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Do you know the best wedding destinations around the world


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Among millions of beautiful locations around the world, only few places gained recognition as wedding destinations. These places not only provide outstanding natural beauty but also offer world class accommodations for a pleasant stay.

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Do you know the best wedding destinations around the world

  1. 1. Do You Know The Best Wedding Destinations Around The World?Among millions of beautiful locations around theworld, only few places gained recognition as weddingdestinations. These places not only provide outstandingnatural beauty but also offer world class accommodationsfor a pleasant stay.
  2. 2. Wedding DestinationsAlong with exotic sceneries, wedding destinations offersublime pleasantries of quality service and accommodations.These places also have proper arrangement process for thedream wedding you have been looking for.
  3. 3. Wedding Destinations in BelizeWedding destinations in Belize are unique because of the eco-adventurousbut luxurious environment it presents. The diversity of its environment andmodern accommodations makes it a beautiful place for wedding. TurneffeIsland Resort, Sun Breeze Suites, Grand Colony Island Villas, etc. are fewplaces where wedding would feel like a dream indeed.
  4. 4. Wedding Destinations in CanadaThe best wedding destinations in Canada includes places like Victoria,Vancouver Island, British Columbia etc. These places are surrounded withbeautiful lakes and Magnificent Mountains which incites passion of lovebetween the marrying couple. Abigail’s Hotel, Fairmont Empress Hotel, SwansSuite Hotel are few of the resorts in Canada which provides weddingarrangements.
  5. 5. Weddings Destinations in FijiWeddings destinations in Fiji are frequently appreciated names in thewedding magazines. Exotic beaches, beautiful sunset and ethnicculture separates Fiji from all other wedding locations around theworld. Crusoes Retreat, Yasawa, Outrigger Reef are few of the mostpopular resorts in Fiji.
  6. 6. Wedding Destinations in IndiaIndia has always been the centre of attraction forwedding planers. Wedding destinations in Indiaradiate a sensual feeling that pleases the couplesand travellers. Locations likeGoa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Kerala arerecognised as the most authentic place to bindthe knot of marriage.
  7. 7. Weddings Destinations in IrelandWedding destinations in Ireland offerbeautiful hotels, historic castles andextravagant country houses as weddingplatform. Counties like Cork, Meath, Dublin,and Kerry are popular for their great weddingarrangements and planning.
  8. 8. Wedding at Niagara Falls is the dream that every couple cherishes.So, why wait? Popular bridal chapels like Falls Romance Weddings,Hillcrest Inn Weddings, Hanover House Weddings are providinggrand wedding arrangements for you.
  9. 9. W ed di ng s De sti na ti on si ns Pu er to RiWedding destinations in Puerto Rico are filled with wonders and delights coof Caribbean islands. Spending time with your better half in distractionslike shopping, sports, sightseeing, gambling makes the wedding moreenjoyable. El San Juan Hotel & Casino, The Ritz-Carlton, and San JuanHotel are the few of Puerto Rico’s best lodging resorts.
  10. 10. WeddingDestinationsinSouthAfrica Wedding destinations in South Africa are the perfect place to hear you and your partner’s wedding vows echoing through the air. The sun, fresh air, beautiful sceneries, and luxurious hotels vouch for the best experience in wedding. Eastern Cape, Garden Route, Limpopo Province, and Mpumalanga are the most beautiful wedding venues in South Africa.
  11. 11. Weddings Destinations in New ZealandWedding destinations in New Zealand offers the scenery of magnificentmountain ranges, comfortable weather, and crystal clear lakes thatattracts couples and travellers. Arthurs Pass, Queenstown, and Canterburyare recognised as the best wedding destination in New Zealand.
  12. 12. Wedding Destinations in CaribbeanWedding destinations in Caribbean islands offer the bestplace for a tropical wedding. There are more than 40Islands filled with pleasantries that every soon to bemarried couple looks up to. The Bahamas, Cayman Islands,and Barbados are the best set of choices for couples.
  13. 13. Wedding destinations in Europe has always been the locations ofsublime warmth and beauty. Hotels in Europe are established in thecentre of the ‘fun zone’ and are surrounded by architectural attractionsand natural beauty which makes the wedding experience moreintriguing.
  14. 14. Wedding Destinations in United StatesWedding destinations in United States have anextravagant appearance that is attached to theirculture and social life. Wedding venues in UnitedStates welcomes soon to be married couples withpleasant surprises and open arms.
  15. 15. There are many locations that are recognised as beautiful tourist spots.However, a wedding destination must have a certain kind of charm thatcan bestow happiness and pleasant memories to the wedding couple’sheart. To you Know more About Weddings Destinations, please visit ourwebsite –