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  1. 1. Meet my cute ROBOT friend…Jones…But he is not a normal one…ETHICAL ISSUESin Advanced Artificial IntelligencePresented by Alakesh Dhibar SUPER-
  2. 2. First answer the question...What do you see?
  3. 3. everybody knows the old stuff…A robot is an electro-mechanical device that can Yah…thisperform autonomous or is me !!!pre-programmed tasks. Arobot may act under thedirect control of a humanor autonomously under thecontrol of a programmedcomputer. Wikipedia
  4. 4. Lets starts our story… Super-intelligence…A super-intelligence is any intellect that is vastly outperforms thebest human brains in practically every field, including scientificcreativity, general wisdom, and social skills.Such super-intelligence would not be just another technologicaldevelopment, it would be the most important invention ever made.This would lead to explosive progressin all scientific and technological fieldswith superhuman efficiency.
  5. 5. Invention Time of Super-intelligenceWithin a few decades as a result of growing hardware performanceand increased ability to implement algorithms and architecturessimilar to those used by human brains.According to some hypothesis super-intelligence will be createdwithin the lifespan of some people alive today.
  6. 6. Deep Blue…Deep Blue was a chess-playing computer developed by IBM on May11, 1997.It is not a super-intelligence, since it is only smart within one narrowdomain (chess).Although they can perform anumber of intellectual feats ofwhich no individual human iscapable, they are not sufficientlyintegrated to count as “intellects”,and there are many fields in whichthey perform much worse thansingle humans.
  7. 7. SUPERINTELLIGENCE is DIFFERENTSuper-intelligence is not just another technology, anothertool that will add incrementally to human capabilities.Super-intelligence is radically different. Yippy...I am different !!!
  8. 8. unusual aspects…Super-intelligence may be the last invention humans ever needto make:One immediate consequence of this fact is that:Technological progress in all other fields will be accelerated by thearrival of advanced artificial intelligence.Applications:• Very powerful computers• Advanced weaponry, probably capable of safely disarming anuclear power• Space travel and von Neumann probes (self-reproducinginterstellar probes)
  9. 9. unusual aspects…continues• Elimination of aging and disease• Fine-grained control of human mood, emotion, and motivation• Uploading (neural or sub-neural scanning of a particular brainand implementation of the same algorithmic structures on acomputer in a way that perseveres memory and personality)• Reanimation of cryonics patients• Fully realistic virtual reality
  10. 10. unusual aspects…continuesSuper-intelligence will lead to more advanced super-intelligenceArtificial minds can be easily copied:Since artificial intelligences are software, they can easily andquickly be copied, so long as there is hardware available to storethem. The same holds for human uploads.Emergence of super-intelligence may be sudden:Singularity HypothesisArtificial intellects are potentially autonomous agents
  11. 11. unusual aspects…continuesArtificial intellects need not have humanlike motivesArtificial intellects may not have humanlike psyches
  12. 12. SUPERINTELLIGENT MORAL THINKINGA super-intelligence can do an ethic better thanhuman thinkers.More accurately answered by a super-intelligence with reasoning and weighting up ofevidence.Evaluation of an outcome is easier, would notalways be necessary to give a detailed, explicitdefinition of the goal.
  13. 13. IMPORTANCE OF INITIAL MOTIVATIONSThe setting up of initial conditions i.e. the selection of a top-levelgoal is the most important. Our entire future may hinge on howwe solve these problems. I want to beIts top goal should be friendliness for human yourand many nonhuman creatures. “TRUE FRIEND” A VERY LONG AND VERY GOOD LIFESo…build the super-intelligence with adefinite, declarative goal-structure and anexplicit motivational architecture.
  14. 14. SHOULD DEVELOPMENT BE DELAYED OR ACCELERATED?We need to be careful about what we wish for from a super-intelligence,because we might get it.Elimination of disease, poverty, environmental destruction,unnecessary suffering of all kinds - INDEFINITELIFESPANWe have to minimize the risks with great care, as soon as possible Has the capability to bring about HUMAN EXTINCTION in the competition with more intelligent machines.
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