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Evaluation for media


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Evaluation for media

  1. 1. How did you usemedia technologiesin the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. QUESTION 4 PART 1
  3. 3. YOUTUBE RESEARCH AND PLANNING I used YouTube to research existing professional media products such as documentaries which helped me decide what kind of techniques i would like to take from a variation of documentaries. Making my documentary clear and structured in the right form but i was also able to challenge conventions which made my documentary more interesting It was also helpful to watch old A2 students products to compare with my own ideas.
  4. 4. BLOGGER RESEARCH AND PLANNING During the course of my research and planning stages I used a blogger to display my ideas and development of work. The easy access to the blog allowed me to constantly update myself and refer to my research as I was producing my film and ancillary tasks. Also the blog allowed me to prepare posts that included images, sketches and text which made my work more detailed and obvious to what I was trying to achieve. It also helped me to have a clear structure of what I needed to do next to improve my grade(allowing me to have targets)
  5. 5. RESEARCH AND PLANNING MICROSOFT OFFICE I used PowerPoint to present my ideas to the class and allow to see my storyboard and written notes. I was able to get audience feedback from this and better my work I also used Microsoft excel for my documentary when doing statistics in bar charts and i was also able to use and make graphs when i was making surveys for my targeted audience
  6. 6. TRIPOD PRODUCTION Using my skills from last year, I was able to also use a tripod to steady filming; however this year I became more confident with the movement of the tripod and experimented during filming with panning and titling shots. It also helped with steady the shot so the mise-en-scene was framed perfectly within the screen and kept the filming line straight. The tripod also helped make the shots I took steady and was easier to use and so more effective CAMERA/CAMCORDER We used a Samsung camcorder to take pictures for our ancillary tasks……
  7. 7. SOUND PRODUCTIONCONVERTER/RECORDER I used a sound converter and recorder. For my editing, I needed a consistent sound of nature as the first minute of the video without sound began. Therefore I used garage band do record voiceovers for my documentary as the voiceover seemed more professional and clear for the public to hear. Garage band also helped with the levels of the sound as in our first draft the sound was very high and low but garage band sorted it out!
  8. 8. Imovie EDITING I used a more advanced Imovie software than I did last year. It was much more efficient as the editing was easier and I didn’t have to worry about putting music under voiceovers as the software automatically fixes the fade in and fade outs. This was something which I had to do myself last year. The quality of the images was also very clear and so I was able to gain better marks for images and video quality. I was also able to use more effects such as animations and there was more choice of title and captions which I used when interviewing experts in my documentary.
  9. 9. EDITING MACROMEDIA FIREWORKS Fireworks, a software which I am familiar with, allowed me to piece together different photos that I used for my documentary and ancillary task
  10. 10. Web 2.0
  11. 11. WikipediaI used Wikipedia for various reasons one mainreason being for research into channel 4 andwhat kind of shows they put on.I also found out more about the watershedhours on Wikipedia which helped me choosethe time I would have my documentary andwhat reason it was for.Wikipedia also helped me identify conventionsof documentaries and forms that are usuallyapparent in documentaries such as using aspresenter which as incorporated in mydocumentary
  12. 12. Research pages In order to write my script I had to be able to have an understanding of the topic I chose to cover in 5 minutes Therefore I used a lot of Google sites to find out more about ideologies and clips of media platforms representing young people negatively I also used Google pages for an idea on how to construct a script which was very helpful when doing the voiceovers as it followed the storyboard structure
  13. 13. YouTube converter to mp4 I used YouTube video converted i=to insert archival footage which i needed for my documentary.
  14. 14. How did you attract your target audience To attract my audience I used a variety of methods. These were questionnaires for my targeted audience random sampling placing my film online( facebook) and asking what people thought of it
  15. 15. Questionnaire Questions In my questionnaire I had the following questions:What age rating would you givemy film?Good points?Bad points?Was it easy to follow?Would you buy it?Would you tell a friend?Over all rating out of 10?
  16. 16. FeedbackThrough my results I got feed back from bothpeople that I went to school with as well as goto sixth form with now, and also the peoplethat I work with. And also a general public.What some said: •The presenter is really good.•Great music, it really intrigues me •I like that you had some youths•Framing and shots are good voice input init•Transitions need to be better apart •Your topic is interestingfrom that I will definitely watch this and current I want to seedocumentary more!
  17. 17. What we did to improve•We made the transitions slower and not cut outinterview voices•The quality of images was poor so we took betterpictures and considered lighting and editing thepictures.•We kept the music as everyone said it wasappropriate for the documentary.•The presenter was consistent throughout as peopleseemed to like the personality of the presenter.•We included more establishing shots in the secondtwo minutes as public thought they couldnt breatheand take everything prior in.
  18. 18. Who is our audience for our media product?Our topic is on the representation of youths in the media.Therefore our preferred target audience would be young people, parents and thegeneral public because they are usually influenced by the media and so ourdocumentary will educate them as some may have a positive view of youths.Young people- teenagers, college students, young workers, unemployed youths ofall social classParents- all social class as they all generalise young peoples behaviour in oursociety.The media- news, film producers ect as it raises issues- they should learn to showfacts from this documentary instead of ruining the image of young peopleAnd all other public
  19. 19. OFCOM and Target AudienceBecause we have to meet OFCOM standards when doing anyshow or production on TV I had to consider the age of myaudience, this is because of the watershed hours.Most of my audience would be between the age of 14- 25 ,25+Because of this my documentary could not include too muchgraphic and inappropriate images as some 14 year olds willbe following and watching.(this also influenced what should go in our documentary)
  20. 20. What channel it will go on and why?•I decided to put our documentary on channel 4 because:•It is a popular channel and so we will easily target our audience•The documentaries that go on channel 4 are usually about serious issuesand I feel that my production is serious.•They also have a range of different documentary genres from history tomusic and for all ages. Therefore we wont be limited on what we show•Most of our young audience watch channel 4 series such as embarrassingbodies- when we asked the public what channel would be better they allsaid channel 4 because they’re usually on it.
  21. 21. What time will it show and why?Most of channel 4 documentaries start at around 7 and 8pm and9pm and later if there will be inappropriate footage. (watershed)Because our documentary wont have any inappropriate footageand images I decided that the time should be 8pm becauseembarrassing bodies usually goes on after and so our youngeraudience and parents would be more likely be in tune.8pm is also the time when most people come back from work andrelax therefore it an efficient time to have a documentary.