Task 9


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Task 9

  1. 1. TASK 9Organization of actors
  2. 2. What‟s my storyline?For my music video I want to have a quite cliché love music video. For my love cliché music video I wanted to people to be in it, a boy and a girl. Ionly wanted two people in my music video because I wanted the video tobe focused on the two between the two people. When choosing my actor and actress I had to think of what the audience who listen to Defeater would look and dress like but also I would have to think of what references in the song how the people are described as.
  3. 3. TAMARA REED For my female model I wanted a girl with long hair and piercing eyes which stand out. I have chosen to use Tamara because as you can tell in this photo her eyes do stand out and in the song there is a line which goes “your legs and those eyes.” In my story board there is a scene which I want my model to look up and we see her eyes. Another reason why I have chosen to use Tamara is for her smile which is why I have chosen her because this music video is quite important as the music chosen is happy.
  4. 4. CONTACTING TAMARA REED When contacting Tamara Reed I mentioned what she should wear and where I would be recording my music video but also who she would be acting with. I wanted my model to wear a dress because of the lyric in the music video goes “Did I forget to tell you how pretty you looked in that dress?”
  5. 5. TROY HIGGINS For my male model I wanted a guy who fits into the target audience who listen to Defeater. I have chosen to use Troy because as you can tell in this photo of him he has an alternative look about him with his hair and clothing. Most people who listen to Defeater as the „swooshy‟ hair which Troy has and they tend to wear similar clothes that Troy wears. Another reason for choosing Troy is that he listens to Defeater so he has a feel for the song already.
  6. 6. CONTACTING TROY HIGGINS When contacting Troy Higgins I mentioned where I would be recording my music video but also who he would be acting with. I wanted Troy to wear his normal clothes because he already fits into the audience of this music but also in the song it doesn‟t mention what he looks like.