Draft 3 part 2


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Draft 3 part 2

  1. 1. Conventions Use/develop/challenge Description How we’re using it in our documentaryVoiceover Use Used when We will use this montage or when showing images are on statistics screen in order to explainPublic Use Ask public We will use wheninvolvement questions asking about relating topic stereotypes of youths and this will create a debatePresenter Challenge Usually formal We will have a and of middle young presenter age, used to dressed informally lead topic in order for her to relate to our topicFacts and Develop Used to back up We will have barstatistics what your charts and pie saying. Its very charts that move important in a in order for it to documentary look interesting for
  2. 2. sounds our docum order to em meaning a emotions Also for entertainm purposes Non diage for when w location in create rea buses, peoTalking heads Use Used when We will use interviewing people document such as experts and speaking to public experts and we got this Michael Ja (plastic sur channel 4 document
  3. 3. • Basic• No topic• Not clear on what is going where
  4. 4. Introduction •Put images Presenter talking about After of statistics facts whilst showing up breakPresenter will introduce of how on screen What willtalking the show and title – negative happenechannel 4 you are now view on Talking about how d afterwatching…… youths in youths are portrayed break this modern through music vids andWhen that is done we’ll have society news/t.va instrumental playing low in Fastthe background whilst •Voice over Example of videos and forwardpresenter is talking whilst this is shots happening Then slow Interview people to see down with •We will what they think and if youthsWe will Show what is going to have case they agree that this is sayinghappened in this episode studies on how youths really are youth portrayal Challenge the view that were notHave music playing in the youths are rebellious as bad asbackground whilst forward of •Begin our you thinkthe 5mins is being showed own Have voice over of experiment presenter talking whilst with having shots of positive things a youth that youths do come up with hoodie
  5. 5. • Too detailed• We need to consider time• Consider the topic- representation through media• Crammed on one slide- separate• We only need the blue part
  6. 6. Example fromone part
  7. 7. DRAFT 3• Again too detailed• We don‟t need yellow part twice• We confused the colours up• Only needed to do blue
  8. 8. Previous TITLE:episode: - Statistics/‘How Voiceover:‘’ Representations of Youths’’ Reportsyouths Talking about: - ( stats onare - GTA4- How youths are seen negatively- style of first draft)represent clothing - Wwe- sistered - Grime Videos- violence, sex, drugs killed bythrough - Rock Video’s- Marliyn Manson- rebellious attitudes brotherpoverty - Boy getsand disease ofwealth’ - Interviews playing too - Going to the shop GAME, speak to worker: much.Fast clips - How many youths buy games?of music - Whats the most popular game?videos; - Sell rates of GTA4?jessie j,rhianna - VOICEOVER’’ VERY CLEAR YOUTHS ARE Blue:50 cent INFLUNCED….’’Archivalfootage MUSIC VIDEOSof liveconcertsN-DUBZ(crowdreaction)
  9. 9. We will show the different portrayal of wealthy youths What will happen-IMAGES OF CELEBS- Paris Hilton, Kelly Osborne, Mary Kate Olsen and in nextvoice over of how they are drug users and its easier for them to episodeaccess drugs due to the fact that they have the money, they knowthe people whereas lower class adolescents dont have connection Musicto the strongest dugs like cocaine videos and(PRESENTER TALKING ABOUT THESE POINTS) games--They turn to dugs( Paris Hilton) as they have easy access to it. how- closed minded youths-Don’t know much about life whereas lower class s appreciate life aremore represen- ‘ rich commit crimes but less likely to get a lot of time in jail to how tedthey have financial support from parents. through that-End with how the media portrays youths very generally as there arecons and pros to being wealthy and being of lower class.
