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  1. 1. TASK ONE
  2. 2. EMOS Emo is an American stereotype which comes from the music genre of emo but can also be from the word ‘emotional’. Emo can be seen as posers or they can beseen as depressed which is why they get the name emo from but this is not for all of them. Some of the stereotypes found in emos are: self harming, bisexuality, dark/bright coloured clothing with weirdpatterns, jet black hair to one side covering their eye, shoes such as Converse and personalities of jumpy/random/awkward or dark but also can be seen as childish.
  3. 3. MUSIC EMOS LISTEN TO• Blue October • Marilyn Manson• Breaking Benjamin • Matchbook Romance • My Chemical Romance• Chiodos • Panic at the Disco• Deathcab for Cutie • Papa Roach• Escape the Fate • Paramore• Fall out Boy • The Red Jumpsuit• Hawthorne Heights Apparatus • Three Days Grace• Linkin Park • The Used
  4. 4. GOTHS Goths tend to be someone who likes thedarker side of things. They usually listen to death metal and subgenres of goth music, such as cyber goth. Goths tend to wear a lot of dark purple and black with velvet or pvc being the main material. Corsets or long black dresses are worn but womenwhereas black flared trousers and chains are worn by men. Black platform boots are worn by both men and women and palefoundation and black eyes are worn by both men and women too. Goths are creative and lot of them are writers and artists.
  5. 5. WHAT GOTHS LISTEN TO• Lycia • Clan of Xymox• Switchblade Symphony • Fields of the Nephilim • Diva Destruction• Faith and the Muse • This Ascension• Lifes Decay • Mephisto Walz• Elane • Narsilion• Elend • Nox Arcana• Inkubus Sukkubus • Love is Colder than Death• Miranda Sex Garden • Priscilla Hernandez• Mors Syphilitica • Skeletal Family• Suspiria • And Also the Trees
  6. 6. CHAVSChav is an acronym of council house and violent. The description of a chav would be that they weartracksuits all the time by brands such as Lonsdale, Juicy couture and Nike. Burberry pattern is also a popular pattern worn by chavs. They wear flat-peak caps and both men and women wear a lot of chunky gold jewellery. There is also factors about chavs which have come around such as they live off benefits in councilestates and spend their days smoking, drinking and ending up in fights.
  7. 7. MUSIC CHAVS LISTEN TO• Tinchy Stryder • Aggro Santos • N-Dubz • Dappy • Cher Lloyd • Skepta • Devlin • Chipmunk • Wiley • JLS • Tulisa • Nicki Minaj • Lil Wayne • Eminem • Boy Better Know
  8. 8. INDIE Indie means independent or individual. Indie people tend to keep up to date with the latestfashion trends as well as shoppingin smaller vintage shops. Wearing tweed, brogues and bowler hats are also popular amongst indie people. Indie people are creative and like to make their own clothing. Music they listen to tends to be smaller bands and artist not in the mainstream charts.
  9. 9. MUSIC INDIE PEOPLE LISTEN TO • The XX • Oasis • The Hives • Noah and the • Kings of Leon Whale • Bombay Bicycle • The Strokes Club• Arctic Monkeys • The Wombats • Babyshambles • Friendly Fires • Frank Turner • Foals
  10. 10. PREPPY A prep is a guy or a girl that is regarded as being popular. They are very social and know all thelatest gossip. They spend their time shopping, talking, texting andgoing to parties. Preps wear brandssuch as Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch and American Eagle. Preps are also quite sporty people.
  11. 11. MUSIC PREPS LISTEN TO• Justin Timberlake • Jack Johnson • Rihana • Black Eyed • Beyonce Peas • Maroon 5 • Britney Spears • Lil Wayne • Backstreet Boys • Nicki Minaj • Taylor Swift • Timberland • Jay Z • Jonas • Katy Perry Brothers
  12. 12. FAMILIESWhen the parents are home from work and thechildren are home from school families tend to have a limited time together. During this time they will do activitys together such as board games, cooking tea and homework. If they go out the parents will most likely go to placeswhich are suitable for the children to go where they won’t find it boring. Places such as the cinema, park and the zoo. Music families willlisten to will be music suitable for the children and probably artists that are on the Disney channel.
