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Future of sports celebrity al


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Future of sports celebrity al

  1. 1. Future of Sports Celebrity and Social Media
  2. 2. Twitter  Founded by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone  First tweet sent was on March 21, 2006  Twitter Website
  3. 3. Fake Accounts  verification for the actual celebrity is shown by a blue checkmark beside the name  some accounts are created by fans  other accounts created by people that dislike the celebrity (hatred accounts)
  4. 4. NBA Players Policy- Twitter  Using of communication devices is prohibited 45 prior to a game  Rules applies to coaching staff and players  No set penalties for breaking the rules  social media is banned during a game
  5. 5. NHL Players Policy- Twitter  Players are held responsible for their tweets  Being disciplined may be the result if a unmannerly tweet is made  Provides the NHL players with a guideline on how to be cautious with social communication  Players cannot use social media 2 hours before a game
  6. 6. “Hate Tweets” Sport Celebrity  Failure to be successful in a game  Disappointment to fans  Highly criticized for their tweets about their team  If they tweet other players in a negative manner
  7. 7. Nazem Kadri  Verified twitter account  Hockey player for Toronto Maple Leafs  Interacts with his fans through twitter  Interacts with other players through twitter mentions  Close relationship with players off the ice  Tweets pictures of charity events and appearances such as Sick Kids Hospital  Proud Supporter of other Toronto sports teams  @43_Kadri
  8. 8. Don Cherry  Hockey analyst for Canadian Broadcast Corporations (CBC)  Retired hockey player  Verified twitter account  Known for criticizing other NHL players  Adopted twitter to interact with sports fans  Not active on social media networks  Tweets pictures with other hockey athletes  @CoachsCornerCBC
  9. 9. LeBron James  Verified twitter account  Basketball player for Miami heat  Charitable work (LeBron James family foundation)  Very social with other NBA players  Created his own hashtag #StriveForGreatness  Achieves his goals by remaining mentally and physically fit  Endorser for Play Station and NBA video game series  @KingJames
  10. 10. Alex Rios Verified twitter account  Baseball player for Texas Rangers  Not active on twitter/social media  Uses music as a relaxant before games  Only socially interactive with fans of his team  Achieves goals by training and preforming to the best of his ability  Proud of his Puerto-Rican heritage  @arios51
  11. 11. Cristiano Ronaldo  Verified twitter account  Soccer player for Real Madrid  Not socially active with his fans  Twitter pictures consist of him and his endorsements  Highly positive through tweets before his games  Proud supporter of his sport and his team  Achieves his goals by being physically fit  @Cristiano
  12. 12. Wayne Gretzky  Verified twitter account  Retired hockey player  Proud supporter of hockey and the players  not socially active on twitter  strong supporter of young children interested in hockey  He is socially active with other celebrities to promote his Fantasy Camp  he achieves his goals by promoting his fantasy camp through twitter 
  13. 13. Instagram  Fun way to share life with friends and family  Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are co-founders.  CEO is Kevin Systrom  Must be 13 years or older to use Instagram  No violent, nude or partially nude, hateful, or sexual posts  Third parties do not get any access to information on Instagram  The official launch for Instagram was October 2010
  14. 14. Tyler Manawaroa  August 2012 Tyler Manawaroa posted this racist photo on his Instagram upsetting people  "The UFC is committed to having an environment that is free from discrimination"  Feb 2014 he wrote a statement to the public to officially apologize  He is now part of The UFC reality show but will not receive any credit towards professionally fighting  Called a loser by his coach Patrick Cote  Threaten by middleweight David Loiseau to meet in the cage by “teaching him a lesson about respect”  It ultimately preventing middleweight Manawaroa from receiving any potential contract with the UFC in the future
  15. 15. Jen Selter  20 year old Jen Selter famous after posting workout photos on Instagram  Photos of her workout sessions and yoga brought in over 2 million followers  She was referred to as the next Jillian Michaels  Her goal is to motivate and inspire others to stay fit  Selter has been recruited as a result of Instagram by The Legacy Agency  She is now working as a well-paid sports manager  Selter’s future includes represents other sports celebrities such as Reggie Bush
  16. 16. Usain Bolt  Usain Bolt the world’s fastest man finished first at the London Olympics 2012  Has become a hit on Instagram and developed a huge fan base  Receives thousands of likes and comments when he posts  He continues to post on Instagram including his interest in Manchester United  Instagram has developed his social capital and public power  Instagram has provided Bolt with exposer resulting in invites to train with professional soccer players  Social media has helped developed networks for his future 
  17. 17. Mario Chalmers  Basketball player Mario Chalmers from Miami Heat has had bad publicity from Instagram  In a long-term relationship with Tiffany Graves  While being in a relationship Chalmers was exposed on Instagram cheating  He cheated with a female named Paige who comfortably pictures of them together up on her Instagram  It was his tattoo that were exposed that others were able to identify exactly who he was  The female he has been blogged about being with him and posted several suggestive photos of their relationship 
