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The princes and_the_ring


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Published in: Education
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The princes and_the_ring

  1. 1. The Princes and The Ring by:Alexa Once in a far,far,far away desert in Arizona lied a castle. Now this wasn't any ordinary castle it was the secret castle of Arizona. Know one cared about royalty or anything like that anymore. But this is a story about two families that are both about royalty and meet unexpectedly. It all starts when Asia's parents/king & queen tell her to go get some fruit from the farmers market because they had no maids or butlers anymore (because it was now 2008 a long time from the olden days). So Asia was on here way. She wore regular clothes so she wouldn't stand out from the others when she arrived. She was halfway to her destination when she saw this strange man leaning on a rock staring at her with gloomy eyes. So with her being raised to be nice to people and all she went over to him to see what was the matter with him. The strange man said,"I have to do a good deed before I die its in our religion". Asia was about to cry from the grief,"well sir what are you going to do"?
  2. 2. Well I have and endless bag of fairy dust that can make lots of wishes",said the strange old man. Asia was about to laugh when suddenly thought that,if it worked, she would charm somebody or wish for something that she really wanted to come true. Asia hesitated but said,"Why....why don't you give it to me I'm the only person that comes down this road". "Yes please do I think I'm going soon just let me be",the strange old man said. He gave her the bag and she was of with one last thank you. Asia forgot about the fruit when she got home and said that there was a sand storm so she had to run back home. "Oh it's alright honey but don't be so rude we have guest. There was a prince and king and a queen from Florida just like there's but instead they had a prince. "Honey may you go get there rooms ready for them please they have no where else to go so i offered a night here for them".the queen said. "Sure",he answered.
  3. 3. The moon was now up. Asia was playing games with the new family. It struck 10:00 p.m. and the families bed was all ready. The prince went in his room and there were 100 mattresses stack but he was to tired to notice and just climbed the ladder that was beside them. Asia took the fairy dust & wished for a nine carrot ring to appear in her hands. The man was right it worked!!!! So Asia snuck in and climbed up the ladder right after he got in bed and put it under the 2nd mattress. The ring is to see if they are right for each other.(she read this fact in a book..'if u put a ring under the 2 mattress of 100 and the person you like can feel it you are right for each other). So Asia did just that and went to bed. The next morning Asia asked if he slept good He answered no and they tried to figure why he didn't. 1 month later they really got to no each other and got married. Asia told him what happened when he slept over and they lives happily ever after.