakers SEI Packages SEI Clients Copyright: SEI 2
  3. 3. SEI Profile Founded by Lin Che Wei and Lilis Setiadi Utilize custom approach to meet a client’s needs, expertise and budget The first speaker bureau in Indonesia that customize the whole stretch of a program: topic, speaker, content, and event management Provide training modules and training delivery Copyright: SEI 3
  4. 4. SEI Services For Clients For Speakers: Design topic for an Provide wider network event/workshop/training Provide assistance in Provide professional promotion and product speakers and/or other packaging related roles (trainers, Provide better facilitators, moderators) administration and time Manage presentation management content Enhanced exclusivity Assist in event management, if required Copyright: SEI 6
  5. 5. Areas of Expertise Economic & Investment Sector & Industry Business Development & Management Sales & Marketing Motivational Politics Keynote Speaker & Panelist Moderator, Host & Entertainer Copyright: SEI 7
  6. 6. Sector & Industry Automobile Legal Construction & Leisure Infrastructure Media Consumer Goods Mining Fashion, Heritage & Fine Oil & Gas Art Property & Real Estate Financial Services Forestry & Paper Sustainability & Climate Change Health Care Labour & Human Technology Resources Telecommunications Copyright: SEI 8
  7. 7. SEI Speakers 60 Speakers & Panelists 20 Trainers & Facilitators 20 Moderators & MC’s Remarks : More professionals are joining SEI on ongoing basis. Most of our Speaker profiles can be viewed on our website, with some prefer to remain off website. Copyright: SEI 10
  8. 8. SEI Solutions Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Create-Your-Own Copyright: SEI 11
  9. 9. SEI Event Packages Bronze Package Silver Package Professional Speaker Bronze Package + Customized Content Professional Moderator Laptop Usage List of Engaging In Focus Usage Questions Flipchart Usage 1 - 2 Mystery Audience Presentation Stationeries 2 Material CDs 2 Printed Materials Copyright: SEI 12
  10. 10. SEI Event Package Gold Package Platinum Package Silver Package + Gold Solution + Professional MC Accommodation Venue Arrangements Transportation Food & Beverages Backdrop / Banner Invitation Cards 2 Guest Books Copyright: SEI 14
  11. 11. Create-Your-Own Package Professional Speaker Customized Content Laptop Usage In Focus Usage Flipchart Usage Presentation Stationeries 2 Material CDs 2 Printed Materials + Your Other Specific Needs Copyright: SEI 16
  12. 12. SEI Clients Banks Insurance Companies Corporates State-owned Enterprises Associations Training Centres Management Consultants Networking Chambers & Clubs Foundations Government Bodies Copyright: SEI 17
  13. 13. Contact Us Jl. Penjernihan I/16 Kompleks Departemen Keuangan Bendungan Hilir Jakarta 10210 - Indonesia +62-21 573 9306 +62-21 573 9307 info@speaker-exchange.com www.speaker-exchange.com