  18. 18. NCAA College Basketball  2012 NCAA College basketball decided to prevent athletes from trying out and using edited photos  To avoid controversy NCAA Coach were banned from using Instagram to recruit athletes  Other photo editing applications were also banned as well  This also included photos taken by the Coaches themselves  The league was referred to as being “out of touch” due to the decision  The point was to allow equal opportunity during recruiting amongst athletes  NCAA did not want social media editing to give athletes an unfair advantage
  19. 19. Serena Williams  Serena Williams famous tennis player who has a reputation to be serious and competitive  She has won 15 Grand Slams  One of the top tennis players of history  Her Instagram photos have shown a more personable side  Shares her personal life via social media  Engages her fans through her personality 
  20. 20. DeSean Jackson  DeSean Jackson NFL Eagles Wide receiver  Is said to uses Instagram to develop controversy with rappers  He has developed increased fan blogs due to controversy  Has used photos including messages to create a stir  Instagram is a social media tool Jackson has used to develop his fans and increase followers  He has become increasingly popular outside of football, as a result of Instagram  He is ranked on of the top 60 best athletes to follow on Instagram
  21. 21. Mike Tyson  Tyson was a former professional boxer  He became instantly famous after biting another boxers ear off during competitions  Mike Tyson still keeping it interesting  Uses Instagram for positive publicity  Tyson has over 759 thousand followers on Instagram  Try to reform his image by pocking fun at his famous ear bite  Instagram has assisted rehabilitating his reputation
  22. 22. Jack Wilshere  Jack Wilshere professional soccer for Arsenal FC  He got caught smoking a cigarette in public  The photo was put up on Instagram  Received negative criticism due to smoking  Wilshere uses Instagram in retaliation to the social media  He posted a photo of Zinedine Zidane another global icon in soccer smoking as well  He uses social media to express himself and help protect his future career
  23. 23. Kelly Slater  Slater is a renowned professional surfer  Not easy to have fans watch her in action  Known to be the youngest and oldest person to win a professional surfing title  Advertise herself and her training regime  She is now ranked in the top 10 of athletes to follow on Instagram  Slater uses Instagram to promote herself hitting the waves  Slater has used Instagram as a social media tool to increase her fan base and potential sponsorships
  24. 24. YouTube  Founded in February 2005  Allows people to watch, discover and share videos  One of the most important topics for YouTube is copyright  Must create a Google account to sign up with YouTube  Information shared may be shared with search engines  YouTube is not for pornography or sexual content  YouTube website
  25. 25. Team  The team of the athlete will most likely control videos about their player  Players don’t have their own individual YouTube channel  The teams media representative will more likely control the teams videos on YouTube  Videos consists of interviews, advertisements by a player or highlights of a game or practice
  26. 26. Lance Armstrong  Began his professional cycling career in 1992  1996 diagnosed with testicular cancer which had spread into his abdomen  After returning from treatment he won the Tour de France 7 times back to back  1999 Armstrong was accused of doping by increase his red blood cell count  Armstrong accused of consuming cortisone, growth hormones, EPO, steroids and testosterone which he strongly denied  Social media viewed Armstrong denying doping in numerous interviews  2012 admitted to doping, resulting in being stripped of his 7 titles and becoming banded from future cycling for life
  27. 27. Zinedine Zidane  FIFA World Cup 2006 Zinedine Zidane France’s Captain  Caught on camera head-butting an Italian opponent  Confrontation occurred in the overtime of the final match against Italy  Zidane received a red card and was kicked out of the game  In fact this was Zidane’s retiring match to end his soccer career  YouTube and Instagram were social media tools that have given Zidane negative criticism 
  28. 28. Milan Lucic  Milan Lucic NHL hockey player for Boston Bruins  In 2011 gave a bad hit to a goalie during a break away  The league collected and reviewed the videos  Consensus that goalies required more protection  As a result of all the criticism that was posted on the video of the hit  Other videos provided by the league received reviews from the social media  Harsher consequences were enforces as a result
  29. 29. Todd Bertuzzi  NHL Todd Bertuzzi from Vancouver Canucks  2004 went after Colorado Avalanche Steve Moore hit him in the head from behind  Moore fractured three vertebras in his neck as a result  The video of the hit was all over social media and the news  When he returned to the ice he was booed whenever he touched the puck  The incident and video hurt his reputation  He is currently playing for the Detroit Red Wings 
  30. 30. Conclusion  Social media is a way sports athletes can connect with their fans  Via Twitter , Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, etc.  Social media keeps fans up to date with scores, players and other news across the sports world  Athletes are faced with privacy, security and fan related issues on different social media networks  Social media will keep on developing, thus the athletes and all users will too