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Task 3


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Task 3

  1. 1. Task 3Billie Joe Armstrong
  2. 2. 1994Longview and Welcome ToParadise music videoLongview is the first ever Green Day music video.He is wearing a brown and white stripy top, blackjeans and his hair is black and curly and untamed.Here I don’t think Billie Joe fits into the male genderrepresentation because here he looks weak andinsane which is opposite to the strong stereotypicalmale.Welcome to Paradise features Billie Joe wearing abright yellow top, black jeans with a low crotchpopular in the 90’s and again untamed black curlyhair. As a front man of a rock band I think Billie Joedoesn’t fit in with the rock band stereotype becausehe is wearing popular trends but also he is wearingbright clothes when the stereotype for rock bandsis wearing a lot of black clothing.
  3. 3. 1995Basket Case, When I ComeAround, Geek Stink Breath, StuckWith MeIn 1995 I believe this is the point where I think Billie Joe was finding himself. In1995 you can see how he looks different in each video. Basket Case featureshim wearing all black clothing and I think fitting into the more stereotype of rockband frontman. In the video for When I Come Around Billie Joe is wearing casuallooking clothes, rather than all black which he usually wears. Geek Stink Breathis the debut of Billie Joes new bleached blonde hair and then Stuck With Mesees Billie Joe with his black hair again but for the first time it is styled with styledwith gel.
  4. 4. 1996Brain Stew/Jaded, WalkingContradictionBrain Stew/jaded shows Billie Joe wearing a suit inthis video which doesn’t fit into the rock genre ofmusic he is in so perhaps this could be showing adifferent side to Billie Joe he is showing in theBrain Stew music video.Walking Contradiction is the second videoreleased in 1996 where Billie Joe has againbleached his hair blonde but this is the first timewe see him wearing black skinny jeans whereasbefore Billie Joe wore popular low bottom jeanspopular in the 90’s this video could suggest himbreaking the norm.
  5. 5. 1997Hitching A Ride and Time Of YourLifeHitching A Ride shows Billie Joe wearing ayellow/cream coloured suit with a bold print on it.This video doesn’t fit into the rock bandstereotype as they are all wearing brightlycoloured clothes and looking quite quirky thiscould be to fit into the theme of the song. BillieJoe is still looking young with his non styled hair.Time Of Your Life is probably the most popular earlyGreen Day songs. Here Billie Joe is using an acousticguitar and wearing all black. The all black could be togive a mood/feeling to the song but also it does fit intothe rock band stereotype where all black makes arock band. Lastly Billie Joe hair has been gelled intospikes whereas in the Hitching A Ride his hair islooking untamed which could show that Billie Joe isbecoming more aware of what he looks like.
  6. 6. 1998RedundantThe video for Redundant shows Billiewearing a white shirt with black shoes andblack skinny jeans. Also this is the first timewhen Billie Joe’s tattoo is on show throughthe video. Tattoos are something which isstereotypical of rock bands to have tattoosbut also he is made to be the dominate oneout of Green Day because he is placed morepronate in the frame which fits into thestereotype that rock band frontmen think theyare more important than the rest of the band.
  7. 7. 1999Nice Guys Finish LastIn this video Billie Joe has a now dyed his hairagain bleached blonde. This is the first time hehad dyed his hair blonde since 1996 during thevideo for Walking Contradiction. Here featuresBillie wearing black skinny jeans, a tight fittingtop and a black and white belt. This outfit issimilar to his outfit during Walking Contradictionbut Billie Joe is holding a guitar in this videowhich could suggest this music video is more ofa performance than a narrative music video.
  8. 8. 2000Minority and WarningThe video for Minority shows Billie wearing anavy blue sweater with a light colour topunderneath it. The video was filmed in SanDiego where it’s supposed to be quite hot soBillie Joe wearing long covered clothing whichare dark colours when it’s hot could suggest alink with the song title Minority that he wants tobe different to everyone else.Billie Joe in Warning has now died his hairbleached blonde for the fourth time. In this videohe is wearing all black but also for the first timehe is wearing a beanie so we can see his facemore compared to before but also we notice thatBillie Joe now has his ear pierced. Piercings area stereotype that comes with being in a rockband.