  10. 10. TV NEWS NEWSPAPER ARTICLES SOCIAL SITESWe will look into the Representation that •Web2.0 is a tool forrebellious ways of youths are like savage destructionteenagers shows through like.the riots •Bbm used for communication to cause troubleHow youths are hard to Criminals that need to be Youths are not serious-handle( fighting police) watched over or find riots funny( punished facebook)They dont think before They dont know how to They like to publiciseacting( burning down a drink responsibly violence throughpub) YouTubeViolence that is All youths are involved in YouTube vids like:portrayed on the news consuming of drugsduring the riots through •Stealing from shopsimagery chosen •Damaging stores •Threatening people
  11. 11. Video games NewsThe view that youths play games Youths are very revengeful: kill becauseall day they lost a game playThey only enjoy crime related They are easily influenced – they copygames moves on WWE- deathWe will show that generalising is Youths have nothing going for them- theywrong by: only hang around areas doing nothing andShowing youths that like to play causing trouble(hoodrats)other games Stereotype that lower class youths of ethnicShow that some youths have other minority- black are usually the cause ofaspects to their lifes apart from problems in London.playing gamesAlso contrast by saying that its a Contrast by showing that some youths arepositve thing that youths turn to not violent and do things other than beinggames in their free time because on roadthat way they will be out of trouble -Private music lessons -Join school plays
  12. 12. MUSIC VIDEOS- GRIME Video gamesYouths usually semm Intimidating Neekothrough body language which looks -Baggy jeansauthoritative. -Trousers under bumClothes -Lower class area-Hoodies View that youths who play these- jeans below bum games are usually associated with-Limping violence. And when someone sees a-Screwed face youth dressed like this they wouldUsually have drink and alcohol in hand automatically fear them or police would stop and searchCHOIR MUSIC( bbc youth choir ContrastUsually dress in: Upper class white youths are also play-Suites these games and some are as violent-Formal clothes -The difference being most of them know the difference between realityTherefore they seem more and hyper realityapproaching and respectable -So they wouldn‟t go killing someone
  13. 13. Tv shows/films Music video(grime and hip hop)Male youths are represented to be the Males have more access to drugsmore authoritative gender as theyusually sell drugs in movies(kidluthood) They binge drinkFemales are „loose‟ usually have no Females are more conservative withmorals when they go out- having sex in drinkingtoilets( tool academy) Challenge by saying that females do binge drinkFemale youths are represented to be Criminals that need to be watchedvulnerable as all they are used for over or punishedpleasure- they seduce the males (topboy)Male youths: They dont know how to drink-Have power responsibly-Usually commit crimesFemale youths All youths are involved in consuming of
  14. 14. films NEWSBlack youths are usually associated Black youths are more likely to go jail bwith drugs more than whiteWhite females that live in bad areas Black youths are usually youths showedusually become drug addicts (top boy) to go jail for illegal activitiesBlack ethnicty youths(male) are Youths are mostly the ones that Drinkportrayed to go into drugs because of driving and get into accidentstroubled childhood or financial standof parentsChavy white youths are portrayed to Black youths are disruptive.be youths that binge drink everydayand use foul and violent language.(fish tank)
  15. 15. TV SHOWS NEWSUnderage youths usually drink more Youths are rebellious as they think lawsthan legal age adults don‟t apply to themUnderage youths are mostly drug They think they have more power overconsumers. governmentMale youths usually breach laws of They are stubborngovernmentYouths turn to damaging peoples party We will show statistics of how manyand call this having „fun youths are arrested per year because of drug and under age drinkingYouths dont like to be told what to do TV shows we will look atso they do what they like instead -Geordie shore -world strictest parents
  16. 16. Last episode-wealth and poverty YELLOW-20 Seconds Channel 4 advert –voice over explaining what is coming on “Previously on..” -WEALTH AND POVERTY Fast clips of different location as it relates to the topic we are exploring Location: Peckham Chelsea Comparing all locations Upper/middle/working class areasInterviews by someyouths form middle class areas : "I will never step foot in Peckham “Peckham, never been therebefore”Interviews by someYouths from working class areas: “stuck up middle class areas” “theyre too different from us”
  17. 17. RED-1 minute-Introducing what the Episode will show to the audience-Sexuality Alcohol and drugs-Subtopic 3: laws- alcohol and drugs in specificMontage-Fast clips of this episode-Underage youths drinking in the park-Drugs and alcohol on table Overview of what will-Statistics of how many youths drink and be shownHow many youths getting into jail forpossession of drugs-Interview of public saying whether her childDrinks and what age her child is-clips of news-(riots)Title then appears (Picture of London while title appears on front to picture)
  18. 18. GREEN-2 minutePresenter“So do you think youths conform to media serotypes of rebellingagainst government?...”Location presenter will be: Acton-in front of council estateVoiceover of:“Statistics show…”( these statistics will come up on screen and we will make the graphs move)about underage alcohol/drug consumers-how many youths a week get arrested for drink driving-Average age for drink driving-News reporter-Frankie cocozza bad youth representation ( TV SHOW- Xfactor)-underage influenceThe presenter will talk about statistics above as they come up on the screen.Presenter at estate in Acton :Its clear that youths do conform to some of these statistics but should this bethe reason to why they are represented so badly in the media?
  19. 19. Presenter BLUE-2minute“In the news there are several negative representations lets see if the public agrees” location: oxford street (busy)TRANSITION WILL BE FADE OUT AFTER QUESTIONSInterviewPeople will then agree or disagree with thepresenters statementPublic After audience-People of the street response (Location-Elephant and Castle-market/bowling) Presenter will summariseExperts What the public have saidMiss Rayner „„from these responses(Sociologist-have both positive/negative views) We can see why....‟‟(office in school)Miss Vaz(Mentor-showing positive aspects)(Location: mentoring room)Police officer(mentioning negative aspects)(Location: streets)Parents(Location: outside school gates after school)
  20. 20. Victim of stereotypes( this will come up on screen)-Youths- LocationHarlesden outside sams)Presenter- “do you drink?” “what do you think of the representation that is put on you bythe media?Presenter -will respond to youths commentPresenter“Its true. There are negative representations in the media that showrebellious alcoholic youths. but we shouldn‟t just focus on the negative,we need to remember the positive too”HarlesdenBackground music-low volumePositive clips:Opening resultsGraduatingHelping out community- fair trade stall, singing for charityGroup of young people saying inside a library- Harlesden:“were not what you think we are!” and youths will say shhhh!
  21. 21. CREDITS COME UPAlexaHabenKayleighChannel 4documentariesproduction