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Brand You, Online


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Presentation at AIGA, Orlando, FL, April 24, 2010 on developing a personal brand through the use of social media platforms and tools

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Brand You, Online

  1. 1. Brand You Online AIGA, April 24, 2010 Alex de Carvalho
  2. 2. Alex de Carvalho @alexdc
  3. 3. I’m just a social media user ... and not a guru, expert, or swami*! (*The only Suomi in me is from my Finnish heritage)
  4. 4. According to Tom Peters, “We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.” From Issue 10 | August 1997
  5. 5. Lots of books about branding yourself professionally ...
  6. 6. but few books on how to brand yourself professionally online
  7. 7. attracting serendipity ‣ Connecting through shared interests and passions ‣ Learning to listen ‣ Setting up accounts and profiles ‣ I publish, therefore I exist ‣ Harnessing The power of weak links ‣ Working with tools ‣ Becoming findable?
  8. 8. Connecting through shared interests and passions
  9. 9. RefreshMiami: new media community ‣ largest web and new media community in south florida ‣ Established March 2006 ‣ Over 2,500 members ‣ Monthly meetups average 150 participants
  10. 10. BarCamp Miami: new media conference ‣ Web and new media un-conference ‣ Over 1,160 have attended four events ‣ Supported by over 50 company sponsorships
  11. 11. Social Media Club of South Florida ‣ Established September 2008 ‣ Over 1,500 members ‣ Monthly meetups average 100 participants ‣ Expand media literacy ‣ Share lessons learned ‣ Adopt industry standards ‣ Promote ethical practices
  12. 12. Mobile Monday Miami ‣ Established June 2008 ‣ Over 300 members ‣ Monthly meetups average 60 participants
  13. 13. network of associations moon surf ocean wave swell Source: Drew Westen, Ph.D., “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation”
  14. 14. network of associations moon Gain ocean Tide All wave Fab Source: Drew Westen, Ph.D., “The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation”
  15. 15. Minding your own network of associations content people content You people content people
  16. 16. what defines you? work experience reputation passions education sports hobbies relationships geography thoughts associations groups desires community work activities travel pets
  17. 17. Learning to listen
  18. 18. markets are conversations
  19. 19. David Armano And online, conversations spread quickly from network to network
  20. 20. Some ways to listen online ‣ Google Alerts ‣ Brand monitoring tools ‣ Google Analytics ‣ Persistent searches on key words and hashtags ‣ follow like-minded people online and information will come to you ‣ Create lists on Twitter and group your contacts on Facebook and Friendfeed as you deem relevant
  21. 21. Individual mentions, not just agreggate results
  22. 22. "If the news is that important it will find me." -Brian Stelter, New York Times.
  23. 23. Setting up accounts and profiles
  24. 24. Go where the people are Think of it this way. If you are a fisherman you would not fish for the trophy catch in stagnated water. You would need to go to where there is fresh water. That's where the fish are.
  25. 25. Social Media Starfish Robert Scoble
  26. 26. ‣ Your first step for professional networking online ‣ Fill out all the sections ‣ Ask for recommendations ‣ Add all your email addresses in the account settings ‣ Upload your contact database to identify your friends and colleagues already in LinkedIn ‣ Seek out relevant groups and participate in the discussions ‣ Include your blog’s feed, slideshare account, and other apps ‣ Connect with people from your same industry and region
  27. 27. ‣ Include a title ‣ Work the tags ‣ Enter a description for added relevance ‣ Post to relevant groups ‣ Participate in contests and themed submissions ‣ Become an active community member by participating in discussions, adding contacts, and commenting on photos ‣ Embed photos in your blogs ‣ Create sets and collections ‣ Create galleries with others’ photos ‣ Tag people in your photos ‣ Syndicate photos to your social networks
  28. 28. ‣ Create Short clips ‣ Use a Flip camera ‣ conduct Interviews ‣ Enter Titles, descriptions and tags ‣ Experiment until you find your style ‣ Embed videos on your blogs and social networks ‣ Use and submit to other video sites
  29. 29. ‣ Get your username (URL) ‣ Connect with more than just friends ‣ Manage your privacy ‣ create groupings to place friends, family, colleagues, and random requests ‣ Update your status regularly ‣ Include your friendfeed ‣ Upload photos and tag them with your friends’ names ‣ use “selective twitter” app
  30. 30. identify yourself clearly dialogue with others find your comfort zone in sharing personal stuff share links and relevant info
  31. 31. I publish, therefore I exist
  32. 32. online objective Influence Authority Reputation Identity Credibility Presence
  33. 33. content really is king ‣ write a list of articles of some 40 topics ‣ limit articles to 300 words or less ‣ link to your favorite blogs ‣ post 10 articles to your blog at a frequency you determine ‣ have the next 10 ready to post at the same frequency ‣ work on the next 20 and always keep drafts in your pipeline For more great tips, see:
  34. 34. writing for the web ‣ the most important thing: listen first ‣ say LESS ‣ front-load: use the inverted pyramid ‣ put more important content first ‣ use clear headlines and headings ‣ be factual, not cryptic ‣ establish trust ‣ use active voice ‣ pay attention to netiquette, culture, tone of voice
  35. 35. 90 - 9 - 1 rule of social participation
  36. 36. Branding
  37. 37. The purple cow
  38. 38. Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable Seth Godin
  39. 39. this is how people find you online podcasts blog posts blogs social video socnets profiles avatars photos You online communities tags virtual lifestream worlds online comments presence
  40. 40. Harnessing The power of weak links
  41. 41. Mark Granovetter Weak social ties account for most of the structure of social networks in society as well as the transmission of information through these networks. More novel information flows to individuals through weak rather than strong ties. Because our close friends tend to move in the same circles that we do, the information they receive overlaps considerably with what we already know.
  42. 42. Your acquaintances open more doors for you than your closest friends and family
  43. 43. Working with tools
  44. 44. Some suggested apps to get you started ‣ Firefox ‣ Add-ons ‣ Scribefire ‣ Shareaholic ‣ Evernote ‣ Firebug ‣ Google Reader ‣ Netvibes ‣ Gmail ‣ Some suggested Mobile apps:
  45. 45.
  46. 46. Becoming findable
  47. 47. Alex de Carvalho @alexdc
  48. 48. information is social
  49. 49. @gapingvoid
  50. 50. Image credits ‣ Most images have been purchased from iStockPhoto ‣ Swami image: ‣ Markets are conversations image: ‣ RefreshMiami Inaugural Meeting ‣ Pickup game ‣ Soccer ‣ Jellybeans image: ‣ Child ‣ Hungry fish ‣ SETI ‣ Events in the Sky ‣ 90-9-1 illustration by Jake McKee @jakem ckee ‣ “Cartoons on the back of business cards” are drawn by Hugh MacLeod, @gapingvoid on Twitter ‣ Any omissions in attribution are unintentional and will be fixed if and when they’re pointed out
  51. 51. Brand You Online AIGA, April 24, 2010 Alex de Carvalho