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Creating Accessible Presentation Slides


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Creating Accessible Presentation Slides

  1. 1. Cartoon image. In a cave, the devil sits behi desk and speaks to a demon sitting in a chai says…”I need someone well versed in the ar do you know PowerPoint?”ATES Presentation Slides Tim Kamenar Slides to Convey: • Essential Information • Provoke Learning • Spark Interaction/Discussion
  3. 3. What’s Essential? Visual Clutterm the publishers text that contains varioustructure of certain medications. There are s essential information related to the e identified as visual clutter and thes circled in red.
  4. 4. he Vincristine molecule. There are no others image is enlarged to fill the slide, however it is still uction of the molecule is not readable by a screen
  5. 5. CH2OH OH N CH2CH3 N H N CH3O C H O CH2CH3 CH3O N OCOCH3 Vincristine HO C OCH3 H C O O
  7. 7. the relationship between marketing strategy, d market share of a tobacco company’s effort to nese market. The image contains three columns market share). Each column highlights changes incy and in column 3 the market share bar chartspired as a result. The image itself is grainy and ich limited clarity.
  8. 8. cess for school aged children: The imageustrates the process and bullet points that list in the process. edical providers listed at the top of the chart, r takes during a different part of the school o serves Year 9 students receives notice of
  9. 9. Set School Nurse Roles throughout the Health Transition Process Year 9 Red/Amber. The columns are labeled: Year 9 students identified, Red/Amber guide Year 9Review held. There is a horizontal double ended arrow going across all studentscontinuous process. Guide Education identified completed Review held ins a picture of smiling children. The Red/Amber column shows a picture of 9 Review, shows a picture of several teachers presenting information.
  11. 11. Non-Computer Data Use Worldwide
  12. 12. Mobile Phone = Mobile LearningOne Bright side to the BlackBerry outage: discovering hidden features
  13. 13. QUESTIONS?