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Say What Q4 2009


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Say What? Speaker Exchange Indonesia Q4 Newsletter

Published in: News & Politics
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Say What Q4 2009

  1. 1. Engage.  Analyze.  Inform.  Inspire   Q4  -­‐  2009     Say  What?   SEI  Quarterly  Newsletter   Top  10  Tips  for  Finding  Right  Speakers   Your  speaker  selection  is  one  of  the  most  important   elements  in  a  successful  meeting.  Selecting  the  right   speaker  for  your  meeting  can  be  a  daunting  task  …   Page  3   Contact   Address   Jl.  Penjernihan  I  /  16  Kompleks   Departemen  Keuangan,   Bendungan  Hilir,  Jakarta  10210     Phone:  +62-­‐21-­‐57  39306   Fax:  +62-­‐21-­‐573  9307   Email:  info@speaker-­‐   Web:  http://www.speaker-­‐   Twitter:  @SpeakerExchange       Wise  men  speak  because  they  have  something  to  say;   Fools  because  they  have  to  say  something   -­‐  Plato  -­‐   Say  What?  The  new  SEI   Quarterly  Newsletter     Welcome   to   Say   What?   The   new   SEI   Quarterly   Newsletter.     The   newsletter   will   feature   information   on   new   and   existing   speakers,   available   training   and   workshops,   event  schedule,  speaking  tips  and  lots  more.   If   you   have   any   tips   or   suggestions,   please   do   not   hesitate  to  email  info@speaker-­‐     Enjoy!   Alexander  Abimanyu  
  2. 2. 2 Engage.  Analyze.  Inform.  Inspire.   Q4    -­‐  2009   Available  Workshop  &  Training   Human  resources  development  is  one  of  the  key  factor  in  order   to   enhance   company   performance,   however,   finding   the   right   program  and  facilitators  sometimes  become  a  complicated  task.   On  that  note,  Speaker  Exchange  Indonesia  can  help  you  provide   the  following  workshop  and  training  for  your  company:   1. Leadership,  Management  and  Team  Work.   2. Communication   skills   such   as   public   speaking,   effective   communication  and  business  communication.   3. Legal   skills   such   as   business   and   franchise   contract   drafting,  labor  &  employment  law.   4. Career   enhancement   programs   such   as   career   coaching,   mastering  workplace  and  change  management.   5. Financial   skills   such   as   practical   finance,   sharia   finance,   fund   management,   pension   and   investment   related   subjects.   6. Specific   skills   such   as   sommelier   training,   fine   art   and   heritage  subjects.   All   of   the   programs   are  tailored  to   your   needs   and   will   be   delivered  by  competent  speakers.   Carlo  Maruhum,     Legal  Expert   Carlo   is   a   legal   expert   with   extensive   experience   in   corporate   matters,   Labor   and   Employment   law,   Franchise   and   Licensing,   Construction,   Consortium,  Joint  Venture  and   Joint   Operation   scheme,   and   Consumer  Protection.     Yohan  Handoyo,     Wine  Expert   Yohan  is  a  wine  expert.  He  is  currently  the  advisor   for   QuadWine,   a   wine   investment   company   in   Singapore.  He  is  also  the  GM  and  Wine  Director  at   Decanter   and   Segarra   Seaside   Escape.   He   has   several  publications  including  ‘Rahasia  Wine’  which   was   the   first   book   on   wine   written   in   Bahasa   Indonesia  and  won  “The  Best  Wine  Education  Book   in   the   World”   as   well   as   freelance   writer   /   contributor  in  several  local  and  international  media   and   online   publication   about   wine   and   food   that   attracts  intensive  traffic.  
  3. 3. 3 Engage.  Analyze.  Inform.  Inspire.   Q4    -­‐  2009   Tips  for  Finding  the  Right   Speaker  for  your  Event   Your  speaker  selection  is  one  of  the  most  important  elements   in  a  successful  meeting.  Selecting  the  right  speaker  for  your   meeting  can  be  a  daunting  task,  as  speakers  are  available  in   every  fee  range  and  specialty  topic.   This  following  is  derived  and  edited  from  article  by  by  National   Speakers  Association.   1. Determine  the  needs  of  your  audience   Thorough  knowledge  of  the  needs  of  your  group   is  essential  in  selecting  the  right  speaker.  Does   your  meeting  require  that  the  audience  leave   with  specific  or  technical  information?  