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Social Media, A Brief Introduction

Opening remarks delivered at the high-tech panel of the CCEF Annual Symposium of the Americas, May 7th, 2010

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Social Media, A Brief Introduction

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA Introductory Concepts Alex de Carvalho
  2. 2. Alex de Carvalho @alexdc
  3. 3. I’m just a social media user ... and not a guru, expert, or swami*! (*The only Suomi in me is from my Finnish heritage)
  4. 4. Social media is ... the greatest thing since sliced bread? the latest shiny object? or just business as usual?
  5. 5. Think of advertising in general
  6. 6. Interruption marketing
  7. 7. How advertisers see us
  8. 8. Most of advertising is really not that different from ...
  9. 9. ... unsolicited commercial messages
  10. 10. advertisers might as well talk to the hand
  11. 11. from Traditional Media ... ... to Social Media Institutional Mediation Distributed Mediation • Editing Process • Self-editing • Publishing Process • Updating, Sharing, Participating • Time and Space Constraints • No Deadlines or Space Limitations • Professionals with Degrees • Amateurs with Time Broadcasting Engaging Communities TV Social Networks Podcasts Print My Blog Radio Forums Wikis Individual Consumption Social Consumption
  12. 12. m i l l i o n s w o rl d w i d e s h a re bran d a n d p ro d u c t e x p e ri e n c e s 236 million visitors annually 400 million registered users 200 million active users 100 million users /day 170 countries/territories 700 million photos /month 8 billion Tweets to date Over 3 million Tweets/day Over 70M total videos   684M visitors in 2009 Over 100M videos viewed per day 75,000 active contributors 112M views on most viewed video 2,6M articles in English 10M articles / 260 languages
  13. 13. Tools Activities social media Interaction
  14. 14. markets are conversations
  15. 15. Jeep’s website
  16. 16. links to social networks on Jeep’s website
  17. 17. active community of Jeep aficionados on Flickr jeepexperience/
  18. 18. Social media is present in your marketing mix whether you like it or not
  19. 19. If markets are conversations ...
  20. 20. Are you listening? • Understand your customers and your community • See how and where your brands are mentioned • Pinpoint customer satisfaction issues • Find out what really concerns consumers • What and where is the false information? • How are competing brands perceived? • Reputation management • Competitive Tracking • Monitoring market trends
  21. 21. Is your message a result of listening? h"p://
  22. 22. A brand is the collective consumer concept of a company h"p://
  23. 23. Establish outposts on social networks Think of it this way. If you are a fisherman you would not fish for the trophy catch in stagnated water. You would need to go to where there is fresh water. That's where the fish are.
  24. 24. you mean, yet another social network?
  25. 25. think of social networks this way: The Social Media Starfish Robert Scoble
  26. 26. Most important skill for a community manager? 1. Interpersonal skills 2. Interest for technology (a fearless tinkerer) 3. Business acumen
  27. 27. The role of community management in social media Influence Authority Reputation Identity Credibility Presence
  28. 28. There are lots of ways to measure
  29. 29. Measurement: •Determining the volume and sentiment around a brand or topic in social media •Driven by your strategic objectives •It’s not just about the numbers
  30. 30. What are your strategic objectives? Consumer self-education  Greater visibility in search results Lower the cost of public relations Reach an enthusiast community Become preferred online source of information Lower cost communication tool Internal collaboration Employee satisfaction Responsive to physician and consumer concerns etc.
  31. 31. “In social - 1 rule of socialactively participate more than others… Social 90 - 9 groups, some people participation participation tends to follow a 90-9-1 rule where:”
  32. 32. A single user may affect or “infect” many others
  33. 33. Quality of mentions and relationships, not quantity
  34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA ADOPTION MATRIX Company Dimension Aware Not engaged Engaged Not aware Customer Dimension
  35. 35. Image credits Most images have been purchased from iStockPhoto Illustrations are credited to Brian Solis and Jake McKee. Follow them on Twitter @briansolis and @jakemckee “Cartoons on the back of business cards” are drawn by Hugh MacLeod, @gapingvoid on Twitter Swami image: Social media is in your marketing mix image: 1824234195/ Interuption Puppy Talk to the hand 70 years of Spam Markets are conversations image: 88543347@N00/80462964/ Jellybeans image: Any omissions in attribution are unintentional and will be fixed if and when they’re pointed out
  36. 36. SOCIAL MEDIA Introductory Concepts Alex de Carvalho