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The uses and gratifications theory


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The uses and gratifications theory

  1. 1. THE USES AND GRATIFICATIONS THEORY (Blumler & Katz, 1974)
  2. 2. DEFINITION OF USES OF GRATIFICATIONS The uses of the grafications theory helps why people actively seek out specific media outlets and content for gratification purposes. On research from Katz, Blumer and Gurevitchs there were three main components to the Use and Grafications theory which were: • The audience is conceived as active • In the mass communication process much initiative in linking gratification and media choice lies with the audience member • The media compete with other sources of satisfaction • Methodologically speaking, many of the goals of mass media use can be derived from data supplied by individual audience members themselves. • Value judgments about the cultural significance of mass communication should be suspended while audience orientations are explored on their own terms. From the introduction of the Internet, social media and technological advances hasprovided another outlet for people to use and seek gratification through those sources. TheInternet has created a digital library, allowing individuals to have access to all content from various mass medium outlets.
  3. 3. DIVERSION Kerrang is a magazine focused strongly on new and upcoming bands, gig reviews, albumreviews, competition and interviews. On the contents page it is split into sections to make it easier for the reader to consume. It split into the following: >Feedback >Live Review >Features >Icons >Album Reviews >Gigs >Swag (competition)
  4. 4. PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS People read Kerrang to inform themselves about the latest happenings in the world of music. Kerrangs readers can have their input by rating albums themselves, enter competitions and lets people write in aboutgigs they have been to recently. The magazine has elements of social interaction as you can go to gigs to meet bands and meet new people with a similar music taste. Anotherway Kerrang improves social interaction is byletting the readers read about the news which helps them keep up to date with others.
  5. 5. PERSONAL IDENTITY People can read Kerrang tokeep up to date with the latest trends. Kerrang offer thechance to win goodies such as clothing but also they have advertisements for clothing. >Swag >Advertisement for clothing lines popular amongst the chosen target audience