  9. 9. 2001Waiting and Macy’s Day ParadeIn the video for Macy’s Day Parade we see acompletely different look to Billie Joe which we haven’tseen before. Billie has gone for a skinhead haircutwhich is very different to his usual short black scruffyhair. Billie is wearing a black suit which could suggestthe formality of the song such as a celebrationbecause the name of the song is Macy’s Day Parade.For the video ‘Waiting’ Billie Joe is wearing apurple and black stripy top and black skinny jeans.This is still the period where Billie Joe is notwearing eye liner. Billie Joe is was 29 during thisvideo so he has matured facially a lot morecompared to the first early Green Day videoswhere he was 22 but he still dresses young whichcould suggest what audience he is trying to target.
  10. 10. 2004American Idiot and Boulevard ofBroken DreamsAmerican Idiot is probably the most popular andwell known Green Day song and this is hismore well known which everyone knows BillieJoe for. The look consists of heavy blackeyeliner, styled gel black hair, black shirt andthe iconic red tie.Boulevard of Broken Dreams shows Billie Joewearing similar clothing but instead of the iconicred tie Billie Joe is wearing a grey tie matched witha grey blazer looking quite smart. There theeyeliner has been laid off in this video giving it amore sane look in comparison to the AmericanIdiot video but it the insane look does fit in with thesong. Lastly in this video Billie Joe’s hair hasgrown and he is wearing very little hair gel.
  11. 11. 2005Holiday, Wake Me Up WhenSeptember Ends and Jesus ofSuburbiaDuring 2005 Billie Joe has his hair very similar in all of it with the jet black hair styled in aspikey way with hair gel and the dark black eyeliner. In the video for Holiday and WakeMe Up When September Ends his outfit is similar as he is wearing the black skinnyjeans he usually wears but he is wearing a blazer/shirt in both of these videos makinghim look very smart. The video for Wake Me Up Billie is wearing all black which couldsuggest the song is sad and depressing. In Jesus of Suburbia you don’t see Billie Joedirectly but you see him wearing an outfit similar to American Idiot which is his mostpopular look which is why they have chosen to make Billie wear his outfit because it isthe most recognizable one.
  12. 12. 2009Know Your Enemy, 21 Guns, EastJesus Nowhere, 21st CenturyBreakdown2009 Billie Joe is seen wearing roughly the same clothing throughout and thereis not much difference in each picture. Billie Joe is wearing a black jacket in all 4music videos all looking the same with a collar on it. In all 4 music videos he isseen holding a guitar which shows he isn’t just a singer of the band he is amusician too. His ability to play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, play live and actfor music videos so he is very skilled in different areas.
  13. 13. 2010Last of the American GirlsThis is the most recent video by Green Day. Here Billie Joe is wearing all black.Her is wearing black skinny jeans, a black shirt with what looks like badges, hehas jet black hair with a messy styled but also he is wearing black eyeliner. Theblack eyeliner gives Billie Joe a feminine look. The eyeliner is something whichis not typical in men because usually make up is usually only for women so himwearing make up could be taken the wrong way and people may think thatBillie Joe is gay because he is wearing female makeup.
  14. 14. Parody is a parody from Youtube that someone has done.Here you can see that the boy playing Billie Joe haschosen to use Billie Joe’s most well known look which hewore in the Green Day video for American Idiot which is ared tie, black shirt, eyeliner and styled with gel hair. Theboy who has chosen to imitate Billie Joe has over styledhis hair with hair gel and over done the black eye linerwhich Billie Joe wears suggesting that this is what standsout to this person about Billie Joe.
  15. 15. Gender representationBillie Joe isn’t represented how a typical man should bepresented. Men typical are stereotyped to be strong and thedominant one. Back in the old days men were seen as thebreadwinner often going on hunts to provide food for their family.Women typically want a man who is tall, dark, handsome but alsomuscular. Billie Joe Armstrong is none of these things. He is ashort man who many would classify as handsome but moreimportantly he looks more like a female than a male. His genderrepresentation is a mixture of female and male. This could bebecause his sexuality as openly bisexual but it could be torepresent the genre of rock music. Billie Joe looks female as hewears eyeliner and skinny jeans which isn’t very masculine. Thisskinny jean look is typical to rock genre of music which createsBillie Joe’s star look but also it emphasizes the rock look for theiraudiences.