  13. 13. MUSIC FAMILIES LISTEN TO • Justin Bieber • Britney Spears • Taylor Swift • Jessie J • Avril Lavigne • Miley Cyrus • Vanessa Hudgens• One Direction • Cher Llyod• Selena Gomez • Carly Rae Jepson • Demi Lovato • Pixie Lott • Katy Perry • The Saturdays • Alesha Dixon • Hilary Duff
  14. 14. COUPLES When couples are together they enjoy spending time with each other such as going to the movies, going on a walk or having a meal together. Couples can befrom all ages so different couples will have different commitments such as mature couples will be tied down with workwhereas younger couples will be tied downwith school so their interests will different.Depending on the couple their music tasteswill vary too but on a general term couples will listen to music they can relate to so romantic themed songs.
  15. 15. MUSIC COUPLES WILL LISTEN TO • Ed Sheeran • The Script • Olly Murs • Maroon 5 • James • Burno Mars Morrison • Alicia Keys • Onerepublic• Robbie Williams • Kings of Leon • One Direction • The Wanted
  16. 16. 25-35 WOMENWomen aged 25-35 will have full time jobs and either married or have children so when they are notworking they like to socialize. As they are busy people how they dress is going to be more carefree comparedto teenagers in the age bracket of 16-25. They will also have a lot less time to go out compared to people in theage bracket below theirs. As they have busy lives they will probably listen to music that is playing on the radio.
  17. 17. MUSIC 25-35 WOMEN LISTEN TO • Alicia Keys • Kerry Hilson• Christina Perri • Pixie Lot • The Saturdays • Adele • Amy Winehouse • The Script • Kelly Clarkson • Mariah Carey • Jessie J• Ellie Goulding • Duffy • Rihanna • Birdy
  18. 18. 25-35 MEN As with women 25-35 men will also have busy lives with their full time and eithermarried or have children so when they are not working they like to socialize such ashanging out with other male friends doing activity’s such as racing, paintball and watching sports on TV. As they are busypeople how they dress is going to be more carefree compared to teenagers in the agebracket of 16-25. They will also have a lot less time to go out compared to people in the age bracket below theirs. As they havebusy lives they will probably listen to music that is playing on the radio.
  19. 19. MUSIC 25-35 MEN LISTEN TO• Robbie Williams • Jason Mraz • The Script • Snow Patrol • James Morrison • Usher • Neyo • Example • Bruno Mars • Calvin Harris • Chase and Status • Maroon 5 • Plan B • Kings of Leon • Frank Ocean
  20. 20. HARDCOREHardcore people comes from the music genre of hardcore but has now made many sub genres such as melodic hardcore and punk hardcore. Hardcore people tend to be people who will attend shows and do a movement such as top stepping and moshing. The hardcore scene also have the lifestyle of ‘straight edge’ which is a way of life which means that they do not have drugs inserted into them or alcohol to be drunk. The hardcore scene is mostly a male dominated scene but females also listen to this genre of music. The look of the hardcore scene is camo clothing, snap backs for boys and theytend to be modified in some way whether it be piercings, tattoos or stretched piercings.
  21. 21. HARDCORE MUSIC • Terror • Gorilla Biscuits • Madball • Ruiner • H2O • Have Heart• Trapped Under Ice • Miles Away • Expire • Agnostic front • Rotting Out • Cruel Hand • Antidote • Foundation • Defeater
  22. 22. MY CHOSEN TARGET AUDIENCE My chosen target audience is going to be the hardcorescene. I have chosen to do this scene because I have an interest in this genre of music to know enough about the target audience and their interests.
  23. 23. HARDCORE PEOPLES INTERESTSA popular hardcore music website is Bright Nine. Bright Nine is arecord label and they have a part on their website called B9 board. B9 is a forum where people who have an interest in hardcore music write their opinions but also they can talk to other people with similar interests as them. Another thing which hardcore people are interested in is attending shows. Most of the hardcorescene can be found there. Hardcore people tend to do an activitiy which is moshing where a group of people go into a pit and hit one another whilst listening to music. Another thing which is popular at hardcore shows is two stepping, windmilling and crowd dives.
  24. 24. FASHION The fashion of the hardcore genre is snapbacks/fivepanels are worn as well as balaclavas are also worn. Body modifications such as stretched lobes is also commonly worn by the hardcore scene. Flannel shirts are worn bythe men along with band merch from the hardcore scene and shorts or skinny jeans are commonly worn. Skate shoes is something which people in the hardcore scene wear brands such as Vans is worn.