Task 16 pitch


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Task 16 pitch

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEO PITCH Task 16
  2. 2. MY PROPOSAL I have chosen to do my music video on a song by the US Massachusetts bandDefeater. The song I have chosen to do is called ‘I Don’t Mind’ which is an acoustic based song which is a different side to the melodic hardcore sound they normally have. The song has a personal meaning to the lead singer of the band as it’s abouthis break up with his fiancée and him and he sunk to an all time low. The song has also happy feelings for the lead singer as he wrote the song when remembering allthe good times he shared with his ex fiancée and how he felt then. The song is from the 2011 album ‘Empty Days & Sleepless Nights’ and doesn’t not currently have a music video for it.
  3. 3. MOOD BOARDHere are some music videos already out there which I have got inspiration for my own music video.
  4. 4. LYRICSIn my music video I am planning tomake my music video match thelyrics. The bits I have highlighted arebits in the music video I think I willbe able to illustrate. I would also likemy music video to have a sort ofnarrative to it as the song has anarrative feel to it.
  5. 5. PEOPLE WHO I’M GOING TO HAVE IN MY MUSIC VIDEO Tamara Reed Troy Higgins In my music video I have chosen to make Troy myIn my music video I have chosen main actor but also the singer and guitarist of the to make Tamara Reed as my song. I have chosen to use Troy as the actor who is inactress. In my music video Tamara love with Tamara but also the singer and guitarist will play the girl who the song is because in the original version of the song the lead singer is the guitarist too so I didn’t want to have threeabout. In my music video Tamara people in a music video which is a personal song to the will have to act like she is deeply lead singer in real life. In my music video Troy will love with Troy. have to act in love with Tamara but also he will also have to mime the song so he will have to learn the song.
  6. 6. LOCATION For my music video I thought about places which were quite cliché forcouples to be at and activities they would do. The place which I chose inthe end was the river. I have chosen to do the river because the river hasactivities which you’d expect couples to do such as walks along the river,feeding the ducks, hiring a boat, going to the park, grabbing an ice cream but also there were places surrounding such as the café near the river which is somewhere I am thinking about filming at.