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Brent Introduction to Reggio Program


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Brent Introduction to Reggio Program

  1. 1. Beginning our Reggio-Inspired JourneyBrent Elementary ECE Team
  2. 2. An Overview A Brief History The Philosophy & Basic Principles Why It Makes Sense for Brent Responsive Classroom Similarities and Differences Our School Day FAQ, Q &A Resources
  3. 3. Reggio-Emilia: A HistoryAfter WWII, in 1945, the Italian Government gave eachtown money to use however they saw fit to “restorethe community.”The town of Villa Cella used theirs to build a school, “brickby brick”: Scuola del Popolo.Loris MalaguzziJohn DeweyJean PiagetHoward GardnerA combination oftheories used in anew wayLev VygotskyLella Gandini
  4. 4. Reggio-Emilia: A History• In 1991, the Reggio Approach gained an InternationalSpotlight as one of Newsweek’s “10 Best Schools in theWorld”• Quickly became widely recognized as the best earlychildhood has to offer• Educators around the world implement Reggio-Inspiredpractice• North American Reggio-Emilia Alliance, comprised of anetwork of schools in America using a Reggio-InspiredApproach
  5. 5. The PhilosophyThe Hundred Languages of ChildrenThe idea of multiple intelligences
  6. 6. The Philosophy• “ The child is viewed as strong, powerful, rich in potential,driven by the power of wanting to grow, and nurtured byadults who take this drive towards growth seriously.”• “The curriculum grows from the teachers, children and familiesin those schools and from their cultural context. “• “The environment should support the work and interest of thechildren without constant adult guidance and intervention. Thechildren work in spaces, and while the adults are present, thechildren build their stories there. The environment is set upwith provocation to fuel the childrens worlds and minds. ”Working in the Reggio Way.
  7. 7. The Basic Principles1. Image of the ChildThe 100 Languages ofChildrenCollaborationProject ApproachDocumentationEnvironment asThird Teacher
  8. 8. Why It Makes Sense for BrentReggio’s Image of theChild aligns with ECEteams’ philosophyProject ApproachMuseum Program“Green” EmphasisStrong Family andCommunityEngagementResponsiveClassroom
  9. 9. 9Responsive ClassroomGuiding PrinciplesSocial CurriculumWhole-ChildFamily PartnershipsClassroom PracticesMorning MeetingLogical ConsequencesGuided DiscoveryAcademic ChoiceResponsive CurriculumFirst 6 Weeks of SchoolThe first six weeks of school are a veryspecial time, set aside to establish apositive and connected learningcommunity.Classroom ExpectationsDaily RoutinesGuided DiscoveryRelationship & CommunityBuilding
  10. 10. This Year Next YearBehavior Management: Responsive Classroom Behavior Management: Responsive ClassroomTeaching Standards: 36 GOLD Learning Objectives Teaching Standards: 36 GOLD Learning ObjectivesCurriculum: Long Term Plan created by teachers Curriculum: Emergent (based on student interest &Yearly Intention)Project Approach twice a year (Museum Night) Project Approach all year longFamily open-door policy Family open-door policyAssessment: Formal GOLD & informal observations Assessment: Formal GOLD & more informalobservations (anecdotal notes, quotes)Field Trips based on teacher chosen theme Field Trips based on student interest & projectsLearning made visible monthly in classroomnewsletters and bulletin boardsLearning made visible daily in documentationpanelsArt & Music: Once a week whole group specials Art & Music: Once a week whole group specials &small group enrichment Increased use of natural & found materials Materials displayed in aesthetically pleasing way Emphasis on play planning & reflectingParent-Teacher Conferences 4 times a year Parent-Teacher Conferences 4 times a year
  11. 11. Brent’s Reggio-Inspired ProgramWelcome (Warm-Up)Morning MeetingSpecial ClassesOutdoorsPlanning CircleProject & CentersWorkLunchRest TimeOutdoorsProject & Centers WorkAfternoon MeetingRead Aloud
  12. 12. You Might be Wondering… Are there other Reggio-Inspired schools in DCPS?Yes: School Within a School, Ludlow-Taylor, Miner, Takoma,& Walker Jones. Why are we changing to the Reggio-Approach now?Brent’s ECE staff and administration are eager to grow and learn asteachers and are ready to take the program to the next level. What if my child is an advanced learner or has special needs?All children come to school with their own strengths and interests, their own unique set ofexperiences and ideas, their own theories about how the world works and an intense interest inlearning. The collaborative relationships between children, teachers, and parents enables successfor all students.Will the academic rigor of Brent’s ECE program be changing with this new approach?We will be keeping all academic components of our current program. We will be teaching the samelearning objectives to the same level, only getting their through projects instead of 15 minute mini-lessons.Will students really be studying anything they want?All students interests will be taken seriously. Common interests and theories that emerge from students willtransform into class projects. Teacher’s provocations and the school’s yearly intention will also work to guideand inspire project ideas.
  13. 13. ResourcesBooksArticles & LinksComing soon to Brent’s Website