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  2. 2. TROY Troy is a seventeen year old male with brown ‘swishy’ hair and blue eyes. He has piercings and he has the look of someone who would listen/read my magazine as he currently already listens to the rock/post hardcore music already. I am planning to use Troy for my front cover and double page spread as he is my main model who will be called ‘Phoenix Smith’. Email: Mobile: 075983962573
  3. 3. GRACE Grace is a seventeen year old female with green eyes and long blonde hair. I have chosen Tamara as she will appeal to the female audiences but also she has a more girly look to her. I will be using Tamara on my contents page and she will be the solo artist called ‘’Gallows’. Email: Mobile: 0759486382
  4. 4. INDIA India is a seventeen year old female who has green eyes, slim build and mid length dirty blonde hair. India has a more ‘tomboy’ look to her which I think more represents the female audience who will listen to post hardcore music. India will be featured on the contents page and will be playing the guitarist of ‘Such Gold’ who are all male besides her which will appeal to both audiences as it makes her interesting and unique. Email: Mobile: 0759385724
  5. 5. JAMES James is a seventeen year old male who has brown eyes and brown hair. He also has piercings and stretchers but also he currently listens to post hardcore music already so he has ‘the look’ about him which will appeal to the male audiences who will be reading my magazine. James will be playing the frontman of ‘Have Heart’. Email: Mobile: 07953485693