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Ignite Your Social Media - Philanthrofest presentation


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Presentation given at the Philanthrofest Community Engagement Institute

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Ignite Your Social Media - Philanthrofest presentation

  1. Ignite Your Social MediaPhilanthrofest Miami Community Engagement Institute, February 8, 2013 Alex de Carvalho ● @alexdc ●
  2. Agenda✤ Intro✤ Concepts✤ Implementation✤ Tips & Tools
  3. I create spaces for individuals,companies, and brands to connect
  4. I’m just a socialmedia user ... and not a guru, expert, or swami*! (*The only Suomi in me is from my Finnish heritage)
  5. Social Media Club of South Florida Established September 2008 - Over 2,500 members - Monthly meetups average 100 participants - Expand media literacy - Share lessons learned - Adopt industry standards - Promote ethical practices
  6. BarCamp Miami- Web and new media “un”conference- Over 1,600 have attended five events- Next one: May 2013
  7. RefreshMiami: new media community - South Florida’s largest web and new media community - Established March 2006 - Over 2,500 members - Monthly meetups average 150 participants
  8. Securingthe ClicksNetwork Securityin the Age ofSocial Media
  9. Social media is present in your marketing mix whether you like it or not
  10. Concepts
  11. Don’t Pitch Me, Bro!
  12. from Traditional Media ... ... to Social MediaInstitutional Mediation Distributed Mediation • Editing Process • Self-editing • Publishing Process • Updating, Sharing, Participating • Time and Space Constraints • No Deadlines or Space Limitations • Professionals with Degrees • Amateurs with Time Broadcasting Engaging Communities TV Social Networks Podcasts Print My Blog Radio Forums Wikis Individual Consumption Social Consumption
  13. markets are conversations
  14. This is not a conversation
  15. Interruption marketing
  16. Traditional marketers broadcast “crafted” messages
  17. How traditional marketers see us
  18. They keep pitching us!
  19. they might as well talk to the hand
  20. we’re besieged by ads!
  21. ... unsolicited commercial messages
  22. Peripheral Vision
  23. “People don’t just connect to each other.They connect through a shared object.” -­‐  Jyri  Engestrom  
  24. Text Text“So ... what’s the scuttlebutt?”
  25. We have shared interests It’s the reason we speak to each other and not someone else
  26. social object
  27. We can create social objects The market for shared experiences is inexhaustible
  28. The social object is the reason twopeople are talking to each other asopposed to talking to someone else.
  29. Implementation
  30. Are you listening?
  31. ... Are you listening? What are people discussing? Who’s doing the talking? Is the content accurate? What are they passionate about? Can you identify relationships and communities? Are they meeting up in the real world?
  33. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find out ...
  34. Framework for social media implementation Research •  Audit of current state •  Competitive landscape •  Listening & monitoring Strategy Measurement •  Planning •  Metrics Goals •  Roadmap •  Analysis •  Resources •  Optimization •  Policies •  Processes Implementation •  Community management •  Content marketing •  Outreach & engagement •  Marketing & comms support •  Media buys © Alex de Carvalho
  35. Establish outposts on social networks Think of it this way. If you are a fisherman you would not fish for the trophy catch in stagnated water. You would need to go to where there is fresh water. Thats where the fish are.
  36. The Social Media Starfish Robert Scoble
  37. 90 - 9 - 1 rule of social participation“In social groups, some people actively participate more than others… Social participation tends to follow a 90-9-1 rule where:”
  38. A single user may affect or “infect” many others
  39. When listening, quality counts, not quantity
  40. When quality becomes quantity David Armano
  41. Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable Seth Godin
  42. Branding
  43. Lots of cows ...
  44. Become the purple cow
  45. The online objective Influence Authority Reputation Identity Credibility © Alex de Carvalho Presence
  46. Content and connection strategies✤ Find your core and connect✤ Ask big questions✤ Open the side door: “The Making Of” & “B-Roll”✤ It’s about your constituents, not you: provide support✤ People love a good story✤ Use outside voices: videos and interviews✤ Be real and be yourself
  47. Tips & Tools
  54. • Create a Google+ Page• Establish Authorship• Claim Google Place• Get +1’s
  55. Embrace your inner geek
  57. Hiring someone or an agency?✤ Understand demographics✤ Create a centralized platform✤ Research the social presence✤ Research work and brand examples✤ Find the agency’s employees on Twitter✤ Search, don’t just screen✤ Build trust✤ Allocate time
  58. We can leverage social media to buildreal bridges between communities, by:✤ Engaging people around topics of interest and encouraging them to collaborate and to develop communities✤ Empowering people to use technologies to assist in improving their lives✤ Open sharing of experiences, information and knowledge✤ Developing cultures of transparency, inclusiveness, and innovation✤ Localisation: local content creation, local resource distribution, local awareness development, local knowledge transfer, local solution development
  59. Photo Credits - Creative Commons✦ Swami✦ Marketing mix✦ Birsay cow✦ Country living✦ puppy✦ garfield✦ 70 years of Spam✦ dinner conversation✦ talk to the hand✦ child✦ hungry fish✦ seti✦ attention✦ community manager✦ volume✦ india water✦ pickup game - basketball✦ jellybeans✦ Any omissions in attribution are unintentional and will be fixed if and when they’re pointed out
  60. Ignite Your Social MediaPhilanthrofest Miami Community Engagement Institute, February 8, 2013 Alex de Carvalho ● @alexdc ●