Task 7


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Task 7

  1. 1. Adverts
  2. 2. What is advertising?Advertising is a non-personal form of promotionwhich can be easily viewed by a large number ofpeople as it uses a method of mass promotion. Advertising is considered a one-way form of marketing communication where the message receiver.
  3. 3. This advert is for the band The Used who are touring. The target audience I believe is goingto be people who listen to Alternative Rock this advertisement was found in the music magazine Kerrang which specialize in Rockmusic. The audience who tend to read and buy Kerrang are usually teenagers and young adults. The stereotype which this advert fitsinto is the stereotype that all rock music is darkand satanic which I think this advert shows wellbecause it uses dark colours and there is blood and gore. The message being sent to the receiver is the tour dates of The Used but it also advertises The Used artwork for their album ‘Artwork’ which is probably why the band are touring.The font for the title of ‘The Used’ matches the writing of the dates of the tour. The layout makes the name of The Used more prominentand the orange makes the tour dates stand out. There’s no reviews or the record label but it does say the new single from the band and where to get tickets for The Used but also it advertises The Used’s Myspace.
  4. 4. This advert is advertising Kasabian’s new album Empire. I think from this photo the band is targeting young and old generations. I believe thisbecause the colours used are quite plain and mostlyneutral colours. I think it could be for young people because of the image looks quite rebellious. There isn’t many stereotypes on this advert besides that rock music tends to be rebellious. I think the message being sent to the receiver is that the album will have themes about history because of the image used and the title of the album. The Kasabian writing is the bands iconic typography.There isn’t any slogans on the advert but there are three reviews from well known magazines which gives the audience the message that this band is worth listening to. There is a release date on the bottom in big writing saying 28th August and the band s record label and the bands website are on the bottom on the advert in smaller writing.
  5. 5. Here is an advert for The Prodigy’s new album Invaders Must Die. The Prodigy are a techno bandand from the colours used in this advert I would saythey are appealing to the younger audiences such a young adults who can go to clubs which plays dance/techno music such as The Prodigy. Thereisn’t a stereotype being portrayed here because theadvert has no images besides a image of a airplane? I think the message sent to the receiver is that thismusic is quite bright and in your face, I get this idea because of the colours used and the writing whichlooks quite rebellious but the writing also looks like graffiti, this emphasizes the idea of rebellion. The layout has put The Prodigy on the top and the album in the middle both in similar size writing butthe first thing I notice when looking at this advert is the album name which makes me think that the band want the audience to remember the album name rather than their own suggesting that they have been around for a long time that people should recognize their name already. There is no release date because it says the album is already out but there are reviews from big magazine companies and there is two websites for the band again emphasizing how good they are.
  6. 6. Here is a advert for Noah and The Whale’s new album. Noah and The Whale is a indie band fromEngland. The advert is targeting this scene by using neutral colours but also there is an image of them and a stereotype of indie people is that they were shirts and have quirky haircuts. I think the title ‘Last Night On Earth’ links in with the faded image of the cars so it could be like last night on earth and everyone is queuing to go to a end of the world party? The font used for this advert has three different fonts. The ‘Noah and The Whale’ font is a lot bigger and bolder than the rest of thefonts used to show that the image is Noah and The Whale. The name of the album is in italics and issmaller compared to the name of the band but it isstill significant to the advert as it’s places quite high on the advert. The first thing we notice about this advert is the big image of Noah and The Whale perhaps it’s what the album cover looks like and that’s what we should be looking for if we want tobuy this album. There isn’t any slogans but there is a review from a magazine and a release date for this album. The review is from Q magazine whousually write about indie music which again tells us who the audience for this album will be.
  7. 7. Here Gwen Stefani’s new album is being launched.The advert has a clear target audience which is young girls between the ages of 11-19. I think this because the image has a princess like style to it which seems very child fantasy. There is a stereotype of blondes being unintelligent and sexy. What makes me thinkthat is that the way Gwen Stefani is sat down lookingdirectly at the camera looking seductive. What makes me think she looks unintelligent is because theprincess fantasy theme going on makes me think that she gets everything done for her because she is a princess. I think the message being sent out here is that Gwen Stefani is better than everyone else andthat we should idolize/look up to her because she is aprincess. The writing could looks like a gangsta/urban writing which could suggest the type of music she plays or the audience who would listen to her music. There isn’t any slogans in this advert but big picture used is the same as the album cover. The album isn’t as prominent as the big image of Gwen or her namewhich makes us think that the advert is mainly about her. There isn’t any slogans, release date or reviews but there is a place where to get the album which is at Target.
  8. 8. Here a You Me At Six album is being advertised. The advert is targeting people who are interested in pop- punk/post-hardcore music. We can tell this by thewriting underneath the band name and album name on the bottom left. The stereotypes which are being portrayed here is that rock bands should be all males,which is what You Me At Six are, the lead singer gets all the attention which you can tell as he is more prominent in the photograph of You Me At Six. Themessage sent to the receiver is that this is You Me At Six in the photo and this is their album, You Me At Six are the main topic of this advert because it’s been mentioned 3 times on the advert to remind the audience of their name. The layout has been done to make the photo of You Me At Six more prominent but not forgetting the main reason for this advert which isto advertise their new album which is also quite big so show the audience what they need to look for if they want to buy this album. The album stands out more than the image of You Me At Six because of the sepia colour of the album compared to the black and white photograph. There is no album reviews or when the release date and record label is but it does show the audience where they can get this CD which advertises You Me At Six but also HMV.