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Draft 2 part 2 c


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Draft 2 part 2 c

  1. 1. purple Blue Music(videos) Still shots from videos
  2. 2. purple Blue Graphic images Group, intimidating, hoodies, dark clothing, atmosphere Surrounded by alcohol Gang signs- involved in crime, reason to hiding identity(wearing glasses, hoodies
  3. 3. Blue purple Night life, representing gang group-bloods, anti social behaviour Typical youth clothing Illegal Drugs such as weed
  4. 4. Red1. Over 50% rioters are black, below 30% are white;2. Black people are over 10 times more likely to participate in riotsthan whites;3. High unemployment in London = riots?4. Black areas = riots?5. Low social class = riots, low training !=riots6. Black areas = high unemployment;7. High unemployment + black areas = riots8. High unemployment + non-black areas = no riots;9. Average or low unemployment + black areas (rare) = riots, but fewer
  5. 5. RedLondon RiotsNot just youths apart of the crime, but actuallywhite upperclass older generation also.
  6. 6. Red
  7. 7. BLUEEvery young person has been the victim of unfair judgment by others. Many claimthat it is the media to blame and the way it portrays young peopleSome misconceptions about young How can media stereotypes bepeople challenged?• Young people take drugs reduce the amount of attention given to negative, controversial• Young people steal issues concerning young people and increasing the focus given to the• Young people are rude and achievement of young people and inarticulate their positive contribution to the community.• Young people don’t contribute to the community• Young people are lazy