Honeymoon Destinations in India: Rajasthan


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Rajasthan is among the top honeymoon destinations in India. Besides Indian newlywed couples, Rajasthan is the centre of attraction for foreigners as well. Nowadays many couples across the world pick up Indian honeymoon destinations to explore the majestic beauty of the country.

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Honeymoon Destinations in India: Rajasthan

  1. 1. Honeymoon Destinations in India: RajasthanRajasthan is the desert region of India. This place is located in the North-western side ofcontinent. It is the largest state in India surrounded by the ancient residual hillsAravalis. Along with geographical magnificence, Rajasthan is also historically enrichedand well-known for numerous castles and palaces. Therefore, since decades, Rajasthanis among the top honeymoon destinations in the Indian map.Newly married couples often choose attractive and serene for honeymoondestinations. Rajasthan offers honeymooners with grandeur, serenity, natural beautyand safari as well. This Indian honeymoon destination is not only a center of attractionfor the honeymooners, but many tourists flock in Rajasthan during winters.
  2. 2. Chief attractions of Rajasthan can be segregated into different sections. It is because;this beautiful Indian state is enriched with- natural beauty, history, excellent geography,tradition and royalty. The nature lover honeymooners add Bharatpur Bird sanctuary,Sambhar, Rathambhor and destinations alike in their list. Mount Abu is the only hillstation in Rajasthan that attracts the honeymooners. The journey while sight seeing isanother great experience that the couples have while touring across Rajasthan.The literal meaning of Rajasthan is “Land of Kings”. Indeed there was a time when thisplace was called ‘Rajputana’ and was ruled by the ‘Rajputs’. There is rich tradition of theRajputs that till date Rajasthan inherits. From their food, cloths, culture, customs tobehavior, the tradition reflects. The honeymooners experience this rich heritage andculture during their tour in Rajasthan.This honeymoon destination of India attracts couples to visit different forts, castles andpalaces that comprise history in each and every stones. The forts of Jaipur, Jodhpur,Jaisalmer, and Bikaner are world famous for their magnificence. The colossal entrancesand the rich architecture attract foreign visitors.Food and Culture of Rajasthan:After a tiring day of sight-seeing the honeymooners can have a good dinner intraditional Rajasthani style. Thali is an important style of Rajasthani cuisine. This isserved with various types of Marwari food preparations like- Paratha, rice, Kari dal,vegetables, sweet meats and many more. Though, Indian gourmets are spicy and rich forthe western honeymooners, but people love to taste these foods and experience the truetaste of India.Shopping can be a great time out in Rajasthan. The embroidered cloths of Rajasthanistyle, the traditional Rajasthan dolls, metallic and stone handicrafts are some of the bestcollectables from this Indian state.After dinner and shopping, the honeymooners can experience the folk music and danceof Rajasthan which are performed by local artists in archaic manner. Rajasthan musicand dance signifies the vibrant colors and culture of Hindusthani tradition. Therefore,Rajasthan can obviously be considered as one of the best Indian honeymoondestinations.At ‘http://www.travour.com/honeymoon-destinations/asia/india/’ couplescan get good ideas of great Indian honeymoon destinations.