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  1. 1. Monday Tuesday Wednesd Thursda Friday ay y3rd Task 1: Task 2: Case study Task 3: Task 4a: Task 4a: ResearchSeptem What is a Star Research into 6 musicber music theory into 6 videos video? music videos10th Task 4b: Task 5: Research into Task 5: Task 6: Task 7: ResearchSeptem Thinking 3 past students videos Research Research into 6 magazineber of into 3 into wider adverts audience past media students videos17th Task 7: Task 8: Research into Task 9: Task 10: Task 11:Septem Research 6 digipaks The The Reflection onber into 6 music history of research magazine industry the music adverts the digital video world24th Task 1: Task 2: Audience Task 3: AudienceSeptem Who is questionnaire/intervie research resultsber your w/focus group etc. target audience?1st Task 4: Task 5: Evaluation/ Task 6: Task 1: GanntOctober Audience reflection of audience Research chart/timeline profile research results into music video record labels8th Task 2: Genre Task 3: Task 4: YourOctober Conventions Backgrou chosen song nd of the meaning/deconstr song uction of the song15th Task 5: Task 6: Shooting Task 7:October Mood script Storyboar board d22nd Task 8: Task 9: Organisation Task 10: Task 11:October Shooting of actors Organisat Organisation of schedule ion of props costumes29th Task 12: Task 13: Drafting for Task 13: Task 14: DraftingOctober Location layout of digipak Drafting for magazine reece for layout advert of digipak5th Task 14: Task 15:Novemb Drafting Evidenceer for of magazine seeking advert permissio n12th Task 16: Task 16: Pitch for Task 1: Task 1: On goingNovemb Pitch for your music video On going behind the scenes
  2. 2. er your behind music the video scenes19th Filming Filming Filming Filming FilmingNovember26th Editing Editing Editing Editing EditingNovember3rd Editing Editing Editing Editing EditingDecember10th Evaluation Evaluation: In what Evaluatio Evaluatio Evaluation: HowDecemb : In what ways does your media n: In what n: How effective is theer ways does product use, develop ways effective combination of your or challenge forms does your is the your main product media and conventions of media combinati and ancillary product real media products? product on of your texts? use, use, main develop or develop product challenge or and forms and challenge ancillary conventio forms and texts? ns of real conventio media ns of real products? media products?17th Evaluation Evaluation: What Evaluatio Evaluatio Evaluation: HowDecemb : What have you learned from n: How n: How did you use mediaer have you your audience did you did you technologies in the learned feedback? use use construction and from your media media research, planning audience technolog technolog and evaluation feedback? ies in the ies in the stages? constructi constructi on and on and research, research, planning planning and and evaluatio evaluatio n stages? n stages?