Do  you   need  someone  to  motivate  the  group  to  sell?       2. Establish  your  date,  time  and  budget   Start  looking  for  a  speaker  as  soon  as  the  date  for   your  meeting  is  set.  Consider  how  much  time  you   have  to  fill  and  where  that  time  falls  in  your   overall  program.  Factor  in  the  fee  you  are  willing   or  able  to  pay  for  a  speaker.       3. Identify  the  type  of  speaker  who  will  best  match   the  needs  of  your  audience   A  speaker's  expertise  in  a  given  field  may  be  the   big  draw,  but  a  well-­‐known  name  does  not   guarantee  a  professional  presentation.  High   prices  don't  always  mean  high  quality.       4. Locate  your  resources   Speakers  bureaus  locate  and  book  speakers   according  to  your  specifications  and  needs.  A   bureau  can  locate  speakers  and  quote  fees.       5. Review  your  options  and  interview  your  speaker   candidates   A  professional  speaker  will  be  a  real  partner  in   this  process.  Find  a  speaker  who  will  tailor  his  or   her  presentation  to  your  group.     6. Select  your  speaker   • Hire  a  professional  and  you'll  hire  an  ally     • When  selecting  your  speaker,  consider  that   you  are  not  only  paying  for  the  time  the   speaker  is  on  the  platform  but  also  for  the   hours  spent  researching,  preparing  and   customizing  the  presentation       7. Get  it  in  writing   You  should  have  a  letter  of  agreement  or   contract  that  clearly  outlines  the  expectations  of   both  you  and  your  speaker.       8. Work  with  your  speaker   Share  information  about  your  group  or  company.       9. Set  the  stage   • Make  sure  the  room  is  set  up  for  optimum   impact.     • Stay  on  schedule.     • Your  speaker  should  be  able  to  provide  you   with  a  good  introduction  of  themselves  and   their  topic.  The  introduction  should  be  short,   energizing  and  create  positive  expectations.       10. Evaluate  the  results   Have  your  audience  complete  evaluations  on  the   speaker  and  his/her  presentation.  Send  copies  of   the  evaluations  to  your  speaker.  
  4. 4. 4 Engage.  Analyze.  Inform.  Inspire.   Q4    -­‐  2009   Speaker   bureau   is   a   new   concept   in   Indonesia   but   already   common   in   other   parts   of   the   world.   Speakers   gain   lots   of   benefits  by  listing  themselves  in  speaker  bureaus.   Some  of  the  benefits  are:   1. Access   to   wider   network.   Through   speaker   bureau,   speakers   can   gain   access   to   various   industries   and   societies.   2. Better  administration  and  time  management.  Sometimes,   contract   drafting,   price   negotiation,   briefing   and   scheduling   can   become   very   tiring.   Speaker   bureau   provide  assistance  in  all  of  that  and  minimize  hassles.     3. Enhanced  packaging.  When  time  is  a  constraint,  speaker   bureau  can  assist  the  speaker  in  creating  their  PowerPoint   presentation.     4. Image   booster.   Speakers   will   have   enhanced   exclusivity   and   they   can   maintain   their   value   when   joining   speaker   bureau.     For   more   info   on   how   to   list   in   Speaker   Exchange   Indonesia,   please  email  info@speaker-­‐  or  speak  to  Indrasari   at  +62-­‐21-­‐5739306.   David Meerman Scott David  Meerman  Scott  is  a   marketing  strategist,  keynote   speaker,  seminar  leader,  and  the   author  of  the  award-­‐winning   Business  Week  best-­‐selling  book   The  New  Rules  of  Marketing   and  PR:  How  to  use  news   releases,  blogs,  viral  marketing   and  online  media  to  reach   buyers  directly,  which  is  being   published  in  24  languages  (soon   in  Indonesian)  and  the  new  hit   book  World  Wide  Rave:  Creating   Triggers  that  Get  Millions  of   People  to  Spread  Your  Ideas   and  Share  Your  Stories.  He  is  a   recovering  VP  of  marketing  for   two  publicly  traded  technology   companies  and  was  also  Asia   marketing  director  for  Knight-­‐ Ridder,  at  the  time  one  of  the   worlds  largest  newspaper  and   electronic  information   companies.  David  has  lived  and   worked  in  New  York,  Tokyo,   Boston,  and  Hong  Kong  and  has   presented  at  industry   conferences  and  events  in  over   forty  countries.     Why  use  speaker  bureau?   A  speaker  perspective