Oracle HRMS R12 business applications Overview


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Presentation of Oracle R12 HRMS Features and Strategy

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Oracle HRMS R12 business applications Overview

  1. 1. Oracle R12 HRMS Business Applications
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction • Morning recap • HRMS Best of breed applications • Oracle HRMS Demonstration • Oracle's AIM Methodology Demo • Discussion of Oracle HRMS, Benefits, Payroll and Saba's Talent management • Top oracle information sites
  3. 3. Morning Recap • Summary of Needs – Strategic HR Improved access to data Improved reporting capabilities Enhanced functional capabilities Enterprise wide data and process standards – Better Tools to Introduce Efficiencies Intuitive, user friendly interface Workflow enabled Real-time edits User friendly query and reporting tools
  4. 4. Business HRMS trends • Corporations are moving towards an HRMS “Best of Breed” solution – Corporations do not have a choice any longer HR software consolidation has changed the market place and most companies will not take the risk of going with niche players anymore. – Choices are Simple you must go with a large ERP Vendor for your data source, the choices have been simplified to Oracle or SAP. • What is the cost of customizing your ERP? • You can have both • Your Best of Breed ERP • Your Best of Breed Vendor Application(s) (Saba, Taleo etc..)
  5. 5. HRMS Best of Breed Solution Saba Talent suite Oracle DBI HRMS Oracle HRMS Suite Think, work, manage globally
  6. 6. Best of Breed Solution Benefits • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities • Enhanced Ability to Track and Report History • Reduction in Costs of Satellite Systems • Enhanced Process Efficiencies • Enhanced User Friendliness •Accurate and Up to Date Consolidated HR Data •Increased Flexibility for Analysis •Fully Web Enabled Architecture •Fully Integrated HR Functionality •Capable of Fully Integrating Payroll Into a Single
  7. 7. Integration is Key
  8. 8. Changes in Oracle R12 • Workforce Planning :Supports organizational hierarchy modeling and workforce budgeting. With the new Oracle Workforce Scheduling (OWS) product, users will be able to plan and analyze headcount and staffing costs.
  9. 9. Changes R12 • Compensation: Oracle E-Business Suite is best-in-class in handling compensation. The product offers robust functionality in planning and analysis, salary and bonus administration, and complete incentive management. The system can also be configured for stock option allocation and vesting.
  10. 10. R12 Benefit Changes • Benefits: Oracle fully supports benefits enrollment and life event management. Advanced Benefits includes plan design, participation administration, self-service, and plan rules and configuration. Additionally, there is a strong offering for managing flexible spending account balances and reimbursements. • Ben. program administration: Sophisticated capability in Advanced Benefits includes plan design, participation administration, self-service, and plan rules configuration.
  11. 11. New Embedded HRMS Analytics • For line managers and human resource professionals, we have dashboards, KPI’s, and reports for: • Employee workforce (headcount, salary and turnover) • Contingent workers • Absence (duration and occurrences) • For the Chief HR Officer we have: Workforce (headcount, salary and turnover) • For the budget manager we have: Workforce budgeting (headcount and costs) • For the benefits manager we have: Open enrollment (number of elections)
  12. 12. Checklist
  13. 13. Checklist
  14. 14. Job search
  15. 15. Upload Resume
  16. 16. New search capabilities
  17. 17. Salary Administration • All New User Interface • Ability to delete salary proposals • Allow gaps between salary proposals, end dating, • retroactive and future changes • Display current grade and step on assignment • Display FTE on Salary Proposal • View salary history for terminated employees
  18. 18. New user interface Salary Admin
  19. 19. Salary Admin Compare to similar employees
  20. 20. Salary Survey
  21. 21. Compensation workbench • Employee statements • Extend statistical reporting capabilities • Extend worksheet personalization capabilities • Company targets • Employee compensation history report • Audit reporting • Enhanced post-process reporting
  22. 22. Salary Statistics Reporting
  23. 23. Integrated printed employee statements
  24. 24. Total Compensation Statement • Part of Employee Self-Service • Employee Cost vs. Employer Cost • Printable Statement • 100% Configurable • Multiple Data Sources • Uses common Eligibility Engine • Integration with Oracle Payroll and 3rd Party Payroll
  25. 25. Total Compensation Statement
  26. 26. Powerful drill down capabilities
  27. 27. HRMS R12 look and feel
  28. 28. Saba • Saba is an excellent point solution for talent management
  29. 29. HCM Best practices
  30. 30. Oracle info sites • • -process-outsourcing-provider.html • • • plq- dad/show_desc.redirect?redir_type=13&grou p_id=59&p_org_id=28&lang=US&media=1
  31. 31. Discussion and Questions