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Microteaching ilene dawn 2


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Delivered via email to students within the "Preparing for Class 2" email that would set out 4 readings (each student reading only one in preparation for a jigsaw activity) and 3 videos to review for the coming week. A final slide would be added for the particular class to link to the week's Active Reading Assignment (sometimes reflective responding, sometimes application responding, sometimes both).

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Microteaching ilene dawn 2

  1. 1. Common QuestionWhy Not Lecture?Our QuestionWhy Not Pedagogy?
  2. 2. Passive STUDENTScapable of learningcapable of learning with otherscapable of learning via multiple (re)sourcescapable of resilient creativityAgentic LEARNERS
  3. 3. ToLearnToUnlearnToRelearn• Existing Frames• Cognitive• Emotional• Disrupting• New Frames• Social• Intellectual• Disorienting• Re-Framing• Collaborative• Cultural• Reorienting
  4. 4. Situational ContextATMOSPHERE1st Level - Learning and Learners2nd Level - Institutions, Disciplines, Cultures, Communities, ClassroomsAIMS - Intended Learning &Development OutcomesACTIVITIES - Teaching &LearningASSESSMENT - Feedback,Tasks &Tests
  6. 6. Assidēresit near – sit by – sit in council – sit besidewatch over – assist as counsellorbe present in court as supporter
  7. 7. Dinner?So…Whatpage?I failedthe test!I get it!
  8. 8. GatherDataReflectCreateTest
  9. 9. Pedagogy Considers RolesFocal pointSource ofknowledge"things-to-be-covered” enroute to testINSTRUCTORCONTENTFacilitatorThings touncover &discover whiledevelopingskills
  10. 10. Pedagogy Considers ActionsPassiveCollectorCollection ofIndividualsLEARNERCOMMUNITYActiveDiscovererInterdependentwith PeersCo-creators